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Who behind the making of doctored photographs?

Media Statement
by Ngeh Koo Ham   


(Petaling Jaya, Monday) : Amongst BN component parties, I am now becoming more suspicious that MCA or its members are behind the making of doctored photographs showing several Perak DAP leaders having sex in view of the response made by the MCA’s representative, Datuk Chang Kon You who is the Perak MCA vice-chairman. 

Here is the case of ‘Siapa makan cili, dia rasa pedas’ (He who eats chili feels the heat). 

Datuk Chang Kon You have said that the doctored photographs could have originated from within the DAP. This is his mere imagination and concoction. The 2 reasons given by him are inconsistent. On the one hand, he said that it could be the work of DAP members due to internal conflict. On the other hand, he said it was the DAP’s tactic to divert people’s attention from Party’s internal conflict. So, it is the work of members to injure the reputation of some leaders or is it the plan of the party to divert the people’s attention? Or are the reasons mere concoctions of MCA to try to exonerate itself and to divert the people’s attention from its shameful acts now that they have been exposed? 

DAP Perak strongly believe that they are the works of BN or its component party or parties due to the following reasons:- 

1.         All the photographs have the DAP’s party symbol, the ‘Rocket’ inserted into the doctored photographs. DAP cannot be damaging its own image. Therefore, it cannot be the work of the DAP as a party to divert the attention of the public as alleged.  

2.         The doctored photographs cannot be the works of any DAP members who may have an axe to grind against the leaders in the photographs. 

Firstly, such a member would not have inserted the DAP ‘Rocket’ into the photographs if he is unhappy against individual leaders and not against the Party. 

Secondly, the culprit have superimposed so many faces of the DAP leaders into the photographs making it most unlikely that it was due to an individual grudge against the leaders. 

I called on the police to openly published the outcome of the investigation so that the public will know the truth. MCA as part of the Government must ensure that there is no cover-up in this case in the event it is proven that MCA members or members  of the BN component parties are involved in the abovesaid unscrupulous and immoral acts against the DAP Perak Leaders. 

I challenged to MCA to also support my call that the police make public the outcome of their investigation.

Let the Truth Be Told!


*Ngeh Koo Ham, Chairman of DAP Perak

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