Zahid's EO claim makes no sense

I will not comment on the alleged report Dato Seri Zahid says he has which shows that 90% of the masterminds behind crimes in Selangor are previous EO detainees as I haven't seen it.

But I think Zahid's claim that we need to revive the EO because of this makes no sense.

Firstly, if he is right, then clearly the EO has failed in its objective which, according to the Home Ministry itself, is to rehabilitate detainees. Zahid must remember that one of the reasons offered in support of laws such as the EO is to reform and rehabilitate those suspected to be involved in criminal activity, to correct them in the hope that they could revert to good and responsible members of society who will not pose potential danger or threat to society upon their return.

As such, if Zahid is correct, he would prove that the EO has failed miserably in its objective. This would work against his argument in support of its revival.

The reality of it is that the EO may have made the problem worse.

Secondly, how does the fact that the former detainees being masterminds of crime, if true, support the return of the EO? If Zahid has figures of the involvement of these persons in crime, then he must also have the evidence. If he has the evidence, why has no action been taken against them yet? The current laws which exist provide solutions to these problems.

With respect, Zahid misses the point. He should be focusing on ways to boost current laws which exist which largely point towards better enforcement and improving fascilities which already exist. This will bring about better policing and gradually deal with the problem.

Saying he needs to detain more people because all those who were detained before have returned to their criminal ways after release just doesn't make sense.

Gobind Singh Deo MP for Puchong