ROS UMNO's running dogs

I vividly remember that on August 16, 2013, UMNO Youth Chief Khairy Jamaluddin said that the DAP by holding fresh CEC elections was an "admission of guilt" and the party had been wrong due to the tabulation error thus the ROS's direction was unquestionable.

As such, I am deeply disappointed when Khairy Jamaluddin alleged that the irregularities in UMNO's wing elections last Saturday were only "isolated cases" and need not the ROS to take action. His statement is ridiculous to me to say that the irregularities were only "isolated cases", wasn't tabulation error in the DAP elections last year an "isolated case" as well?

In the meantime, as reported, UMNO Secretary-General Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Mansor admitted that there were not more than 10% divisions had technical glitches in the last Saturday elections.

If Khairy Jamaluddin and Tengku Adnan Mansor were to admit that irregularities did happen in the last Saturday polls, does it mean that the ROS should wait no more and must issue a notice to UMNO immediately and call for fresh elections as their statements were "admission of guilt" too?

Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan who is running for UMNO Supreme Council member also told Sinar Harian that the DAP fresh elections was due to constitution issues and differ from the "procedural problems" in the UMNO's wing elections. I wonder, from what report he can make such a conclusion, as the ROS itself never give such a statement? Or perhaps he can enlighten us, why the tabulation error in the DAP elections were "constitution issues" which warranted the fresh elections, while the "procedural problems" he claimed isn't the same with technical error and should face the same action?

Prior to this, the UMNO's wing elections were clouded with numerous technical glitches such as missing ballot papers, confused delegates and rejection of recounting. Apart from the few cases I have mentioned in my statement few days ago, 14 newly-elected of the Kalabakan Wanita UMNO had tendered resignation as they claimed that there were 764 delegates had turned up for the voting but there were 811 ballot papers which means an additional 47 votes. The same problem happened in Gopeng Wanita UMNO in which there were 315 delegates attended but 328 ballot papers were counted, an additional of 13 votes.

I believe that these cases are just tips of the iceberg. Meanwhile, we still have not heard anything from the ROS. Will the ROS probe the issues raised in the UMNO elections and take actions against UMNO such as ordering for fresh polls?

Ironically, the ROS had issued a letter to the MCA yesterday and "advised" them to withdraw the resolution to censure Liow Tiong Lai in the coming EGM on Sunday. How could the ROS do not react promptly to UMNO elections but interrupt into the MCA issue on the other hand? Is their silence towards UMNO is an admission that they are UMNO's running dogs and no more an impartial body?

Teo Nie Ching DAP Assistant National Publicity Secretary & MP for Kulai