Bulletin Archive - August 2009

31/08/2009 Merdeka 2009: A divided nation in need of reforms
31/08/2009 Celebrating unity in diversity in Penang and establishing the first people’s government in Malaysia
30/08/2009 Laporan polis terhadap penyalahgunaan peruntukan pembangunan kawasan bekas ADUN BN dan SPRM
30/08/2009 RM 5.8 billion worth of projects allocated for Penang under 9MP could not be completed on time
30/08/2009 Mesej Merdeka 2009 - Makna Merdeka yang sebenar dihayati adalah berdasarkan demokrasi dan bukanlah menggantikan penjajah dengan pemimpin tempatan yang tidak menghormati Prinsip 5K Kebebasan, Keadilan, Kebenaran, Kebajikan Kepada Rakyat Dan Ketakwaan Kepada Tuhan
30/08/2009 National Day Message - Let all patriotic Malaysians regardless of party come together to save Najib’s 1Malaysia from heading for the rocks 150 days after becoming Prime Minister
29/08/2009 The ‘Cow Head’ demo in Shah Alam - Another attempt to create disunity and overthrow of the Selangor PR Government?
29/08/2009 Malaysia in past weeks suffered unprecedented battery of adverse world media coverage which gravely undermine our international competitiveness and goal to become developed high-income country
29/08/2009 The cow-head sacrilege an ominous warning that Najib’s first National Day celebration as Prime Minister will go down as a Black National Day if the genii of racism and religious chicanery are allowed to get out of the bottle
28/08/2009 Zambry must clarify the position of the 14,000 hec of land approved to Rahman Hydraulic Tin Bhd
28/08/2009 MACC should not be allowed to become a monster or Frankenstein - a law unto itself
27/08/2009 MACC should produce proof that Teoh Beng Hock had received RM112 “kickback” or it should withdraw and apologise for the allegation defaming the dead
26/08/2009 Tuduhan zalim mengenai TBH dan Exco Selangor membuat tuntutan palsu tidak berasas
26/08/2009 R. Ganesan was dishonest with regard to the time he ceased practice as a lawyer
26/08/2009 Will Najib order all Umno/BN leaders to stop dragging MACC into political games?
26/08/2009 Permatang Pasir by-election result – devastating blow for Najib’s 144 days as Prime Minister
25/08/2009 Government should make it compulsory for every unemployed to register themselves
25/08/2009 Zambry is telling lies again
25/08/2009 Don’t twist and turn – MACC Chief Commissioner Ahmad Said should state whether MACC has interrogated Muhyiddin for his corrupt practice of using RMAF Nuri helicopter
24/08/2009 Five reasons why voters of Permatang Pasir must vote for PAS/PR candidate Hassan Man and reject Umno/BN candidate Rohaizat Othman
23/08/2009 The 42 MACC Panel members should hold emergency meetings to find solution to the MACC’s crisis of confidence
22/08/2009 First thing Najib should do on his return from his first 8-day leave after become PM is to save the soul of his premiership and do what no Umno leader dare to contemplate – withdraw Rohaizat as Umno candidate in by-election
21/08/2009 R. Ganesan is not the Speaker of the Perak State Legislative Assembly
21/08/2009 DAP membidas tindakan sabotaj terhadap SPRM
21/08/2009 Substance more important than form
21/08/2009 Pathetic neither Tee Keat nor Tsu Koon dare to dissociate MCA/Gerakan from Umno candidate Rohaizat for not being honest or truthful with BN leadership and Permatang Pasir voters
21/08/2009 MACC should explain why it has not started investigations into the corrupt practice of DPM Muhyiddin using RMAF Nuri helicopter to officiate Umno division meetings in Sabah
21/08/2009 Can a statutory declaration clear Rohaizat of the “personal misconduct” resulting in his being struck off the lawyers’ rolls for breach of trust and dishonesty?
20/08/2009 Let the people decide through a national referendum whether ISA should be abolished
20/08/2009 Boycott Zambry and his exco for refusing to bow to the wishes of the people that the Perak State Legislative Assembly be dissolved and a fresh election called to resolve the present predicament
20/08/2009 DAP condemns arson attack on MACC vehicle and advises Nazri against making baseless insinuations of DAP involvement
20/08/2009 Let Muhyiddin answer whether he is for or against Najib’s 1Malaysia concept and why 1Malaysia concept is not the primary theme of Umno/BN in Permatang Pasir by-election instead of the very opposite?
19/08/2009 SPRM melanggari hak asasi manusia semasa menyiasat Wong Chuan How
19/08/2009 The other giant of Asian democratisation
19/08/2009 How and why has Malaysia swiftly joined the world’s top eight countries with the highest death toll from A (H1N1) flu pandemic in less than a month?
18/08/2009 Perak State Assembly sitting on 2/9/2009 is valid and legal, Zambry must respect rule of law
18/08/2009 Najib should convene an all-party conference involving all MPs and State Assembly members to launch a national emergency campaign in view of worsening A (H1N1) pandemic
18/08/2009 Ahmad Said’s claim “No one accorded special treatment by MACC” – Tell it to the Marines!
