RoS should not act arbitrarily but should give reasons why it is not satisfied with the DAP's clarifications on the DAP CEC elections last December

There are two days left in the seven days given for the fictitious “Father Augustus Chen” who allegedly wrote the scurrilous and utterly false 16-page booklet “The Equity Report (CEC Election Fraud)” to surface and prove he is not a phantom.

Up to now, there are no indications that the fictitious “Father Augustus Chen” could appear, as there is simply no such person not just in Malaysia but on this earth.

It is just impossible and unthinkable that there could be a genuine person who could allow his name to be used for a such a scurrilous publication but is afraid to step forward to identify himself!

Whoever steps forward to claim authorship of the scurrilous publication “The Equity Report” must not only be prepared to face multiple mega-defamation suits but criminal proceedings as well for the mountain of malicious lies in the booklet.

If the fictitious “Father Augustus Chen” does not surface to prove that he is not a phantom, then the Umno/BN media which had maliciously used the scurrilous booklet as if its lies and falsehoods were gospel truth (despite its being an unlawful publication as it shows neither the printer or publisher as required by law) so as to continue to mount defamatory attacks against DAP and DAP leaders should expect mega defamation suits to be instituted against them.

But the more pertinent question is why the Registrar of Societies (RoS) Director-General is acting against the DAP in invalidating the DAP Central Executive Committee (CEC) elections and directing CEC re-elections solely on the lies and falsehoods in the booklet by the fictitious “Father Augustus Chen”?

Has the government of Malaysia, after 56 years and 13 general elections, degenerated into a governance by deception, lies and falsehoods?

It is for this reason that the DAP has asked for reasons for the decision of the Ros Director-General, who should not act arbitrarily but explain why he is not satisfied with the DAP’s clarifications on the DAP CEC elections last December.

The DAP has nothing to hide and is even prepared to have a public inquiry to rebut all lies and false allegations which had been concocted by the Umno/BN “DDD” (Demonise/Destroy DAP) propagandists and cybertroopers on the DAP CEC elections last December.

For the past week, the Umno/BN DDD propagandists and cybertroopers (reaching up to Cabinet level) had used the fictitious “Father Augustus Chen” as authority for two false allegations to justify the RoS action against the DAP, viz:

  • That “753 DAP delegates (mostly Indians)” who were eligible to vote in the DAP’s CEC elections were NOT given notice to attend and vote at the DAP Congress.

  • That there were “547 phantom delegates (mostly from Penang)” who voted at the DAP Congress last December, rendering the elections invalid.

The false allegation of 547 “phantom delegates” was a new concoction after the May 5 general elections and were never raised even once by the RoS with the DAP in the past six months, while the false allegation of the 753 DAP delegates (who were absent at the Congress or some 29% of the total number of entitled delegates) who had not been notified to attend and vote was equally baseless.

Furthermore, the Indian delegates who were absent were about 100 and not “753 DAP delegates (mostly Indians)” as alleged.

DAP is prepared to have a public inquiry to debunk all the lies and falsehoods concocted by the Umno/BN “DDD” squad, but is the RoS prepared to have such a public inquiry to establish the real truth?

It is most sinister and extraordinary that not a single complaint about the CEC elections last December had been received by the party leadership in the past six months.

Why didn’t the RoS ask those in the party who were genuinely aggrieved about the holding of the DAP CEC elections last December to complain and use the internal party channels first, before lodging reports with the RoS if not satisfied with outcome of complaints inside the party?

There are two days left for the fictitious “Father Augustus Chen” to show his face? Who will bet that he will surface?

Lim Kit Siang DAP Parliamentary Leader & MP for Gelang Patah