Bulletin Archive - June 2002


30/6/2002 ACA - Investigate Daim for conflicts-of-interest/abuses of
28/6/2002 Restore UMNO democracy to elect Deputy President/DPM?
28/6/2002 Tun Abdul Rahman's one PORR share - how much was it worth?
28/6/2002 Anwar appeals - Federal Ct/Ct of Appeal should not delay any further
28/6/2002 Call for Zahir's resignation as Speaker - seven reasons
27/6/2002 Mahathir's resignation, "retraction" and "non-retraction"
27/6/2002 Has ACA submitted investigation papers on Liong Sik to the AG?
26/6/2002 Abdullah should show new authority as PM-designate
26/6/2002 16-month lame-duck PM and DPM?
25/6/2002 15-month transition - two PMs and two Finance Ministers or no proper PM/Finance Minister?
25/6/2002 Hadi - withdraw Syariah Criminal Bill to underscore moderation
25/6/2002 Opposition Leader - no reason why appointment cannot be made by Thursday
25/6/2002 Mahathir unlikely to remain long as PM
24/6/2002 Was Mahathir trying to bring Razaleigh back as Finance Minister?
24/6/2002 Suhakam - 13 years to resolve last 2 years' complaints
23/6/2002 Need For Suhakam To Be More Assertive in Indigenous Rights
23/6/2002 Why 929 declaration can be stopped
23/6/2002 Suhakam - why no inquiry into MCA takeover of Nanyang Siang Pau?
23/6/2002 Human Rights - civil society oversight of Parliament/Suhakam
22/6/2002 Suhakam Round Table Conference - Open Invitation to Parliament Speaker
22/6/2002 UMNO Youth/Zamri's threat to Dong Jiao Zong - uncivil, gangsterish, even barbaric
21/6/2002 Section 118 of 1987 Road Transport Act: AG's advice necessary
21/6/2002 Formulate workable strategy to replace the protection policy
21/6/2002 DAP demands full transparency in the award of the PORR project
21/6/2002 Suhakam Report available at Round Table Conference - RM20 a copy
21/6/2002 "929 Declaration" - DAP not taking Mahathir to court at this stage 
20/6/2002 ISA reformasi six - end boycott/appear before Harun Hashim inquiry
20/6/2002 Call for a national consensus to build a world-class education system
20/6/2002 "Oversight" of Suhakam - Round Table Conference to replace Parliament 
20/6/2002 UMNO/PAS Youth - not all-rounded Malaysian nationalist movements
19/6/2002 DAP to draft 10-year Education Master Plan (2003-2013)
19/6/2002 What is Harun Hashim inquiry all about?
19/6/2002 Adopt an effective system to monitor courses in institutes of higher learning
19/6/2002 Allow full Parliamentary debate of Suhakam Annual Report 2001
19/6/2002 Parliamentary debate on Suhakam report - Mahathir should intervene
18/6/2002 "929 Declaration" and fundamentalist Islamic state - take Mahathir to court?
18/6/2002 Second emergency motion on PORR rejected
17/6/2002 Subang Airport - extend use for another year
17/6/2002 Put Abdullah's claim that ISA not a political tool to a test
16/6/2002 PAS/PKN - don't fall into BN trap
16/6/2002 Malay problems are Malaysian problems
16/6/2002 Parliament homepage wins prize for most user-unfriendly/useless site
16/6/2002 No confidence motion against Musa - debate in Parliament
16/6/2002 Suhakam - inquiries not workshops into press freedom violations
16/6/2002 Hamid Albar censure motion - more than dozen grounds
15/6/2002 Hishammuddin - apologise to Suqiu for UMNO Youth misbehaviour 
15/6/2002 Human Rights - DAP to censure Hamid Albar in Parliament
15/6/2002 Challenge to Mahathir - "929 Declaration" Public Debate 
15/6/2002 PM must explain his announcement on 929
15/6/2002 Second emergency motion on PORR in Parliament submitted
14/6/2002 Dialogues to promote religious harmony and tolernce
14/6/2002 Suhakam should report on all federal/state bills which violate human rights
14/6/2002 Suhakam - respect human rights of Malaysians on "right to information"
14/6/2002 Perak DAP complaint to Suhakam - Monir broken his word
14/6/2002 Harun Hashim ISA inquiry - acid test for Suhakam
13/6/2002 Suhakam: stick to immediate repeal of ISA with separate anti-terrorism law
13/6/2002 Overseas scholarships: selection process and criteria should be made public
13/6/2002 The Rhetoric of Anti Terror and The Struggle for Global Peace and Justice
13/6/2002 Email to Hadi - Withdraw Terengganu Syariah Criminal Enactment Bill
13/6/2002 Liong Sik-Hishammuddin spat - MCA President absconds to Luxembourg
12/6/2002 Penang Head of State's business interest - constitutional impropriety
12/6/2002 Do not bulldoze Little India project
12/6/2002 Terengganu Syariah Criminal Enactment Bill - has BA presidential council given approval?
