CM Musa Aman can resolve diesel shortages

The diesel shortage crisis in Sabah is getting more serious the few days and the queue in front of the petrol kiosk are getting longer until mid night.

My office continues to receive numerous calls everyday concerning the empty diesel tanks and unable to buy diesel from the petrol kiosk. Many cars were parked due to no diesel fuel. This could be the worst ever crisis as far as the diesel fueled cars are concerned. The long queue has made the people angrier and felt frustrated.

In view of the urgent situation faced by the diesel consumer the Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Musa Aman would be the best person to intervene to get the diesel fuel to be release to the people in Sabah. He is in the position to help us and it is only him who can request for addition emergency fuel subsidies to meet the demand. With his power and good connection with the Federal Government, it would be easy to get the additional diesel quota and diesel fuel subsidies for the need of the Sabahan.

The additional quota and subsidies would not only for the current situation, but should cover future requirement too. At the same time, he should exercise his authority in order a thorough check and investigation on the abuses on selling of subsidized diesel fuel to industrial use. This has become a common talk that the abuses are getting out of control nowadays.

I suggest that in the petrol stations, they must provide a separate pump to sell industrial diesel for the big trucks who need to refuel a longer hours and in big quantity, and this can help when the domestic diesel runs out. The cars or lorry drivers can choose to buy industrial diesel to get their vehicles going when there is no domestic diesel for sale. They wouldn¡¯t mind paying 60 cents/liter extra when there is no domestic diesel.

The KPDN (Kementrian Perdanganan Dalam Negeri) enforcement unit should be on the alert and keep checking on all the illegal and smuggling activities of the subsidized diesel. There are already known methods of getting the subsidized diesel from the petrol station to the people who need cheaper diesel fuel. In the open sea, the fishing boats can also abuse on the use of subsidized diesel fuel. The quantity is huge and the authorities must keep constant watch.

We hope this kind of situation will not reoccur when our Chief Minister put his foot down on the matter by resolving the shortage of domestic diesel once for all. We trust that he can do this for the Sabahan.

Hiew King Cheu SA for Luyang