SPR is given 7 days to explain and rectify the discrepancies of results in one of the saluran in Jelapang State Constituency

DAP is giving SPR 7 days to explain and rectify the discrepancies of results in one of the saluran in Jelapang State Constituency. If nothing is done after the lapse of the 7 day deadline, we will lodge a report against SPR for illegally amending the election results.

After the results were announced by SPR on the night of the general election, our Jelapang State Assemblyman, Teh Hock Ke, discovered that there was a discrepancy in the results for Saluran 3, SRJK (C) Lahat. In the Borang 14 obtained by DAP, it is stated that we obtained 330 votes and BN obtained 137 votes. DAP won with a majority of 193 votes. However, in the results announced by SPR, it appeared as 330 for BN and 137 for DAP.

The DAP Jelapang Campaign Team checked with SPR after the general election and was thus shown a different copy of the Borang 14, which was different from the original result. SPR insisted on the accuracy of the results without giving any explanation whatsoever on the difference.

DAP had faith that SPR would rectify this mistake before the result was gazette but no rectification whatsoever was made. Thus we have no choice but to issue this 7 days ultimatum to SPR.

Despite the similarities in the hand writings of the results stating the figures in both the Borang 14s by SPR and DAP, the signatures of the KTM, DAP Counting Agent, BN Counting Agent and PSM Counting Agenet are clearly different. It is highly possible that one of it is forged!

DAP Candidate, Sdr Teh Hock Ke won in all the other 59 streams which eventually led to a victory for DAP with more than 70% popular votes. It is impossible for DAP to get only 27% (137/513) popular votes in this particular stream. In the other 4 streams at the same polling station, DAP won with a margin between 58% to 67% popular votes. In the same stream, the DAP Parliamentary candidate, Sdr V Sivakumar 373 votes, compared to BN’s 141 votes, winning with a majority of 232 votes.

This morning, the DAP Counting Agent personally confirmed that the Borang 14 held by DAP reflects the correct results. From reasons stated above, SPR’s Borang 14 is highly questionable and DAP strongly urges and demands SPR for a conclusive explanation and rectification.

With that being said, the final results of Jelapang State seat should be DAP 17014, BN 4562 with a majority of 12452 and not 12266.

This is a very serious matter as under the election laws, the result stated in Borang 14 is final. Although this discrepancy in this case of Jelapang will not cause DAP to lose the seat, the result in other state seats may change if the same incident with the same figures happened elsewhere. The difference in this case would be 386 votes in total and sufficient to change the result in Lubok Merbau, which we lost by 53 votes, Manjoi, which we lost by 132 votes and Pasir Panjang, which we lost by 305 votes. This can change the final result of who forms State Government.

Wong Kah Woh DAP Perak Publicity Secretary & ADUN for Canning