Winning through freedom, hope and opportunity to create prosperity and competitiveness in Malaysia

DAP recorded the most brilliant results in our electoral history in the 2013 General Elections, winning 38 out of 51 parliamentary seats and 95 out of 103 state seats contested (with existing 12 Sarawak seats, DAP now has 107 state assemblypersons). We are proud that DAP is now the second largest truly Malaysian party with elected representatives comprising Malay, Chinese, Indians and Kadazans.

DAP leader Sdr Lim Kit Siang’s bold decision to risk everything by contesting in the BN stronghold of Gelang Patah captured the public’s imagination nationally and was the key factor in driving DAP’s famous electoral victories, especially in Johor.

DAP also won in popular votes, recording the highest majorities of more than 50,000 by Sdri Teresa Kok and helping PR win 2/3 majorities in states we are strongest in, ie. Penang and Selangor. We won all our seats in Penang, Perak, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan and Kedah. In terms of popular vote, no state came close to the 68% garnered by PR in Penang, a whopping 8% increase compared to 2008 general election.

DAP won by offering freedom, hope and opportunity over lies, fear and money politics. But DAP also demonstrated that it possessed the best machinery, most prepared in terms of organization and able to deliver a rapid response to events unfolding daily. One of the main turning points was the BN “overkill” in using money politics, violent threats and lies to win the general elections. DAP’s rapid response in organising a “Go Bald To Protest Money Politics” campaign resonated greatly with undecided voters and wiped out any residue of support for BN. Many women throughout the country cried when they saw my wife and DAP women go bald and were very determined to punish BN.

This is a win for all Malaysians with turnout rates reaching a historic 84%, demonstrating that Malaysians wanted to participate in the process of making Malaysia a genuine democracy. PR won the popular vote of 51% compared to only 47% for BN. The victory margin was even larger in Peninsular Malaysia of 53% for PR against 45% for BN. PR won 55% of the popular vote in Perak yet lost power.

We have a minority BN government in Putrajaya, a minority BN Prime Minister and minority BN Perak Menteri Besar. Democracy does not permit a minority to rule the majority.

There is a need to press for polls reforms to respect the “one-person, one-vote, one-value” principle. Three measures will be undertaken:-

    1. Legal processs of challenging in courts those seats that BN won through fraud, vote-buying and manipulating voters list through phantom voters and “Bangladeshi” who are non-citizens;

    2. Political process of pressing for polls reforms in legislative assemblies, civil campaigns and international fora.

    3. People process of conducting mass movement campaigns, only where necessary, to press for clean, free and fair elections.

Political and Legislative Leadership

The DAP CEC meeting held on 10 May 2013 at the Party National HQ, apart from congratulating the Secretary-General for being reappointed as Penang Chief Minister, decided the following:

    1. That the DAP will support the appointment of Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim as the Parliamentary Opposition Leader for the 13th Parliament;

    2. That Sdr Lim Kit Siang is re-appointed as the DAP Parliamentary Leader;

    3. The following party elected representatives are appointed to the respective post in their respective DUN:

      • Kedah DUN: Sdr Teoh Boon Kok as DAP whip;

      • Perak DUN: Sdr Ngeh Koo Ham as DAP whip;

      • Negeri Sembilan DUN: Sdr Anthony Loke as DUN Opposition leader, Sdr Cha Kee Chin as whip;

      • Melaka DUN: Sdr Goh Leong San as opposition leader, Sdr Lim Jack Wong as whip;

      • Johor DUN: Sdr Dr Boo Cheng Hau as opposition leader and Sdr Tan Chen Choon as whip;

      • Pahang DUN: Sdr Tengku Zulpuri as opposition leader and Sdr Lee Chin Chen as whip;

      • Sabah DUN: Sdr Dr Edwin Bosi as whip;

      • Sarawak DUN: Sdr Wong Ho Leng retained as Opposition Leader and Sdr Chiew Chin Sing as whip

    4. That Sdr Gobind Singh will set up a legal team to look into and deal with the various possible election petitions to be filed by the DAP candidates.

BN’s Irrational Response

BN’s irrational response using racism and extremism to distract attention from their defeat in the 13th General Elections is expected. So is the closing down of service centers by Gerakan and MCA as well as their refusal to hold government positions. However this “sandiwara” by Gerakan and MCA will likely last only a year before they accept reappointments to the various government posts reserved for MCA.

In the meantime, this is a golden opportunity for our newly-elected representatives to assert our presence by filling in the vacuum vacated by BN in their strongholds. For this reason, the party is placing high emphasis on servicing the needs of the people, to enable DAP to build up DAP’s organisation as a mass movement for the rakyat.

As a first step, all elected representatives must set up their service centres and resolve their constituents’ problem. More importantly is teamwork – a service team must be set up at every polling station. The days of one person doing everything is gone. No team means no dream of success for DAP. Regular interaction must be engaged between the service teams, the public, party and government departments.

The DAP has entrusted DAP National Deputy Chair Sdr Tan Kok Wai to monitor and implement these measures with full powers to take action against any elected representative who fail to perform. Sdr Tan will be assisted by CEC leaders Sdri Teresa Kok, Sdr Anthony Loke, Sdr Tony Pua, Sdr Kulasegaran and Sdr Vincent Wu. Sdri Teresa Kok will place more emphasis on Sabah and Sarawak.

DAP also proposes a departure from the normal service centers for our elected representatives by establishing community centers instead.

Our emphasis should be always on building our team, giving opportunities to the young and learning to be in government. We would urge our leaders in all states to come to Penang to familiarise themselves with running a government as part of our preparation to take over Putrajaya in 5 years time.

Remember DAP won by offering freedom, hope and opportunity to create prosperity and competitiveness in Malaysia by investing in our people, modernizing infrastructure, establishing clean leadership and good governance.

The journey is long and hard. Keep fit and healthy. Work hard and good luck.

Lim Guan Eng DAP Secretary General & MP for Bagan