Fictitious “Father Augustus Chen” an evil genius who have packed some 100 lies and falsehoods in his 12-page DDD booklet

This is the second day of the week-long period I suggested to give the fictitious “Father Augustus Chen” who allegedly wrote the booklet “The Equity Report (CEC Election Fraud)” which is used by UMNO/BN leaders and the Registrar of Societies (RoS) as authority to invalidate the DAP Central Executive Committee (CEC) elections last December to surface and prove he is not a phantom.

I have been told that there is no person by the name of Father Augustus in Malaysia, let alone Father Augustus Chen. But let us give the purported “Father Augustus Chen” the benefit of the doubt for the next five days for him to surface and prove that he is not a phantom.

I for one would like to meet the purported “Father Augustus Chen” or the person camouflaging as “Father Augustus Chen” as he is quite a genius, although an evil genius, for I do not think it is easy to find another person who could pack so many lies and falsehoods into a 12-page booklet, with each page crammed and brimming with lies and falsehoods.

There are easily some 100 lies and falsehoods in “Father Augustus Chen’s” DDD (Demonise/Destroy DAP) 12-page booklet, proving he is quite a “find” for the UMNO/BN “war-room psy-war” campaign against the DAP.

In the past seven months, three waves of public attacks were launched by the Umno/BN “war-room psy-war” campaign to demonise and destroy the DAP (DDD) over the DAP CEC elections last December.

In the first wave in January to March, the target of attack was on the computer glitch at the DAP CEC elections last December, which resulted in the incorrect posting and incorrect announcement of the election results. There was no mistake either in counting or tabulation of votes, let alone fraud.

The second wave of media attacks started in March and revolved around the false and baseless allegation that 753 of the 2,576 delegates who were absent at the DAP Congress had not been notified of the Congress as required by the DAP Constitution and denied the right to attend the Congress and to vote for the CEC. This was completely untrue.

When DAP explanations and clarifications shot down the first two allegations of election fraud and failure to provide notification to the 753 absent delegates of the congress, a third wave of media attacks was launched in early July – the outrageous and preposterous allegation of 547 “phantom” delegates who “illegally voted” in the CEC elections last December.

There is completely no basis or truth whatsoever in this third allegation, as illustrated by the fact that the RoS has not been able to find or produce a single “phantom” delegate to the DAP Congress in Penang last December.

In fact, DAP can prove from documentation that every delegate who voted in the DAP Congress in Penang last December is valid and legal delegate.

It is even alleged in this third wave of attacks that “547 phantom delegates” came mostly from Penang, which is utterly preposterous and outrageous when the total number of entitled delegates from Penang to the DAP Congress last December is 459, out of which 383 delegates from Penang attended.

The Registrar of Societies Director-General Datuk Abdul Rahman Othman’s directive for DAP CEC re-elections is not grounded on any acceptable or reasonable grounds. In fact, the RoS DG has not given any reason whatsoever!

There was no electoral fraud but only a computer glitch in the DAP CEC elections last December, and there is no basis whatsoever in the other two allegations of 753 delegates not notified of the Congress and the preposterous allegation of 547 “phantom delegates…mostly from Penang”.

In these circumstances, the RoS DG should meet with DAP officials to reconsider and retract his directive for DAP CEC re-elections.

Lim Kit Siang DAP Parliamentary Leader & MP for Gelang Patah