Bulletin Archive - August 2008

31/08/2008 Merdeka II - declare Malaysia Day September 16 as second National Day/public holiday
31/08/2008 UMNO/BN - political dinosaurs irrelevant to Merdeka II aspirations of new generation of Bangsa Malaysia
30/08/2008 Merdeka 2008: Towards a Bangsa Malaysia where people make the government Competent, Accountable, Transparent (CAT)
30/08/2008 10 highlights of Merdeka II for a new Malaysia
30/08/2008 Chinese “squatters” in Malaysia - why no MCA/Gerakan ultimatum in PP by-election?
27/08/2008 Selamat tinggal politik perkauman, menyambut keadilan dan demokrasi
27/08/2008 DAP 2009 Budget Brief
26/08/2008 No smooth 2009 Budget presentation on Friday if Anwar is not sworn in as MP to become Opposition Leader
26/08/2008 Permatang Pauh voters - tryst with destiny
24/08/2008 PM's assurance to look into HINDRAF's memorandom - reeks of desperation and disingenuousness
23/08/2008 A responsible partner in power - establishing a people-centric government based on the 6 tenets
22/08/2008 Email written to RapidKL for appointment poured with cold water
21/08/2008 Commission of Public Transport is still stuck in the freezer
20/08/2008 Selangor State Structure Plan has to be amended before any unprescribed development to take place at hillslopes
19/08/2008 Ensure safety and freedom of access to information of journalist
19/08/2008 Memastikan keselamatan dan kebebasan mendapat maklumat wartawan
19/08/2008 Anwar Sodomy II - internationalising Malaysia’s Misrule of Law?
18/08/2008 The Sun’s hillside policy reports are wrong
18/08/2008 Koh Tsu Koon dishonest to say now that the Penang State EXCO minutes are minimal and meaningless
17/08/2008 Koh Tsu Koon should explain special favours given to a private company
15/08/2008 Elected representatives should be appointed as ex-officio members!
15/08/2008 Construction of hydroelectric dams in Sarawak is disastrous to the environment and indigenous groups
13/08/2008 Clarification on "ISA statement"
13/08/2008 Non-Bumiputeras in UiTM - Khalid's suggestion most welcome
12/08/2008 PM shows poor commitment to the Rule of Law
12/08/2008 MCA must ensure PM is properly informed on 'controversial' forum organised by Bar Council
12/08/2008 UMNO's 2004 general elections campaign materials, RM 218 million, exceeds the general election spending limit of RM 94.3 million
12/08/2008 2nd Abdullah premiership - is it to be even worse than 22-year Mahathir administraiton?
12/08/2008 Hishammuddin should explain why Education Ministry condoning the racist and unprintable slurs of a history teacher
11/08/2008 Religious tolerance at cross-roads as Malaysia celebrates its 51 years of nation-hood
11/08/2008 We would have made Malaysia a more cohesive and harmonious society
11/08/2008 PAC Chairman Azmi should step down in MRR2 flyover cracks inquiry - conflict of interest
10/08/2008 Anwar's Sodomy II - Is Malaysia banking on support of Myanmar/Zimbabwe/Sudan in UN?
09/08/2008 Election Commission needs to ensure a free and fair by-elections in Permatang Pauh
09/08/2008 Disruption of Bar Council forum on conversion - adverse reflection on law and order/religious harmony
09/08/2008 Anwar Sodomy II - challenge to MCA, Gerakan, MIC leaders to declare stand
08/08/2008 Bar Council cannot hold discussions on issues of law - a mockery suggestion
08/08/2008 Rais should lead the charge in Cabinet to demand dropping of Anwar's Sodomy II charge
07/08/2008 The failure by Proton to find a foreign partner is a warning signal
07/08/2008 Anwar’s Sodomy II - let professionals in AG’s chambers rethink and drop the medieval prosecution
06/08/2008 Anwar's Sodomy II charge - morality/legitimacy of Abdullah's premiership under question
06/08/2008 Call for RCI on MRR2 Scandal - Samy Vellu's final folly with Malaysians again made the suckers
05/08/2008 Koh Tsu Koon should have a debate now without setting any pre-conditions
04/08/2008 University must uphold the spirit of freedom and pluralism
03/08/2008 Permatang Pauh by-election - turn it into a mini political tsunami
02/08/2008 Drop Anwar's Sodomy II persecution - 1st step to end Abdullah's freefall of public confidence in PM
01/08/2008 "No PAS-UMNO coalition government" - Hadi's statement welcome