IPCMC debate: Deputy Minister need not be frightened

Deputy Home Minister Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar's reluctance to face me in a debate suggests he cannot defend his argument that the drafters of the IPCMC "breached every principle of justice in any law".

This is also a clear indication that the Najib administration is ill advised on issues of national importance such as the IPCMC and the need to revive the Emergency Ordinance which involves detention without trial.

With due respect to the Deputy Minister, I cannot see how it is my offering him an opportunity to ventilate his views on issues of national importance can be described as cheap publicity.

Let me remind him that it is he who first took the liberty of using his office of Deputy Home Minister to make very serious allegations against persons of high standing including former Chief Justices, who drafted the IPCMC. Now, it appears he has developed cold feet and is backtracking.

I repeat my call upon the government for discussions with us in the opposition, NGO's and the Bar Council over issues as important as this.

The Deputy Minister need not be afraid. If he has not misbehaved, then he really has nothing to worry about when debating with me.

Gobind Singh Deo MP for Puchong