Bulletin Archive - December 2006

31/12/2006 2007 New Year Message By DAP Secretary-General Lim Guan Eng
31/12/2006 Let Malaysians have a joint 2007 New Year-50th Merdeka Anniversary Resolution
31/12/2006 Opposition Leader lends his support to BMC residents
30/12/2006 Ransom money before rescue flood victims - independent inquiry must be held
30/12/2006 The Government should advice CHAM and AMH to stop imposing the new tariff for haulage
29/12/2006 Health Minister happy with 30-minute ambulance response time?
29/12/2006 Massive floods - independent inquiry in disaster management, preparation, prevention and mitigation
29/12/2006 Why is there no emergency Cabinet meeting to discuss the flood disaster management crisis
29/12/2006 Would Ali Rustam pay full compensation if I can prove that he had admitted that the release of water from the Durian Tunggal pumphouse
29/12/2006 Najib should take stern action against military personnel who took bribe from flood victims
28/12/2006 Chua Soi Lek should focus on severely punish those who use beta agonist instead of the entire pig industry
27/12/2006 DAP proposes that no toll be collected when government compensation has exceeded the construction cost
27/12/2006 BN government should follow Singapore’s example of reducing fuel prices and electricity tariffs
27/12/2006 The "missing" ambulance from the Klang Hospital
27/12/2006 Let's see whether Leow Thong Lai and other top MCA Youth leaders would dare to show up on Friday's demonstration over toll hike
24/12/2006 We'll surely die if we have depended on the govt to save our lives
23/12/2006 Independent inquiry into monster floods - horror stories of inhumanity and greed
23/12/2006 Online petition to protest against the unfair toll rates hike in Klang Valley
22/12/2006 Anti-Japanese memorial controversy - another insensitivity after "fire and brimstone" Umno GA
22/12/2006 The government should call for international help to cope with the rising flood waters
22/12/2006 Nor Mohamed Yakcop shameless lied about the RM600 million "bonus" for Umno divisions
21/12/2006 Avoidable death of Mohd Yusry - Chua Soi Lek's response as outrageous as non-appearing ambulance
20/12/2006 Malaysia must gear up for globalisation to ensure a place in the new IT era
19/12/2006 Cabinet - rise above "half-past six" stigma and forestall new exodus of Malaysian talents
19/12/2006 "The world is flat" concept alien and unacceptable to Umno leaders
19/12/2006 Is it really necessary to spend RM40 million for the Ipoh airstrip to be extended?
17/12/2006 New Social Contract for next half-century - united and towering Malaysians
17/12/2006 DAP condemns the media blackout imposed by the government over the 20%-60% toll rates hike
17/12/2006 Anton Balasingham's Death A Irreplaceable Loss To Tamil Eeelam
17/12/2006 14th protest: Open the access for Bandar Mahkota Cheras now!
16/12/2006 RM600 million bonanza to Umno divisions - most blatant political corruption
16/12/2006 Lim Lian Geok - the Great Defender of Chinese Education in Malaysia
15/12/2006 Whilst UMNO is playing out their “beggar politics” it is shameful that both MCA and Gerakan are playing their roles as “beggars”
15/12/2006 Letter to PM - let Mohd Yusry be last accident victim to die because of public service carelessness
15/12/2006 DAP suggests a triple win solution for the nightmare of frequent toll hikes
15/12/2006 UMNO-Mother of all evils
14/12/2006 Privatization under BN has turned to piratisation
14/12/2006 FDI inflow bypassing Malaysia according to world United Nations rankings
13/12/2006 Kementerian mana yang bertanggungjawab apabila konflik berlaku dalam Badan Pengurusan Strata?
13/12/2006 Do we really need submarines and fighter jets like Sukhoi?
13/12/2006 Wong Sai Hou should clarify whether he has vested interest in PJ Local Plan Draft Changes
13/12/2006 Reopen the original SJKC Damansara now!
12/12/2006 MCA leaders - nothing more than a bunch of great pretenders and cowards
12/12/2006 Is Wee Ka Siong prepared to withdraw his statement made against the fiery speech and Hishammudin’s Keris wielding
12/12/2006 MUST a flop of "smart partnership with 10 students after 5 years - Mustapha misled Parliament
11/12/2006 Akta Arkitek Yang Mengupas "Check & Balance"
10/12/2006 Only Bangsa Malaysia can unite Malaysians to take on the world
09/12/2006 Improve the traffic at and around MRR2 (Kepong flyover) and the Klang Valley
09/12/2006 Calls on the Government to relieve further traffic congestion at and around MRR2
09/12/2006 Michael Chong should voluntarily hand over to the Police information about Ahlong
08/12/2006 National unity - Hishammuddin is the problem not the solution
08/12/2006 MCA might as well adopt the kris as its symbol replacing its yellow star
07/12/2006 Deep soul-searching - why race relations "not good, brittle and fragile"
07/12/2006 DAP is willing to face any action for exposing and demanding action against UMNO extremists
06/12/2006 Article 121(1A) - All MCA, Gerakan, MIC MPs who voted for it 18 years ago must speak up
06/12/2006 RM500 million donation to Cambridge University - "no smoke without fire"
06/12/2006 MCA, MIC, Gerakan and SUPP ministers should press Cabinet to restore the 1957 social contract and the Merdeka Constitution
06/12/2006 Is LDP going to increase the toll from RM1.00 to RM2.10?
05/12/2006 Amend Article 121(1A) - Samy Vellu/Keng Yaik should speak up in Cabinet
05/12/2006 PAS should concentrate more on introducing local government elections than impose moral dress codes
05/12/2006 Forged ballot papers in Bar Council elections
05/12/2006 Chua Soi Lek personal intervention required to deal with the dengue outbreak in Melaka
05/12/2006 Young offenders figures shocking
05/12/2006 Ong Ka Ting allows law-breakers to become lawmakers in local level
04/12/2006 Further pall on 50th Merdeka celebrations next year
03/12/2006 Creating and sharing wealth as our common destiny
03/12/2006 Clampdown on internet and blogs?
02/12/2006  Umno GA seditious speeches - "verbal ticking off" end of the matter?
02/12/2006 DAP objects extension of Penang Bridge concession and calls for transparency in the second Bridge project
02/12/2006 No applause for the performance of current prime minister