Bulletin Archive - April 2007

30/04/2007 2007 Labour Day Message - RM 5,000 to 40% of Malaysian households
29/04/2007 Tourism Minister should support the world's tallest Mazu (Goddess of Sea) statue project in Kudat
29/04/2007 The curse of 2Cs and 2Is in Sandakan and Sabah
29/04/2007 Open Letter to Tawan MP - resign before May 17
28/04/2007 Penang’s poor environmental record that is bad not only for tourism but a failure of good governance by BN
27/04/2007 1987 Ops Lalang and Chinese primary school crisis - will Cabinet own up to historic wrongs?
26/04/2007 How can a law-abiding cybercafe operator survive in corruption-rife Malaysia?
26/04/2007 Will Najib, Khir Toyo or Samy Vellu resign if Ijok becomes "second Lunas"?
25/04/2007 Ijok by-election - BN "kiasu" despite worst electroal corruption and most undemocratic campaigning in 50 yrs
24/04/2007 Why Tamil “Pokkiri” film of violence and sex screened to pupils in SK Taman Hi-Tech, Kulim
24/04/2007 DAP Special Congress to give powers to CEC to postpone party elections
24/04/2007 Ijok - BN transforms into "Bribery Nasional" with cornucopia of corrupt electoral practices
23/04/2007 Extended C-Band Spectrum allocation - MCMC mess
23/04/2007 Ijok money-politics and electoral corruption - worst in 50 years of by-elections
23/04/2007 Apakah rancangan kerajaan untuk menangani peningkatan kes pesakit mental?
23/04/2007 So long as EC remains a toothless tiger, Liaison Committee will not ensure fair play
22/04/2007 Abdullah - stop the Mat Rempit culture of lawlessness in Ijok
22/04/2007 Lobby for a Malaysian to be next Commonwealth Secretary-General
22/04/2007 Corruption investigations into Johari and Zulkipli - Nazri should make Ministerial statement
22/04/2007 Altantuya - Najib should tell all instead of bits and pieces
22/04/2007 Complete the Jinjang Flood Mitigation Project
20/04/2007 Advertisement by 71 Machap Baru new villagers is public acknowledgment of DAP's important role
20/04/2007 Is the Sarawak Chief Minister suing Japan Times in Japan?
20/04/2007 BN will reprise its politics of fear, violence and money applied in Machap to Ijok by-election
20/04/2007 Subashini, Revathi, Marimuthu cases - Tunku will be most distressed if he is still alive
20/04/2007 Abdullah must work trebly hard in next few months to have credibility to talk about Mission 2057
19/04/2007 RM257.4 million compensation to Gerbang Perdana has caused absurd situation
19/04/2007 Democratisation in Burma - sanctions mechanism in new ASEAN Charter
19/04/2007 BN MPs should "grow up" by wrestling with "hard questions" of nation building, like real causes of university quality decline
18/04/2007 DAP CEC fully endorses PKR's candidate for Ijok By-election
18/04/2007 A three-man Selangor DAP Ijok By-election Campaign Committee
18/04/2007 Samy Vellu trying to protect Syabas?
18/04/2007 Students should not be blamed for not being creative
17/04/2007 Ijok possibility of a higher swing than the 5% swing of Chinese voters
17/04/2007 Forcible separation of Marimuthu from his wife and six children - habeas corpus application
17/04/2007 Appoint commissioners of building in 144 local authorities
16/04/2007 KDM the new underclass in Umno's Sabah Baru
16/04/2007 AG should take over the Malaysian Fisheries Development Authority
16/04/2007 Rang Undang-Undang tidak dikuatkuasakan seperti apa yang dijanjikan
16/04/2007 Kesan FTA terhadap Projek National Feedlot dan Pusat Boioteknologi
16/04/2007 The true colors of MCA
15/04/2007 Review the number of public holidays for civil servants
14/04/2007 Not normal for BN's majority to be reduced in a by-election
14/04/2007 Kah Kiat's resignation as Sabah DCM "no loss" to BN?
14/04/2007 Suspend LKIM chairman and DG until probe of mutual corruption allegations
13/04/2007 Machap voters are the real victors
13/04/2007 Johari-Police public spat - Abdullah must assume full responsibility as Internal Security Minister or relinquish post
13/04/2007 My worst fears confirmed - Abdullah does not read letters sent to him
12/04/2007 Crime escalation - public spat between de facto Police Minister and Police
11/04/2007 Nazri's reply in Parliament completely unsatisfactory and unacceptable
10/04/2007 Kesal PM enggan melawat kawasan pilihanraya kecil Machap
10/04/2007 700 ex-DAP members crossed over to the MCA?
09/04/2007 Why 40% surge in crime after police talk of "zero crime" in KL only last November?
09/04/2007 Liow Tiong Lai politicizing Malaysia badminton team
09/04/2007 Machap by-election - Sunday outing
09/04/2007 Menyeru majikan memberikan cuti kepada kakitangan untuk membuang undi di Machap
07/04/2007 Only democracy can ensure that Malaysians have an equal place under the Malaysian sun
07/04/2007 Abdullah's "all-out war against crime" - for real or just empty rhetoric?
06/04/2007 PM must identify the wealthy groups funding criminal and terrorist activities
06/04/2007 DAP MPs to seek for an appointment with CJ
06/04/2007 Public U - end obsession with commercial baubles at int. exhibitions
06/04/2007 Two reasons why Samy Vellu went berserk in Parliament yesterday
06/04/2007 Another high-profile corruption allegation - Sarawak CM re 1.1 billion yen timber export kickbacks
06/04/2007 Gombak River Diversion Projek serves as an example
06/04/2007 Calon BN menyalahgunakan sumber kewangan dan jentera kerajaan negeri Melaka
05/04/2007 Perbuatan rasuah calon BN melanggar Akta Kesalahan Pilihan Raya
04/04/2007 "Babi" invective in Parliament - sad reflection of failure of 50 yrs of nation-building
04/04/2007 Investigating Parliamentary Secretary of Youth Sports SA. Vigneswaran for physically manhandling a Harian Makkal Osai photographer
04/04/2007 All Malaysians should pray for good sense, respect for each other faiths and the sanctity of parental rights over their children
04/04/2007 Speed up amendment to the police service scheme
03/04/2007 Week-long special prayers by non-Muslims - Cabinet should retrieve and discuss memorandum by nine Ministers
03/04/2007 Corruption allegations against Zulkipli and Johari - table White Paper in Parliament
03/04/2007 April 12 Machap by-election - three scenarios
03/04/2007 Complete KL Flood Mitigation Project Pakej II
01/04/2007 Machap by-election - Abdullah/Najib must clear their name over integrity charges by former PM/DPM
01/04/2007  MCA = Makes Chinese Angry?
01/04/2007 Machap by-election - suspend Zahid as deputy information minister for violating National Integrity Plan