Did BN submit speaker nomination in time? Dares Zambry to show proof!

The deadline to submit the Perak Assembly Speaker nomination has lapsed last Friday (21/6/2013). It has been 6 days since the deadline passed and whether or not BN has successfully submitted their nomination forms still remains a huge question. BN Menteri Besar, Dato’ Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir should openly show evidence in order to prove that BN has not pressured the Assembly Secretary, Rumaizi bin Baharin, to back date the receipt and acceptance of BN’s speaker nomination after the deadline.

PR submitted their nomination for the Speaker and Deputy Speaker post last Friday, 21/06.2013 at about 10.20am. At 4.33pm, 27 minutes before the end of work hours, PR was informed by the State Secretariat that BN has yet to submit their nominations. PR’s party staff reached the State Secretariat at 4.40pm and stayed until 6.30pm yet no one was seen to have submitted any nomination forms to the Assembly Secretary.

PR has received viable information that the internal power tussle between UMNO and MIC and yet another internal struggle within MIC itself has caused BN to be unable to submit the nominations for the Speaker and Deputy Speaker in time. This is the reason why PR has opted to conduct a spot check at the State Secretariat at 4.40pm last Friday. PR was also told by the Assembly Secretary that he will announce the nominations of both candidates from PR and BN on Monday. Yet up till today, no announcement has been made, thus making the matter even more questionable.

BN, being the ruling government, is enjoying the benefit of having full control of the State administrative system. This political reality enables BN to submit their nomination anytime after the deadline. One would only need to backdate the acknowledgement of acceptance. It is not be an act of a responsible government if BN has failed to decide on their candidates for the Speaker and Deputy Speaker post due to their own internal tussles, therefore forcing the Assembly Secretary and staff to do something so dishonest in backdating the acceptance.

The PR Speaker candidate, YB V Sivakumar confirmed with the Assembly Secretary that there was no nomination by BN at 4.33pm. PR staff arrived at the State Secretariat at 4.40pm. How true is it that BN managed to get into the State Secretariat, submit the form and get out within the short 7 minutes? It is to be reminded that the State Secretariat building is installed with CCTV cameras and if there is nothing to hide by BN, Zambry should at least show proof that the nomination papers were accepted in time if he wants to protect the integrity of his government!

If Zambry chooses to remain silent, the integrity of BN’s State Government will be diminished even before the formal swearing in of the State Assemblymen!

Wong Kah Woh DAP Perak Publicity Secretary & ADUN for Canning