Bulletin Archive - September 2003


30/9/2003 Chin Peng's homecoming - Abdullah should review decision
30/9/2003 MP claims - why "non-meeting" claims higher than "meeting" claims?
29/9/2003 2004 International Mother Language Day on 21/2 - Grand 1,000-programme celebrations
29/9/2003 Excessive claims - Parliament has become laughing stock in country
29/9/2003 No to Chin Peng's return - Had 1989 Haadyai Peace Accords failed?
29/9/2003 Razali's new visit to Burma and Myanmar's exclusion from ASEAN Bali Summit
28/9/2003 Support DAP for a better Malaysia
28/9/2003 Nor Omar - Parliament censure as all MPs subject to public ridicule/contempt
28/9/2003 Report into 5-state 4-hr power blackout on Sept. 1 - immediate public release
27/9/2003 Suspend military/police postal voting unless it could be monitored by political parties
27/9/2003 ASSK 's third house arrest - exclude Myanmar from ASEAN Bali Summit
26/9/2003 Excessive MPs' claims investigations - extend to Ministers and Dy Ministers
26/9/2003 DAPSY welcomes the successful appeal of Amina Lawal against her conviction for adultery and death sentence by stoning
26/9/2003 Mahathir's speech to UN General Assembly - more meaningful if he has practiced what he preached
26/9/2003 The meaning of democracy does not change with place and time
26/9/2003 Next election and Chin Peng's home-coming after visit by Wen Jiabao next May?
26/9/2003 The struggle to re-open the SOS Damansara enters 1000 days
26/9/2003 Excessive MPs' travel claims - DAP supports independent inquiry
25/9/2003 Why the price difference of RM300 million for the Broga incinerator?
25/9/2003 Islamic State - Hadi's "no change in Constitution" statement meaningless
25/9/2003 ASSK's release - Malaysia backing out from short-lived front-line role?
25/9/2003 Emulate Sweden - start with meritocracy for university admissions/appointments
24/9/2003 Suhakam Plan of Action for Human Rights for 11th General Election
23/9/2003 Housing Tribunal blunder - Parliament should amend law in current meeting
23/9/2003 M's unfinished tasks - let Chin Peng return home
23/9/2003 Open-air public rallies - Suhakam should end its wishy-washy stand
23/9/2003 Linking rallies to May 13 - DAP formal protest against Suhakam Dy Chairman
23/9/2003 The Housing Tribunal Blunder: another great disservice of the Minister of Housing and Local Government
22/9/2003 Japanese turn away from incineration. First-ever Zero Waste Declaration in Japan
22/9/2003 Double congrats - to Lim Gait Tong and Hua Zong
22/9/2003 "No policy change" - Mahathir tying the hands of Abdullah?
21/9/2003 Causes of May 13, 1969 riots - Suhakam should empanel independent inquiry
21/9/2003 MCA & Islamic State - Lesson from the past
21/9/2003 Public Rallies - IGP's assurance to be fair not assuring at all based on past record
21/9/2003 Islamic State contest between UMNO and PAS hijacking parliamentary debates
21/9/2003 Protect roots - legitimate campaign in plural Malaysia
20/9/2003 Meteoric rise of Scomi and Abdullah's son richer overnight by RM430 million
20/9/2003 PM's subtle/unmistakable directive to Police - don't lift 25-yr ban on public rallies
20/9/2003 Call to Malaysians to join "Defend Secular Malaysia" support groups
19/9/2003 The lifting of ban on public rallies a false hope
19/9/2003 Code of Ethics for Election Commission to conduct free, fair clean elections
19/9/2003 2004 Budget debate should not be hijacked by UMNO-PAS Islamic State competititon
18/9/2003 Canny Ong trial - Malay Mail should make amends for its disrespectful coverage
18/9/2003 Hua Zong President candidates - declare stand on Islamic State issue
18/9/2003 Lift 25-yr ban on public rallies - IGP should convene all-party conference
18/9/2003 Next election - first and last time to stop "929 Declaration"
17/9/2003 MARA students should not be forced to study the Mahathir's thoughts
17/9/2003 Rashid to become greatest Election Commission Chairman in nation's history?
17/9/2003 PAS breaking undertaking in not making public its Islamic State blueprint
17/9/2003 The real choice before Malaysians - not between two Islamic states
16/9/2003 DBP: "Offensive example for the word 'kecinaan' in Kamus Dewan will be removed "
16/9/2003 PAS/EC row - DAP ready to be part of public inquiry into PAS allegations
16/9/2003 Suicide bombings - Hadi wrong, UMNO also wrong
16/9/2003 Sea-change in Malaysia on Islamic State - DAP only party leff to oppose it
15/9/2003 Dr Tan Seng Giaw Parliamentary Speech - Budget 2004
15/9/2003 Warning to UMNO Youth - don't start another chauvinist attack on Dong Jiao Zong
15/9/2003 Eminent Malaysians/Singaporeans Group to repair bilateral relations
14/9/2003 With atrocious Parliament website - Are MPs qualified to debate IT issues?
