The Penang PR State Government does not seek political vengeance against housing developers who opposed PR in the last GE

I want to refer to a letter to the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak by a young 27 year old Malaysian woman Siti Hajar questioning the wisdom of the government's decision to increase petrol prices. She revealed that the middle-income group is feeling the pinch with the rising costs of living because their salaries are not low enough to qualify them to receive the BR1M RM 1,000 aid, but not high enough to buy their own homes because of escalating house prices.

REDHA has played an important role representing the interests of developers in Penang. In seeing development, the crying need of those who are less wealthy, who have yet to own a home, have to be met. For this reason, the state government has undertaken to build 22,172 units of affordable housing throughout the 5 districts of Penang and adopt controls to ensure that housing developers do their fair share of building affordable housing.

I urge REHDA members to support the state government's initiatives in building affordable homes and raise any concerns with the state government. The state government does not believe in political vengeance nor in discriminating Penangites based on race, religion, political background or social standing.

We realize that some housing developers had fervently opposed this Penang state government to the extent of pouring huge sums of money during the recent general elections. This debunks the oft-repeated allegations by certain irresponsible and opportunistic elements that this state government sides with its so-called "developer friends".

Whilst this state government is aware that we had no "developer friends", we want to be friends with everyone. That can only be achieved by establishing rule of law and adhering to set rules and procedures which promote certainty, clarity, competency and continuity. Here, I hope REHDA members will continue to uphold certainty, clarity, competency and continuity whenever they deal with the state government.

REHDA should boldly raise concerns or any perceived improprieties by the relevant local authorities. The state government is unable to act to cut red-tape or improve both productivity and efficiency if REHDA chooses to remain silent. Silence is not golden. As Edmund Burke said "Evil exists because good people choose to do nothing".

The state government's CAT governance of competency, accountability and transparency has benefited both the business community and the people by providing annual surplus budgets, reduced state debts of 95% and a 50% increase in state assets.

Whatever revenue that is derived from various charges by the state government has been channelled back as improvement and refurbishment to infrastructure, amenities and welfare for the public. The state government have spent the money prudently and we are accountable for the reserves and assets that we have accumulated since we took power. CAT governance of competency, accountability and transparency will be strictly pursued to cut down leakages and improve efficiency.

The proposed RM6.3 billion undersea tunnel and 3 major by-pass highways will provide an added fillip to the State's economy and brighten prospects for all. Now more than before, we will use this mandate to deliver to Penangites built on integrity, honesty, concern and welfare for the needy where everyone will have a place under the Malaysian sun.

Lim Guan Eng Penang Chief Minister