PCA: Zahid making a mockery of Parliament

Home Minister Dato Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi is quoted as saying the government is prepared to make the necessary amendments to the PCA after taking into consideration views of NGO's and the Bar Council.(http://t.co/8QYrHtyzia)

It is obvious that the Minister knows full well that what he pushed through in the Dewan was not only unconstitutional but also seriously flawed in many aspects. Yet, he went ahead and rushed the bill through.

This is most alarming. It appears that the Dewan Rakyat has been misled into passing a law which is most draconian although the bill still needed discussion and was therefore yet to be finalised.

Zahid should have informed the Dewan Rakyat that the then proposed amendments were not yet finalized and were subject to further amendments pending discussions.

This is a bill which provides for detention without trial. It is most draconian in nature. So what will Zahid do now in the meanwhile? Is he going to put everything on hold pending finalization? Then why push it through in the first place? Was it a really all a drama to enhance his popularity for the UMNO VP contest?

This is a most dangerous and unfortunate situation. One can only imagine what would be if the government pushed through a law carrying the mandatory death penalty only to declare later, after there have been executions, that the law still needed discussion and could be amended.

Zahid has created a mockery of Parliament having tabled the amendments to the PCA and pushed them through the Dewan Rakyat in these circumstances. What is worse is the fact that the Prime Minister sat quietly in the Dewan Rakyat through this all and did absolutely nothing to stop it.

Gobind Singh Deo MP Puchong