Bulletin Archive - August 2006

31/08/2006 RM48 million Customs uniform scandal – let the chips fall where they may
30/08/2006 A somber 49th National Day
30/08/2006 Has Mohd Said’s “close-one-eye” scandal ended up as “close-both-eyes” scandal for the government?

Think Rationally and Not to Breeding Hatred

30/08/2006 Public transport integration: no further delay!
30/08/2006 About the lack of enthusiasm in celebrating Merdeka
28/08/2006 Parliamentary Select Committee on FTAs should be informed to safeguard national interets
28/08/2006 Why is the Finance Minister not prepared to discharge his ministerial responsibility to be answerable
28/08/2006 Call on Abdullah to announce the establishment of the IPCMC in his budget speech
28/08/2006 Why has MAS created 141 “half-millionaires” in its MSS exercise
28/08/2006 Azalina had committed a grave breach of parliamentary privilege in deliberately withholding information from Parliament
28/08/2006 Racial Slurs and Dangerous Trend Under the Abdullah Administration
27/08/2006 Malaysian Foreign Minister Datuk Syed Hamid Albar Must Not Practice Double-Standards
27/08/2006 MCA’s Failure To Move A Resolution To Abolish The 30% Bumi Equity Requirement
27/08/2006 Call for Boycott & Divestment to stop Genocide Against Tamils in Sri Lanka
25/08/2006 Kong Choy faces risk of a RM10-salary cut motion in  the budget meeting of Parliament  
25/08/2006 Five-minute speech on Malek Imtiaz, Khairy and Rafidah Aziz
25/08/2006 Steps To Increase The Dividend Rate From The Present 5% To 8.5%
25/08/2006 Taman Asuhan Kanak-kanak & Tadika Harus Diadakan Dalam Kementerian Yang Sama
25/08/2006 Pest Control Fiasco – Selangor Mentri Besar should listen to both side of the stroeis
23/08/2006 Government’s RM 3.5 Million Bailout Of Le Tour de Langkawi (LTdL) Is Irresponsible
22/08/2006 Malaysians Should Unite Together To Condemn The Death Threat Against Malik Imtiaz
22/08/2006 No question from YB Lau Yan Peng on the future of SKLTS
22/08/2006 Abdullah’s first “White Elephant” Project (London Sports Centre) – Azalina’s “Tai Chi” in Parliament
21/08/2006 IPCMC – “bellyache” of a reply by Deputy Internal Security Minister
21/08/2006 Pest Control scandal must be resolved during the up and coming Subang Jaya Municipal Council full board meeting.
20/08/2006 Meritocracy, A Culture Of Excellence And Good Governance Are Pre-Conditions Towards IMP3
20/08/2006 Police Should Investigate The Reasons Behind  Dr Sargunadevi's  Police Report
19/08/2006 Test For Ong Tee Keat To Prove His Principled Stand For Right And Justice
18/08/2006 Another blank for Malaysia – again omitted fourth year in succession  in Shanghai Jiao Tong 500 World Universities Ranking 2006

Call on Abdullah to give categorical answer on IPCMC


No more Free and Fair market in Selangor?


Bold & Immediate Stops Needed To Restore Public Safety in Malaysia.

17/08/2006 Malaysian universities completely left out in the new Newsweek Top 100 Global Universities ranking
17/08/2006 Implementation of the controversial sections in the Private Healthcare Facilities
17/08/2006 Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) Failed To Detect Faulty Circuitry
16/08/2006 “Big Fat No” On Dismantling Discriminatory Policies In Favour Of Ethnic Malays
16/08/2006 Call on Ministers, MPs and civil society to support for re-examination of the 1988 judicial crisis
16/08/2006 Why did the RM70-100 million-a-year concession to security-label for locally-made cigarettes change hands?
15/08/2006 Cabinet should declassify all documents of the crooked half bridge, APs & Proton
14/08/2006 Which GLC had offered to buy over Khairy’s ECM Libra Avenue shares?
13/08/2006 All Sabahans Must Fight BN And UMNO For Failing To Keep Its Promises
13/08/2006 BN Has Turned Sabah Into A Land Of Broken Promises And Shattered Hopes
13/08/2006 Challenge Musa Aman To State When BN Will Resolve The 8 Major Issues To Save Sabah
13/08/2006 When former IGP and family are also afraid of their personal  safety
13/08/2006 Poh Ah Tiam Should Prove That He Is The EXCO With Power
12/08/2006 Abdullah Ahmad Badawi must call an emergency meeting of ASEAN countries
12/08/2006 Who is “Iblis” – Mahathir or Kok Lanas Abdullah, Ibrahim Ali and Matthias Chang?
12/08/2006 Designate a Minister with the task within 12 months to  reduce traumatic crimes
11/08/2006 Dismiss Penang UMNO Youth’s Proposal of a Rotation of Penang CM’s Post
11/08/2006 Why EPF Has Failed to Remove The 33 Trust Fund Management Institutions That Lost RM 600m
10/08/2006 Abdullah should not allow Mahathir to “turn the table” and hijack the anti-corruption halo
10/08/2006 Mahathir should apologise to the nation for masterminding Operation Lalang
10/08/2006 Chan Kong Choy Must Serious About Bringing Down the Road Fatality Rate by 2010
10/08/2006 Sri Lankan Government and Military Should Stop Violating Ceasefire Agreement
09/08/2006 Pest Control companies which entered an agreement with MPSJ and MPSepang are unrecognized
09/08/2006 Surat Terbuka Kepada YAB Ketua Menteri Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam
09/08/2006 PM Should Not Ignore Mahathir’s Threat to Collect More Evidence of Corruption
09/08/2006 Petaling Street Incident On 27 July 2006 Reveals A Type Of Tax Collection Intimidation
09/08/2006 End Malaysiakini investigations and devote total police resources to free Malaysians from crime
09/08/2006 TV3 interview to break “inelegant silence”
08/08/2006 Abdullah Should Be Equally Tough On Police Failures To Stop Crime
07/08/2006 Why MBI recently purchased more then 3000 coin operated parking meters
06/08/2006 The Kampung Medan Incident Is A Malaysian Tragedy
05/08/2006 Zainuddin doing nation a great disservice
05/08/2006 Whether MAS is giving half-million ringgit “golden handshakes”
05/08/2006 DAP PJ Action Team 9-Point Proposal on the Drafting of MBPJ's Budget.
03/08/2006 KTAR student Lee Kean Yip must  not die in vain
03/08/2006 6 Out Of 14 States Are Left Out Of The Development Corridor
02/08/2006 PricewaterhouseCoopers Report should be tabled in Parliament
02/08/2006 Abdullah Ahmad Badawi Should Be Tough On Crime
02/08/2006 A crackdown on Internet freedom
02/08/2006 Strongly condemn arrogant statement from MPSJ President
01/08/2006 Government must cancel the alienation of open space-green lung
01/08/2006 Increase of MAS airfares could not have come at a worse time
01/08/2006 Government-linked companies such as Petronas must be transparent