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 List school maintenance projects & the implementation efficiency

Media Statement
by Tan Seng Giaw


(Kuala Lumpur, Wednesday): I call on the Education Ministry to announce the list of school maintenance projects under the Ninth Malaysia Plan (9MP).

We need to know the actual amount, the system of tender and monitoring. How much is unwanted waste? Is the allocation used precisely for the purpose?

I asked a supplementary question on 14.11.2007 as Deputy Education Minister Dato' Haji Noh Bin Haji Omar was answering the question on Racial Integration Programme for schools including allocation for the purpose under the 9MP.

Under the programme, the allocation of nearly RM5 billion has been given to schools of all streams; national schools receive RM4.3 billion.

The 2008 allocation to Education Ministry is RM29.5 billion. This is reasonable. But, the monitoring of its use has to be upgraded.

The Deputy Education Minister says that there are open tenders for projects. Despite his efforts to justify the implementation of these projects, we are not convinced that there are sufficient transparency and accountability.

The ministry must review all these projects. For instance, do all headmasters know that there are allocations for maintenance of their schools? How is a contractor appointed? Does a contractor or even a subcontractor determine where and what to repair and upgrade? Who monitor as to how he or she carries out the works? How do headmasters certify the completion of a project?


*Tan Seng Giaw, DAP Deputy Chairman & MP for Kepong

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