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Bulletin Archive - February 2010

28/02/2010 Mark 50th anniversary of Malaysia with commission of inquiry on how the dreams and aspirations of Sabahans in forming Malaysia had been betrayed in past five decades
27/02/2010 Sabah people must fully embrace new Internet technology in the “Save Sabah, Save Malaysia” battle
26/02/2010 UMNO/BN betrayed its pledge of power-sharing by rotation of Sabah Chief Minister’s post when in past 16 years, the CM post held by Kadazan native for 9 months, Chinese for 4 years and Umno for more than 11 years
25/02/2010 Support NUBE’s call to increase maternity leave to 90 days
25/02/2010 Najib is setting the stage for drastic action by UMNO against Tengku Razaleigh for his continuing campaign against the federal government over Kelantan’s oil royalties claim
25/02/2010 Government should stop waste of public funds which end up in greater national embarrassments like the “strangest” cloak-and-dagger CSIS seminar featuring Nazri in Washington yesterday
24/02/2010 Right-thinking Malaysians gravely concerned at the rise of intolerance and bigotry under Najib’s 1Malaysia
24/02/2010 Can Muhyiddin pass three simple tests as to whether he is sincerely and seriously committed to Najib's 1Malaysia concept?
24/02/2010 Kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat Pulau Pinang menolak kenyataan Setiausaha Agung Cuepacs
23/02/2010 Oil royalty – Najib is Razak’s son or Mahathir’s heir?
22/02/2010 Perbezaan 8 sen
22/02/2010 Recent caning of three Muslim women latest in series under Najib’s premiership flooding Malaysia in adverse worldwide spotlight inimical to our international image and competitiveness
22/02/2010 Is Muhyiddin the right-hand man of Najib or Mahathir in the Najib premiership?
21/02/2010 Najib should ask Umno media like Utusan Malaysia, Berita Harian and government tv and radio channels to give him a chance to prove that he is Prime Minister for all Malaysians
20/02/2010 Muhyiddin is among the most unqualified persons in the Najib Cabinet to talk about the doctrine of separation of powers
20/02/2010 Just commission public opinion poll and Najib will know whether majority of Malaysians buy his claim that Anwar’s Sodomy 2 trial is “a personal, not political trial”
19/02/2010 What is most damning was not Keng Yaik’s prediction that “Gerakan has lost Penang for good” or his poor assessment of his successor Tsu Koon but his contemptuous dismissal of Najib premiership
18/02/2010 Pemuda UMNO tidak faham fungsi sistem demokrasi berparlimen negara komanwel
18/02/2010 Defence Minister Ahmad Zahid should give comprehensive ministerial statement on the scandal of the two missing jet engines when Parliament meets on March 16
17/02/2010 "Lim ready to face legal action by Zahrain" - False and misleading report by Bernama
17/02/2010 How can Tsu Koon be a credible Minister in charge of Najib’s 1Malaysia GTP when he dare not speak out against the vicious Umno campaign?
16/02/2010 Koh Tsu Koon’s legacies of lackadaisical governance and UMNO's racist politicking threaten the future of Penang
16/02/2010 Why top Defence Ministry officials, including Defence Ministers, did not know for 18 months that the two missing F5E jet engines cost RM300,000 and not RM50 million each?
16/02/2010 Proposal of principal KPI for MACC – to arrest enough “big fish” every year to reduce annual RM28 billion government loss from corruption by at least 10 per cent
15/02/2010 No other Chinese New Year with such a blizzard of conversational topics and talking points
13/02/2010 Zahrain has quit all posts in PKR and left PKR why has he still not resigned from IGP as Chair and Director?
13/02/2010 CAT governance especially in education, economy and social welfare will determine the success of Penang's efforts to transform itself into an international city for all
13/02/2010 Muhyiddin — don't be DPM who talks through his nose
12/02/2010 Happy Chinese New Year of the Golden Tiger — make 13th general elections the great turning point for Malaysia
12/02/2010 Will Najib now ask Umno executive secretary Abdul Rauf Yusoh to resign for doing a Nasir Safar at an Umno Club function in London?
11/02/2010 Chinese New Year Message by DAP Secretary-General, Lim Guan Eng
10/02/2010 Malaysia would have been spared the religious troubles of the past month if inter-religious dialogues had been institutionalized as an important aspect of nation-building in the past five decades
10/02/2010 What is Najib’s response to the PERC’s “blistering” report and the prospect of Malaysia becoming even more uncompetitive internationally because of his failing strategy to be “all things to all people”
09/02/2010 Dissolve the Perak State Assembly and return power to the people by holding fresh elections
09/02/2010 Najib’s 1Malaysia concept means “a thousand and one” different things even to Umno and BN Ministers and leaders
08/02/2010 Death of democracy in Perak
08/02/2010 UMNO leaders in Federal Government should not play with fire and mortgage credibility and success of 1Malaysia GTP Roadmap and Malaysia 2.0 new economic model
07/02/2010 Kerajaan Selangor akan menyiasat putus air di Armada Putra, Pulau Indah
07/02/2010 JASA tidak berjasa
07/02/2010 How can Najib inspire confidence in Malaysia 2.0 new economic model when he has done nothing in past ten months to stop brain drain or achieve brain gain
06/02/2010 If Najib is serious about Malaysia 2.0 new economic model to restore Malaysia’s worsening competitiveness, stop Anwar Sodomy2 trial which has put Malaysia on international trial
04/02/2010 Bersemuka dengan Lim Guan Eng (Wawancara dengan Harakah Daily)
04/02/2010 No McCarthyism but disband BTN which had produced a generation of Nasir Safars with racist brain-washing making it the biggest enemy of Najib’s 1Malaysia campaign
03/02/2010 Pakatan Rakyat perlu selesaikan segera masalah dalaman, harus berhati-hati dengan fitnah dan pembohongan
03/02/2010 Don’t use ISA against Nasir Safar – more important to flush out all the closet Nasir Safars holding influential positions in government
03/02/2010 Tan Tee Beng a foe of CAT governance
03/02/2010 Demand that Najib Razak apologise for and condemn Nasir Safar’s racist remarks and sack Nasir Safar for insubordination
03/02/2010 Nasir Safar outrage latest reason why parliamentary select committee on 1Malaysia GTP is vital and indispensable
02/02/2010 Zamry tidak layak mencabar ADUN Pakatan Rakyat yang dipilih oleh rakyat meletak jawatan
02/02/2010 Outsourcing of management and operations of Bukit Jambul Country Club
02/02/2010 Tan Tee Beng merungut untuk kepentingan diri
02/02/2010 Jamil Khir, Minister in the PM’s Dept should be suspended or even removed as Minister for Jakim’s open insubordination and insurrection against Najib’s 1Malaysia concept
02/02/2010 MACC will not have a year to redeem itself as its public image may plunge to an even lower depth in a matter of days if rumours on the grapevine are proven right that Selangor Mentri Besar Khalid would be arrested and charged for alleged “cow and car” corruption
01/02/2010 UMNO Hamidah Osman should not be afraid to break gender glass ceiling
01/02/2010 MCA Ministers and leaders are the “politically walking-dead” in Malaysia
01/02/2010 Cabinet must condemn and take action against Jakim’s insubordination and open insurrection against Najib’s 1Malaysia concept

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