DAP calls upon the IGP to ensure a full and thorough investigation into the shooting of MyWatch chief R Sri Sanjeevan

Sanjeevan has in the past complained of threats to his life. He has also lodged police reports.

There is every possibility that Sanjeevan was shot due to his recent expose about police involvement in crime syndicates. If this is true, then caution must be taken in dealing with the matter and a special team must be set up to investigate the matter. We must be sure that those assigned to this case are in no way connected to the complaints made by Sanjeevan in the past.

More importantly, the IGP should tell us what happened to the reports lodged by Sanjeevan prior to his shooting. Were there investigations and if so, what came out of it?

It is even more disheartening to read that Sanjeevan had complained hours before he was gunned down that he received news that "a cop had told some syndicate fellow that he would get them firearms" and planned shots to be fired at his house to scare him and his family.

The question is having been informed about the attempt on his life or harm upon him and his family and knowing that there were previous attempts on his life, did the police take any steps to protect him before he was shot?

This is to my mind a serious matter and one of immense public concern. If the government wants the public to assist the police in its fight against crime, if they want members of the public to participate in community policing and so forth, then it must convince the public, with the fullest of assurance, that it is safe to do so.

Gobind Singh Deo MP for Puchong