14/9/2003 AFTA - Malaysians entitled to cheaper cars after 20 years of Proton protection
14/9/2003 Business Week letter threat to Mahathir - table it in Parliament tomorrow
14/9/2003 PAS supports suicide bombings - incompatible with democracy
13/9/2003 Malaysia Boleh - be fair to Magendran and Mohandas, conquerors of Mt. Everest
13/9/2003 Islamic State - only people, not leaders or political parties, who decide
13/9/2003 Monopoly from Jaring/TMnet merger not good for quality broadband services
13/9/2003 Exclude Myanmar from ASEAN Bali Summit - Malaysian MPs should take common stand
12/9/2003 Appoint Orang Asli to head Orang Asli Dept, woman and non-Malay Vice Chancellors
12/9/2003 Auditor General's report 2000 for NS - RM76.55 millions missing?
12/9/2003 Gerakan - political leadership with neither backbone nor political principles
12/9/2003 Hamid Albar - losing out in test of wills with Myanmese military junta
11/9/2003 Mabel Au is not the threat to national security
11/9/2003 "Government was prepared to listen to young professionals" - Remove S 46A LPA
11/9/2003 Violence against women - high priority on government's agenda?
11/9/2003 2004 Budget - New Deal for Mother-Tongue Education
11/9/2003 Malaysia shld play leading role within ASEAN to free Suu Kyi
10/9/2003 Call on Abdullah to publicly declare his assets when he becomes PM
10/9/2003 Malik's Enlgish Channel swim must be seen in proper perspective and context
10/9/2003 Exclude Myanmar frim 9th ASEAN Summit in Bali unless ASSK is released this month
10/9/2003 Ka Ting - Ministerial statement on Housing Tribunal before China trip
10/9/2003 Mahathir - end the unseemly conflict of two deputy home ministers
9/9/2003 Has Suhakam become "alibi" institution to legitimise human rights violations?
9/9/2003 Cabinet/Parliament post-mortem for RM250 million blunder affecting house-buyers
9/9/2003 Chinese in police - Norian Mai's denial syndrome
8/9/2003 MPs - wake up to the disgrace of the Parliament website
8/9/2003 Safety net to prevent RM250 million losses by small-time house-buyers
7/9/2003 Sabah model state for computer lab projects - who misled Mahathir?
7/9/2003 Ministerial statements: 10 "Global Terrorists" and RM250 million blow to small-time house-buyers
7/9/2003 Chinese education cause of high drop-out rate, prostitution and crime?
7/9/2003 Repeal UUCA to produce "thought-leaders" and not "thought-slaves"
7/9/2003 All four PMs supported a secular Malaysia - except for last two years of Mahathir
6/9/2003 Grave crime situation - govt/police should stop conflicting signals
6/9/2003 Chinese in police - UMNO Youth statement more sensible than MCA Ministers
6/9/2003 Is Malaysian Parliament "haunted"?
5/9/2003 Housing tribunal: Parliament should amend the legislation to provide retrospective powers
5/9/2003 Power blackout - Parliament also suffers from "KL-syndrome"
5/9/2003 Dirtiest campus elections - forerunner to dirtiest 11th general elections?
5/9/2003 Ex-communist Russia can join OIC - proof OIC not organisation of Islamic States
4/9/2003 Privatisation of MPMBB Car Park: Datuk Poh Ah Tiam must provide satisfactory answers
4/9/2003 SUHAKAM - act to stop violations and erosions of basic rights in institutions of higher learning
4/9/2003 USM dvc (students) Jamaludin should be removed as BN stooge
3/9/2003 Mahathir - OIC not organisation of Islamic states as majority are not
3/9/2003 2004 Budget - raise police starting pay from RM684 to over RM1,000
3/9/2003 All-party commission to make police more attractive to Chinese and Malays
3/9/2003 Power breakdown - Parliament lagging behind US Congress and House of Commons
2/9/2003 Azmin Ali - fact and reason, not personal attacks devoid of substance
2/9/2003 Only clean and selfless politicians could be regarded as patriotic
2/9/2003 Power blackout - DAP calls for independent inquiry into causes
2/9/2003 Abdullah invited to DAP "Malaysia Boleh" forum - world's 10 least corrupt nation
2/9/2003 Malaysian foreign policy should reflect her multi-religious image and identity
1/9/2003 2.57% Chinese in police - three-prong DAP strategy to multi-racialise police
1/9/2003 Power of votes to compel BN govt to drop Islamic State of "929 Declaration"
1/9/2003 Power blackout in five states - TNB should compensate affected consumers
1/9/2003 Form 4 history textbook - all BN/ BA/DAP MPs should take common stand
1/9/2003 "Malaysia Boleh" spirit - uplift Malaysia's international prestige and standing
1/9/2003 No different classes of citizenship in Malaysia