QED – “Father Augustus Chen” a sham, phantom and ghost and his booklet on DAP a tissue of lies and falsehoods

QED – “Father Augustus Chen” is a sham, phantom and ghost, and his booklet on the DAP “The Equity Report (CEC Election Fraud)” a tissue of lies and falsehoods.

The lies and falsehoods about “Father Augustus Chen” were so thick and free that he was even described as my one-time close associate and I had even been challenged to declare whether I still maintain a friendship with him.

The seven days given to “Father Augustus Chen” to surface to prove that he is not a phantom are past, and there is no ghost of a sign that there is such a person in Malaysia or on this earth.

“Father Augustus Chen” is a chimerical and fictitious creature of the fancies and fantasies of the Umno/BN “DDD” (Demonise/Destroy DAP) propagandists and cybertroopers to cram about one hundred lies about the DAP in a 12-page booklet as a culmination of a seven-month DDD campaign over the DAP Central Executive Committee (CEC) elections last December which had spawned a few hundred lies and falsehoods about the DAP in the UMNB/BN controlled media in the past seven months.

The question Malaysians are entitled to know is how the Registrar of Societies (RoS) Director-General and the Umno/BN leadership (up to Cabinet level) could succumb to the lies and falsehoods by a totally fictitious character as to justify the invalidation of the DAP CEC elections last year and to demand a CEC re-election?

It is noteworthy that the Umno/BN DDD propagandists and cybertroopers have started to change their tune, as they know their game of pretence that there is such a person as “Father Augustus Chen” who was my one-time close associate is up, with my challenge to him to surface in seven days or be proven to be a phantom.

The change of tune is that it is not important whether a “Father Augustus Chen” exists as what is important is whether the allegations he made in the booklet are true.

This is a pathetic change of tune as it is clear that when an author is the result of a lie, his allegations are not worth attention as they are equally tainted by lies and falsehoods.

Nonetheless, DAP is prepared to respond to every lie and falsehood by the phantom “Father Augustus Chen” in a public inquiry if the RoS Director-General agrees to a public inquiry to prove that he has acceptable and reasonable grounds to act against the DAP.

The two main allegations of the fictitious “Father Augustus Chen” for the invalidation of the CEC elections, namely “753 absent delegates (mostly Indians)” not given notice to attend and vote at the DAP Congress and the preposterous allegation of “547 phantom delegates (most from Penang)” are downright lies.

What we want is the RoS DG to state specifically whether he is acting against the DAP based on both or anyone of these falsehoods.

It is actually most shocking that the allegation of “547 phantom voters” was concocted only last month and was never the subject of any query by the RoS to the DAP in the past seven months.

With “Father Augustus Chen” proven to be a phantom and chimerical creature and his booklet a tissue of lies and falsehoods against the DAP, what are the reasons for the RoS Director-General in invalidating the DAP CEC elections and directing a DAP CEC re-election?

DAP and Malaysians are entitled to know these reasons as the DAP had satisfactorily explained to the RoS about the computer glitch in the DAP CEC elections in Penang last December, which was an honest mistake in a democratic and transparent election process - as there was no mistake in vote counting or tabulation but only in the transfer of the election results causing a mistaken announcement of the results.

Lim Kit Siang DAP Parliamentary Leader & MP for Gelang Patah