Bulletin Archive - June 2004

30/6/2004 Rosli - third snatch death should not die in vain
30/6/2004 Cabinet solution for 128 top scorers - "Tiger Head,Snake Tail" farce
29/6/2004 Defamation Suit of RM26.2 million Against MP for Seputeh Struck Out By Court
29/6/2004 "Kekecohan" Kelantan Assembly - UMNO having taste of own medicine
29/6/2004 Che Min as MP for Pasir Puteh - should not take oath without proper explanation
29/6/2004 Burma focus for AMM in Jakarta - need for unmistakable signal
29/6/2004 Crimes in National Service - one case is too many
28/6/2004 National Integrity Plan - debate in Parliament and all State Assemblies
27/6/2004 Green Paper on CF abolition - "jumping out of frying pan into the fire"?
27/6/2004 Medicine for 128 CGPA 4.0 "top scorers" - "formula without a solution"
26/6/2004 Don't criminalise the 6,620 (77%) national service "dodgers"
26/6/2004 API OSA - Mahathir secrecy complex reigns on
26/6/2004 Overturning Pasir Puteh election result - "stinks to high heaven"
25/6/2004 Police should not be burdened with manhunt of 7,600 NS "dodgers"
24/6/2004 Police should not be burdened with manhunt of 7,600 NS "dodgers"
24/6/2004 Karpal will attend the Privileges Committee meeting tomorrow
24/6/2004 Committee of Priviliges on Karpal Singh - meeting tomorrow
24/6/2004 Police report on Adnan's RM20 million logging corruption allegation
23/6/2004 Haze returns - Adenan Satem should release API data daily
22/6/2004 LKS-Nazri Public Debate on ISA - Monday July 12 at SCAH
22/6/2004 Myanmar - "Constructive intervention" should replace "constructive engagement"
22/6/2004 PM should withdraw the election petition against Azizah
21/6/2004 18 high-profile corruption cases - Pak Lah should tell Parliament on July 6 what happened
20/6/2004 Snatch thefts - beware of short-cut/quick-fix solutions like CCTVs
20/6/2004 Ka Ting - clarify mischievous Berita Harian headline that SKJ(c) Damansara issue "tuntutan melampau"
19/6/2004 Re-open SJK (c) Damansara - roundtable conference of political parties plus DJZ
19/6/2004 Mahathir - clear gift to Mugabe before stirring controversy about Kedah's claim to Penang
18/6/2004 ASEAN Foreign Ministers should salvage October Hanoi ASEM Summit
17/6/2004 Diplomatic disasters for ASEAN and Asia - all because of Myanmar
17/6/2004 Select Committe on CPC - expand it to cover entire spectrum of crime
17/6/2004 Karpal privileges case - Let there be no "rush to judgement"
16/6/2004 Debate on Suhakam Report/Refer Utusan and Bernama to Privileges Committee - Resubmission
16/6/2004 Committee of Privileges on Karpal - don't end up as a kangaroo court
16/6/2004 3-pt DAP proposal to roll back crime wave and snatch-theft incidence
15/6/2004 Kuala Sipitang fishermen - "reign of fear and terror" by Indonesian pirates
15/6/2004 Another senseless snatch-theft death - should top Cabinet agenda tomorrow
13/6/2004 Sultan Azlan "Royal" Royal Commission on truly independent judiciary/just rule of law
13/6/2004 Land reserve for school road approved for housing scheme - full and frank debate in DUN
12/6/2004 MAYC collaboration with tobacco companies - scandalous/outrageous
12/6/2004 Gift to Mugabe - why Malaysia dancing with dictators?
12/6/2004 UMNO September elections - don't raise communal temperatures
11/6/2004 Will LKS be detained under ISA for a third time?
11/6/2004 UMNO leaders ignorant of Malaysian history?
10/6/2004 Three steps for genuine meritocracy in Malaysian education system
10/6/2004 Times for non-Malay Vice Chancellors to be appointed
10/6/2004 ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Caucus on Democracy in Myanmar to mark "8888" 16th anniversary
10/6/2004 Conferment of federal awards - DAP committee to pursue criteria and credibility
9/6/2004 "Best and brightest" Malaysians for GLCs - acid test in next few appointments
9/6/2004 Expel/suspend Myanmar from ASEAN if no general election by 2006
8/6/2004 Discriminatory meritocracy for varsity admission - end denial syndrome
8/6/2004 18 "high-profile corruption cases" - no cover-up
8/6/2004 Health consequences of smoking
8/6/2004 Drop the RM1.5 billion Broga incinerator to safeguard national interest and the health of the people
7/6/2004 Tainted politicians conferred honourable titles or appointed state positions have compromised efforts in fighting corruptions
7/6/2004 Uthayakumar case - Police Royal Commission should resolve urgently
7/6/2004 Unbecoming of the high office of Speaker
6/6/2004 Hilmy's shocking error about govt running out of funds - boosts case for another 4,000 varsity places
6/6/2004 King's speech/PM's CNN interview on corruption: Time for Parliament to act
5/6/2004 Has Liong Sik been cleared by ACA to be conferred 'Tun'?
5/6/2004 Phantom election adverts - MCA/Gerakan Presidents declare stand!
5/6/2004 Varsity intake - offered courses unrelated to STPM subjects
5/6/2004 Cover-up of "18 high-profile corruption cases"
4/6/2004 Threatening MPs outside the House on matters which ought to be resolved in the House does not speak well of Tun Zahir
4/6/2004 4,000 new varsity places should not be victims of budget cutbacks
4/6/2004 MPs only interested in their convenience and comfort?
4/6/2004 Police report against "phantom BN election adverts" on Pak Lah as Justice Bao
3/6/2004 BN's "phantom election adverts" on corruption - simultaneous police reports in states
3/6/2004 Nazri wrong - Eric Chia/Kasitah not in 18 "high-profile" corruption cases
3/6/2004 Name the 10 MPs cleared by ACA in excessive claims probe
3/6/2004 Call for emergency Cabinet - resolve Pt. 2 and 3 of student intake controversy
2/6/2004 Warning to Kadir/Zam - grave breach of parliamentary privilege
2/6/2004 PM Is Urged To Direct Government Officers And Ministers To Tell The Truth And To Make Parliament The House Of Truth
1/6/2004 Reform the university admission system for genuine meritocracy, not sympathies and yearly short-term measures
1/6/2004  Abdullah and his Cabinet must work out a fair and just selection system for all students apart from finding solutions for the “unfortunate 128”
1/6/2004 Motion to debate Suhakam Report 2003 submitted to Parliament
1/6/2004 2004 varsity student intake - 3-pt formula for just/equitable solution