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Call on the Ministry of Housing and Local Government to investigate the true conditions of all highrise flats including Mutiara Magna, Kepong, followed by effective remedial action

Media Statement
by Dr Tan Seng Giaw  


(Kuala Lumpur, Monday) : I visited the Mutiara Magna flats, looking into the management and the lack of strata titles on 4 February, 2007.

There are many highrise flats and condominiums in the country. They face myriad problems such as the inability to adapt to modern flat dwellings.

For example, residents complain of the following at the Mutiara Magna: no strata title, break-in, motorcycle theft, the large water tank at the 14th floor shakes and grunts, relative lack of fire equipment, rubbish bins too small, the nearby Keroh River bank erosion, open-air sewage treatment stinks, no transparency with management company, just over 500 parking spaces for over 5,000 residents and so forth.

We have emailed the Enforcement Section of the Ministry lof Housing and Local Government, requesting it to study the actual situation of higrise flats and condominiums and to take effective action to rectify the problems. This will take a long time. How many of these flats comply with the Housing Development (Control and Licensing) (Amendment) Act, 2006 and Building and Common Property (Maintenance and Management) Act, 2006?



*Dr Tan Seng Giaw ,  DAP National Deputy Chairman and MP for Kepong

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