Fraud and Flaws helped BN win, not Fate

Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Minister Abdul Rahman Dahlan's comment in Utusan over the weekend that BN has the support of ‘takdir' (fate) which helped the coalition win the recent 13th GE, is like saying a rapist can marry his victim citing that 'fate' favours their union.

It was not fate nor God’s will that determined the victory of BN, but gerrymandering and unfair practices that helped BN to remain in power. Phantom voters, malapportionment and postal vote fraud were not determined by God, but man-made.

It was unfair delineation of constituencies that created the Kapar parliamentary constituency with 144,159 voters while Putrajaya only has 15,798 voters.

It was gerrymandering that resulted in the Kinrara state constituency having 34,290 voters while Seri Serdang has almost double that with 72,845 voters, despite the fact that both seats are under the Puchong parliamentary constituency.

Out of 130 smallest parliamentary seats in the country, BN won 112. Their parliamentary majority was largely attributed to the constituencies with small number of voters, not because "God favoured them".

Constitutional amendments that removed vital weightage systems stipulated by law to ensure a fair delineation of constituencies was passed by BN in Parliament, again not designed by God.

It is shameful for Abdul Rahman Dahlan to claim that God is favouring BN, and it shows that BN and its leaders have absolutely no intention to rectify electoral weaknesses and flaws, nor do they plan to address the fraud issues highlighted by Pakatan Rakyat.

Teo Nie Ching DAP Assistant National Publicity Secretary & MP for Kulai