Bulletin Archive - May 2008

31/05/2008 Separuh daripada keuntungan kasar Petronas harus diberi kepada keluarga berpendapatan rendah secara tunai
28/05/2008 Proton Holdings Bhd. should adopt CAT principles
27/05/2008 Complete disppointment with Minister of Higher Education
26/05/2008 Bebaskan YB Kota Alam Shah daripada ISA
26/05/2008 Perbelanjaan berhemah asas tadbir urus baik negeri Selangor
24/05/2008 Don't make Malaysian Parliament a laughing-stock at Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference in KL in August
23/05/2008 Regret that the practice of 'Approved Permits' is set to continue
23/05/2008 Malaysia's loss of sovereignty over Pulau Batu Putih - no more loss of territory through bad planning
23/05/2008 RCI on illegal immigrants in Sabah - substantive motion to overrule Robert Kiandee's decision
20/05/2008 Fulfilment of 30-year dream of Sabahans in the hands of Sabah BN MPs
19/05/2008 Religious goodwill is key to a united and fair nation
16/05/2008 DAP launches donation drive for victims of Sichuan and Burma Disasters
12/05/2008 Penang arrests deplorable and ridiculous
10/05/2008 The Mahkota Cheras controversy - Selangor government should stand for what is right and just without fear or favour
10/05/2008 Cyclone Nargis and callous Myanmar military rulers - Let ASEAN be first to condemn
10/05/2008 Lingam Video Clip RCI report - table it in Parliament on Monday
10/05/2008 Abdullah putting pressure on AG to prosecute Karpal - bad and dangerous precedent
08/05/2008 Urgent motion on National Service
08/05/2008 "Gov't is liberal and sedition charges against RPK is not politically motivated" - Najib convinces no one
06/05/2008 Henti monopoli beras
06/05/2008 Press freedom reform to ensure Anti-corruption effort is not mere talk
06/05/2008 Victims of the 1988 Mother of Judicial Crisis and the ensuing two decades of judicial darkness
06/05/2008 A second and final opportunity to push through reforms to transform Malaysia into a world-class competitive nation
06/05/2008 The arrest of Raja Petra & DAP ADUN - “The Empire Strikes Back”?
05/05/2008 Let MPs decide on live parliamentary telecasts
03/05/2008 Stop harassing bloggers - respect freedom and rights to free speech
02/05/2008 It is correct to continue with the direct telecast
01/05/2008 Question submitted to demand answers on Balkis
01/05/2008 Petronas harus memberikan separuh daripada keuntungan kasar RM 80 bilion setahun kepada keluarga berpendapatan rendah