The 95% that PAS and DAP are in agreement are embodied in the PR Manifesto(Buku Jingga) and Common Policy

DAP reminds its leaders and members to be extremely cautious when speaking to the MCA-controlled Star when in its report today, the Star can even distort and lie about a written joint statement by both PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang and myself. We had stated in our statement yesterday that both DAP and PAS are 95% in agreement on common principles and policies that benefit the people.

This 95% that both PAS and DAP are in agreement are embodied in the PR Manifesto(Buku Jingga) and Common Policy. However Star reported that both DAP and PAS are only 95% in agreement with the PR Manifesto. This is untrue as both DAP and PAS are 100% fully supportive of the PR manifesto.

It is mischievous of The Star to lie that PAS and DAP are “95% in agreement” on the Opposition manifesto that they had agreed to, together with the PKR. What we had agreed on in the PR manifesto is supported fully 100% by all three parties in PR.

The “5% difference” between both DAP and PAS are not included in the PR manifesto. Instead the 5% differences are set aside as individual position and principle of respective parties but not of PR. As stated in the joint statement PAS has the democratic right, on its own, to champion Islam and the concept of an Islamic state. On the other hand, the DAP champions the democratic concept of the Malaysia Constitution of justice for all, which is opposed to the hudud and Islamic state. Whilst hudud and Islamic state is the position of PAS, PAS leaders have publicly acknowledged that this is not PR’s position.

Both DAP and PAS has agreed to disagree on the differences and chosen to focus on the 95% common understanding to fight for freedom, fairness, truth, integrity and democracy for all. This position on PR has been endorsed unanimously by DAP leaders and members to fight the common opponent in BN. For any DAP party leader and member to stray from this party position is deliberately playing along with the BN to paralyse and sabotage PR efforts to win the coming general elections.

Lim Guan Eng DAP Secretary General