18/08/2009 Muhyiddin – stop playing Jekyll and Hyde with Najib’s 1Malaysia
18/08/2009 Rohaizat should honourably withdraw as a candidate in the Permatang Pasir by-election so as not to continue to cause public embarrassment to Umno and Barisan Nasional for having misled them about the actual reasons of his disbarment by the Bar Council from practicing as a lawyer
17/08/2009 The allegation of Wong Chuan How not cooperating with the MACC is a non issue
17/08/2009 Greatest national service Musa Hassan can perform is to withdraw his name from consideration for renewal of contract as IGP
17/08/2009 Will MACC investigate whether Muhyiddin abuse his powers in using RMAF Nuri heli for Umno purposes?
16/08/2009 Can Malaysians celebrate 52nd National Day with Najib's 1Malaysia signature theme in two weeks' time?
16/08/2009 Tee Keat can depend on my full support to oppose attempts by Kuala Dimensi Sdn. Bhd to put the lid to block accountability and exposure of causes of the RM12.5 billion PKFZ scandal
16/08/2009 A(H1N1) flu death toll climbs to 62 with daily increase of 283 cases to total 3,857 cases – Japan and South Korea confirm their first A(H1N1) death
16/08/2009 All 5 MACC advisory panels should convene emergency meetings to halt the MACC abuses of power in declaring war against Pakatan Rakyat instead of declaring war against corruption or they should resign collectively
14/08/2009 PKFZ – SPRM nampak kuman di seberang laut tetapi gajah di depan mata tak nampak
14/08/2009 Mengutuk sekeras-kerasnya atas tindakan keras SPRM untuk cuba menahan Wong Chuan How
14/08/2009 Why is A (H1N1) death rate in Malaysia four times the global case fatality rate?
14/08/2009 Is Muhyiddin not interested in the truth as to whether the Transport Minister or the BNBBC Chairman is lying or whether both are lying?
14/08/2009 30-member MACC task force into PKFZ scandal – public inquiry needed why MACC (previously ACA) failed to charge anyone although the first report on PKFZ was lodged some four years ago
14/08/2009 DAP does not insult Islam or any religion and does not condone any DAP leader or member in insulting Islam or any religion
13/08/2009 UMNO perlu bertindak ikhlas dan bukan berpoliticking dalam isu larangan menjual minuman beralkohol
13/08/2009 DAPSY kesal dengan siasatan polis ke atas Anthony Loke dan Jeff Ooi
13/08/2009 Explosive revelation: Kuala Dimensi RM 10 million ‘donation’ to MCA. First major test of confidence in 1Malaysia
13/08/2009 A letter to Bintulu MP: Request for donation to the Teoh Beng Hock Trust Fund
13/08/2009 Shahrizat should make public the report on the alleged rape and sexual abuse of Penan girls
12/08/2009 Police and MACC should commence immediate investigations into Tiong King Sing’s allegations against Transport Minister Ong Tee Keat, particularly over the former’s RM10 million donation to Ong last year for MCA divisions
12/08/2009 Zambry should apologise for falsehoods hurled at Pakatan Rakyat elected representatives
12/08/2009 Increasing calls for Asean to boot out Myanmar
12/08/2009 MACC Chief should resign or be removed for demonstrating complete incompetence over the investigation of the RM12.5 billion PKFZ mega-scandal
12/08/2009 ASEAN and individual ASEAN Governments must make clear their condemnation of another 18-month house arrest of Aung San Suu Kyi by Myanmar military junta as an unacceptable violation of ASEAN Charter on Human rights
11/08/2009 PKFZ: RM1 billion fraud and excess charges
11/08/2009 Liow Tiong Lai, Where are You? Karen Lee who is worried about her five-year-old son about the A (H1N1) flu killer pandemic and has four questions for you
11/08/2009 Open Letter to PAC Chairman Azmi Khalid that he should avoid conflict-of-interest as former Cabinet Minister in 2007 and disqualify himself from conducting the PAC inquiry into the RM12.5 billion PKFZ scandal
11/08/2009 After being so badly savaged, can Najib's 1Malaysia be salvaged?
11/08/2009 Large-scale N1H1 awareness campaign welcome but why so belated – after 33 deaths and some 2,000 cases?
10/08/2009 Police report to deny unfounded allegations and lies that I have insulted Islam and the Sultan of Perak
10/08/2009 Why has Najib condoned the Umno-inspired hysteria and gunning for Loke Siew Fook for insulting the Perak royalty and Islam when these allegations are completely groundless?
10/08/2009 Why is MACC wasting time trying to find out whether all 42 advisory panel members share adverse opinions about MACC when it should be giving top priority to end gross abuses and malpractices to restore public confidence?