12/6/2002 Is Tan Cheng Lock rolling in his grave?
11/6/2002 Fong Po Kuan - "True Gold Fears No Furnace Fire"
11/6/2002 Parliament a rubber stamp of the BN government?
11/6/2002 IPTS Bumiputra intake: Publish the latest official statistics
10/6/2002 UMNO/BN - from "primus inter pares" to "primus tanpa pares"
10/6/2002 Educational policies: Umno Youth must adopt rational and pragmatic approach
10/6/2002 Po Kuan: DAP is proud of you!
10/6/2002 Allocate at least RM50 million to train the police
10/6/2002 Kit Siang's arrest - did Thong Fah Chong call the police?
10/6/2002 LKS apologises to the people of Sabah
10/6/2002 Mahathir at the 90th ILO Convention
10/6/2002 Follow-up to meeting with Pope - Restore Inter-faith Council
10/6/2002 Johore DAPSY condemns BN government for suppressing the rights of of the minorities in learning their mother tongues
10/6/2002 PAS Youth & GPMS's retrogressive thinking 
9/6/2002 Fairer re-delineation of electoral boundaries & and police actions against traffic offenders
9/6/2002 No to 929 campaign - DAP's two-point ultimatum
9/6/2002 Malaysia's Truth and Reconciliation Commission into 42 years of ISA
8/6/2002 Is Abdullah fit and suitable to be next PM?
8/6/2002 PM must reconsider his decision announcing Malaysia as an Islamic State
7/6/2002 Blatant violations of human rights by the Perak Police - report lodged by DAP Perak to the Suhakam
7/6/2002 Ridiculous to claim that'No to 929' leaflet is seditious
7/6/2002 IPTS Bumiputra enrolment: Umno Youth should not mislead the people
7/6/2002 Few "black sheep" in Ipoh police spoiled Mahathir's overseas tour
6/6/2002 Root-and-branch parliamentary reforms as top national agenda
6/6/2002 "No to 929" - one-hour Ipoh police raid of DAP Perak office
6/6/2002 The Indian-Pakistani Conflict in Kashmir Necessitates An Immediate and Peaceful Solution
6/6/2002 Terengganu State Syariah Criminal Enactment - discriminatory against rape victims, women and non-Muslims
6/6/2002 Kit Siang 's wrongful arrest: IGP must explain
6/6/2002 Police Action on Kit Siang Violated Basic Freedom of Expression
6/6/2002 "929 Declaration" - DAP prepared to meet MCA/Gerakan leaders
6/6/2002 Kit Siang's wrongful arrest - Mahathir should clarify from Rome
5/6/2002 Kit Siang's arrest - Suhakam failure to educate police of their human rights duties
5/6/2002 Kit Siang arrested - Stop political persecution
5/6/2002 RM1 billion KWAP CBT - another "high-profile" case gone nowhere
5/6/2002 Restructure drug monitoring department
5/6/2002 Arbitrary mass transfer: Kinta District Education Department Should Apologise
5/6/2002 Local councils-the worst service provider
5/6/2002 Arbitrary mass transfer: discipline the Perak State Education Director
4/6/2002 A commission on legal and police systems
4/6/2002 Inter-religious delegation should accompany Mahathir on Vatican visit
4/6/2002 Ling Liong Sik-Soh Chee Wen connection - time for accounting
4/6/2002 PORR - "cat-and-mouse" game of federal/state government
3/6/2002 Realign PORR to avoid acquiring houses and cemetery
3/6/2002 UiTM - open door to all races
3/6/2002 DAP ready to meet PAS to explain objection to its Islamic State model
3/6/2002 Invite Pope John Paul II to visit Malaysia 
2/6/2002 PORR - State govt an agent/servant for Peninsular Metroworks?
2/6/2002 DAP/BA electoral understanding and the elusive goal to deny BN 2/3 majority
1/6/2002 PORR - against international best practices of good urban governance
1/6/2002 Cabinet paper for 75% merit 25% needs university selection