Bulletin Archive - May 2004

31/5/2004 Khin Nyunt's visit to Malaysia - National Constitution Convention a failure
31/5/2004 Six medical schools cannot take another 20 students each?
31/5/2004 DAP calls for debate in Parliament on Suhakam report
30/5/2004 More transparent and credible public university admissions
30/5/2004 3rd World varsity intake system - no choice for best science student
29/5/2004 Expand 2,000 varsity intake & 128 medical places for top scorers
29/5/2004 Office of Opposition Leader - All State Assemblies should recognise
29/5/2004 Malek's appointment as Appeal Court President - first bright spot in 15 years
28/5/2004 Towards first world higher education system - a common university entrance examination system
28/5/2004 Public varsity intake - annual source of national disunity and individual angst
28/5/2004 Khalil as Malacca Governor - Defer appointmernt until all corruption questions cleared
27/5/2004 Fong Chan Onn - first bad Ministerial example in new Parliament
27/5/2004 EC impeachment - motion to set aside Speaker's striking out of no-confidence motion
27/5/2004 “Build and Sell” could be win-win for homebuyers and developers
26/5/2004 DAP to launch nationwide campaign against crime
25/5/2004 Snatch-theft death - Malaysian life cheaper than foreigner worker?
24/5/2004 Construction of houses by State Economic Corporation of Perak at Taman Silibin Indah is very highly questionable
24/5/2004 Return to middle road of nation-building - uphold Merdeka "social contract"
23/5/2004 RM1.5 million Seberang Prai "flower" scandal - call for Select Committee on Good Governance
23/5/2004 DAP MPs to form panel on Astro price hike and other ramifications
23/5/2004 Striking out of EC impeachment motion - unparliamentary and against rules of natural justice
22/5/2004 Who cause the cracks of 33 pillars of the Middle Ring Road II(Kepong)?
22/5/2004 Ananda Krishnana - suspend RM5 Astro hike until subscribers consulted
22/5/2004 EC impeachment motion - grave threat to doctrine of parliamentary supremacy
21/5/2004 Impeachment of EC Chairman: No court has right to stop no confidence motion in Parliament
20/5/2004 Why no Orang Asli as elected MP in 46 years after Merdeka?
20/5/2004 First World Malaysia - DAP calls for elected Senate and elected local government
20/5/2004 DAP proposes 10 Select Committees - Felda, marginalisation of Indians, IT, human rights, etc
20/5/2004 Astro subs - DAP calls for liberalisation of broadcasting
20/5/2004 Cost of Mahathir megalomania and retirement lifestyle
20/5/2004 BN government "corrupt and rotten to the core"
20/5/2004 "People not ready for a First World Parliament"?
20/5/2004 Nasri's continued objection to the idea of having an Opposition MP to head the Public Accounts Committee is one example of misguided thinking
20/5/2004 Parliamentary reform and modernization - the first critical test of a first-world Malaysia
19-20/5/2004 Where’s the RM30 billion FDI and 1,000-point KLCI promised for Barisan Nasional sweep in 11th general election
18/5/2004 Parliament reform - Nazri bogged down by trivial and non-issues
17/5/2004 Opposition head of PAC - urgent letter to PM across Parliament floor
16/5/2004 White Paper - Khazanah's GLCs and financial performance in past 10 years
15/5/2004 Appoint Orang Asli as DG and State Directors of JHEOA
15/5/2004 Suspend Myanmar from ASEAN - National Constitution Convention a farce!
14/5/2004 Higher Education Ministry criteria for appointments
14/5/2004 Malaysia cleared as hosting master network of international terrorist websites
14/5/2004 DAP proposes two Select Committees - (i) Nation Building/National Unity (ii) Human Rights
13/5/2004 Is Cyberjaya hosting the terrorist website with video on Berg's decapitation?
13/5/2004 White Paper in Parliament on the national service defects, flaws, crimes, tragedies
13/5/2004 Move towards Select Committee in Parliament - step in right direction
12/5/2004 Sex violence/crimes - systematic consultative process involving civil society
12/5/2004 Malaysia and ASEAN - insist on ASSK's release for Monday's Constitution Convention
12/5/2004 Barisan Nasional MPs - Parliamentary "jungze" or "xiaoren"?
11/5/2004 Police Royal Commission must itself restore public confidence first
10/5/2004 Blot on Malaysian judiciary in Palace of Justice today
10/5/2004 Police Royal Commission losing public confidence
9/5/2004 More horrific Iraqi prisoner abuse photos - DAP wants all-party conference
9/5/2004 Felda "think tank" - address Felda Sendayan sand mining scandal
8/5/2004 3-yr NUBE leadership crisis leaving 28,000 members in the lurch - shame and disgrace!
8/5/2004 Rumsfeld's apology - cynical, contrived and uncontrite
8/5/2004 Master English campaign - one day a week in Parliament for free use of English
7/5/2004 CEOs in GLCs on merits
7/5/2004 NAM - demand dismissal of Donald Rumsfeld or declare him persona non grata in 116 countries
7/5/2004 Parliament Reform - time stood still for Malaysia for half a century
6/5/2004 NAM Agenda - Public apology by Bush for American atrocities against Iraqi prisoners
6/5/2004 NS trainers have not been made for the 3-month programme
6/5/2004 We call on the Government to make public the full report on the death of five Orang Asli children from Cameron Highlands
6/5/2004 The Government must have the correct mindset if it wishes to effectively overcome the problem of excess of foreign labour
5/5/2004 BN, not the Opposition, should be blamed for there being no live telecast of Parliamentary proceedings
5/5/2004 Bloodshed in south Thailand - Abdullah should convene all-party meeting
5/5/2004 First World Malaysian Parliament - Nazri should co-operate and not obstruct
4/5/2004 Abdullah at Workers' Gathering - any good news for workers?
4/5/2004 Press Freedom - Cabinet Committee to improve Malaysia's international ranking
4/5/2004 40 researchers in Indonesian Parliament - 0 in Malaysian Parliament
3/5/2004 DAP offers to provide live webcast of Parliament and asks for RM500,000 start-up grant from Cabinet
1/5/2004 Fong Chan Onn - Minister for Industrial Injustice