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RM70 million for repair of Kepong MRR2 cracks

Media Statement
by Dr Tan Seng Giaw  


(Kuala Lumpur, Friday) : I am very unhappy with the Works Minister Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu's answer to the extra RM70 million for the repair of the extensive cracks of the Kepong MRR2.

Samy Vellu's explanation on 1 February, 2007 that the government had to spend RM70 million in the repair of the serious cracks of the Middle Ring Road Two. This includes fees to the project's consultants. The explanation is unsatisfactory.

Two years ago Samy insisted that the bad cracks of 31 crossbeams of MRR2 out of 33 was not due to design fault. Now, he attributes the cracks to the design-and-build concept which he said was "shoddy".

Last year, he asked the Prime MInister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to announce the appointment of the British consultant with a cost of RM18 million. Then, the Cabinet agreed to the replacement of the British consultant with the German firm at the cost of RM40 million, to be paid by the contractor.

Now, the expenditure is RM70 million. The MRR2 saga including the repair boggles the mind. The culture of high cost, delay, multiple consultants, shoddy work and extraordinary cost is amazing. This type of culture should not be allowed to persist until 2020 when Malaysia is targetted to be a developed nation.

We need to know the truth about the MRR2 saga, especially the number of consultants appointed by the various people involved and the actual cost.



*Dr Tan Seng Giaw ,  DAP National Deputy Chairman and MP for Kepong

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