09/08/2009 Selangor Pakatan Rakyat government facing a life-and-death threat with a high-powered Umno-BN conspiracy to topple it at all costs and restore Umno-BN rule in Selangor as in Perak six months ago
09/08/2009 Umno-owned Utusan Malaysia’s immunity to flout the law by continuously inciting racial hatred and religious discord a disgrace to Malaysian journalism and a public slap-in-the-face for Najib’s 1Malaysia concept
09/08/2009 Muhyiddin – honour Najib’s pledge that “The era where the government knows best is over” and allow parents the choice to retain the policy of teaching Science and Mathematics in English for their children
08/08/2009 Muhyiddin should stop the gimmick of playing “bad cop” to Najib’s “good cop” making the most outrageous statements which are a total mockery of ‘1Malaysia. People First. Performance Now” slogan
08/08/2009 Police, Home Minister and Prime Minister will not be able to hold their heads high in international community if Musa Hassan is renewed as IGP when under his three-year leadership, only 1% of the people feel safe
07/08/2009 Beer ban - sensible public education/information programmes instead of religious-based bylaws
07/08/2009 Refer Hassan Ali to PR Disciplinary Committee
07/08/2009 Take a secret poll among the 2,000 top police officers from ASP upwards and an overwhelming majority will definitely vote for a new IGP
07/08/2009 Greatest disappointment of all 18 Najib Cabinet meetings – utter failure to address six urgent national issues from crime, corruption, education, health to nation building
06/08/2009 All Pakatan Rakyat leaders of PKR, DAP and PAS must exercise responsibility and discipline to strengthen public confidence in the credibility, cohesion, integrity and common sense of purpose of Pakatan Rakyat if PR is not to end up as a one-term wonder
06/08/2009 Horror of horrors - BN government wants to put up Internet filter blocking “undesirable websites” in total violation of the MSC guarantee of no internet censorship!
06/08/2009 Musa’s gift to Najib in exchange for another term as IGP packaged as “elixir of life” to win next general elections but may really be a “poisoned chalice”
06/08/2009 Ministry of Health website latest fatal casualty of the A (H1N1) killer pandemic?
05/08/2009 The real issue behind beer-ban
05/08/2009 Death threats against Datuk Seri Ahmad Said Hamdan are condemned and his safety must be protected by the police
05/08/2009 Musa Hassan on a personal vendetta binge – is he offering the “heads” of the Pakatan Rakyat leaders from PKR, PAS and DAP in exchange for another renewal as IGP in September?
04/08/2009 ISA should be abolished, not amended
04/08/2009 Mohd Ridhuan Tee must apologize to Teoh Beng Hock’s family and two chinese language dailies!
04/08/2009 Dr Hassan Ali should stop acting like he's an UMNO Menteri Besar, and start acting like he's part of Pakatan Rakyat
04/08/2009 What a shame, would Muhyiddin be another “Nero playing the fiddle while Rome burned
04/08/2009 Is Najib giving an undertaking that if inquest is unsatisfactory to Teoh family, the RCI will be empowered to probe into the causes and circumstances of Teoh’s death?
04/08/2009 Dare Ministers from MCA, Gerakan, MIC and from the Sabah and Sarawak component BN parties put the rank racism, incitement and sedition in Utusan Malaysia and Berita Harian totally subversive of Najib’s 1Malaysia slogan as the No. 1 agenda in Cabinet
04/08/2009 Can Malaysia get out of the information black-hole as a result of snail-pace broadband to join the ranks of super-fast broadband nations?
03/08/2009 ISA: Time for MCA and Gerakan to quit BN
03/08/2009 People power remembered
03/08/2009 Can Hishammuddin wipe out the endemic crime in Johore Baru’s Fleet Street (Jalan Maju) within a month and wipe out JB’s notoriety as the capital of crime by end-2010 in an expanded NKRAs in fighting crime?
03/08/2009 Why has Star published eight reports in eight days disseminating the blog address of the anonymous “black blog” to defame DAP Selangor leaders but no mention of RPK’s blog post detailing five flights taken by Ong Tee Keat in private jet of Tiong King Sing?
03/08/2009 Police arrest of 589 people in crackdown of peaceful “Abolish ISA” assembly a “black eye” to Police and BN human rights but which Najib and Hishammuddin seem to regard as a “badge of honour”!
03/08/2009 Does Tiong Lai agree with WHO estimates that some 110,000 to 500,000 people in Malaysia need hospitalization in A(H1N1) outbreak with 5,500 to 28,000 deaths?
02/08/2009 BN must disassociate itself from Musa Hasan’s excessive, unwarranted and inhumane actions
02/08/2009 IGP Musa – play hardball with murderers, robbers, rapists, Ah Longs and gangsters but not with teenagers and peaceful, patriotic advocates for abolition of ISA
02/08/2009 Musa Hassan wreaking personal vengeance against me and other Pakatan Rakyat leaders for the Parliamentary Roundtable last week calling for a new IGP to create a safe Malaysia
01/08/2009 Why was health, in particular the war against two killer epidemics – A(H1N1) and dengue – excluded from Najib’s National Key Result Areas (NKRAs) announced last week?
01/08/2009 Strange mainstream media behaviour about Tee Keat lodging police report for threat to him – prominent even front-page treatment in Chinese press but totally ignored in English and Bahasa media