Bulletin Archive - June 2007

30/06/2007 Rafidah should apologise to Thierry Rommel for her unjustifiable and unwarranted personal attacks
30/06/2007 PM should demand a full and fresh explanation from Najib why he hid the fact that he had met Altatunya Shaariibuu
30/06/2007 Pak Lah "I am no sleeping PM" - walk the talk!
29/06/2007 Distribute part of Petronas' profit to poor families
29/06/2007 Take leaf from new British PM - Pak Lah relinquish Internal Security and Finance Ministries
29/06/2007 Cabinet Committee on Integrity - what is it doing to turn back tide of corruption in Malaysia?
28/06/2007 No point for MTUC to talk with Fong Chan Onn
28/06/2007 JAWI raids on Indian restaurants for public display of Hindu deities - PM should stop the 'Little Napoleons"
28/06/2007 PM - slash frequent overseas trips unless he can do justice as Internal Security and Finance Minister
27/06/2007 Parliamentary Caucus on Human Rights public hearing on crime situation in JB on 8th July at 2.30 pm
27/06/2007 1st priority for PM on his return from honeymoon - hold first meeting with MTUC leaders in 44 months
26/06/2007 Non-Muslims should never be subjected to syariah courts
26/06/2007 Million ringgit holiday in Latin America and France a success?
26/06/2007 Rommel reminder - urgent need for overhaul of public service delivery system
26/06/2007 Is Abdullah's government on auto-pilot - strongest possible protest to PM
25/06/2007 Najib, Syed Hamid Albar and Hishamuddin should hold dialogue with Thierry Rommel
25/06/2007 IGP - come out with "safe JB", "safe KL", "safe PJ', "safe Penang", "safe Ipoh" policing action plans
25/06/2007 Emergency parliamentary debate on EC Ambassador's controversial critical speech on NEP and competitiveness
24/06/2007 Najib should directly address the basis of EC’s criticism of the NEP
24/06/2007 There must be accountability and transparency in solid waste management
24/06/2007 Night-and-day police visibility - extend from JB to all crime 'black areas" like Klang Valley, Penang, Ipoh
23/06/2007 Malaysia’s success is not just based on love but also rooted on respect for the 1957 social contract
23/06/2007 Double productivity of 1,800 JB police to fight crime apart from deploying 400 more cops
22/06/2007 NEP and declining oil reserves - damage future economic growth and prosperity
22/06/2007 Nazri acting as Super-ACA and Super-AG to declare Johari innocent of RM5.5 million corruption allegations
22/06/2007 Rampant crime and lawlessness - I apologise to JB people that Parliament has failed them
21/06/2007 Abdullah should create a new Minister of Crime Prevention
21/06/2007 Abdullah leading a government in disarray
21/06/2007 "Bocor" scandal damaging to Malaysia's international reputation - European Commission Ambassador speaks out
20/06/2007 Malay keris - Hishmmuddin does not know he was subtly criticised by CYCL 1st Sec Hu Chunhua
20/06/2007 Integrity of RMP damaged by perceived failure to assure Malaysians 4 basic rights of security
20/06/2007 Sexist MPs must apologise - Parliament is higher and not lower than the Cabinet
19/06/2007 DAP CEC forms twin electoral seats negotiating teams with PKR
19/06/2007 Thing Siew Shuen appointed as Environmental Officer to SG
19/06/2007 Urgent motion for Parliament - Police lost control of crime in JB and Malaysia
18/06/2007 Urgent motion in Parliament - Malaysia worst human trafficking offender
18/06/2007 Remove DSP Leow Kian Heong from crime prevention unit
18/06/2007 Does Lim Keng Yaik serve the constituents?
18/06/2007 Climbing crime rates = Government's failure
17/06/2007 Stop collection for "half-baked" SMART tunnel
17/06/2007 3 things to restore public confidence in police
17/06/2007 Socialising with prosecution - Can Altantunya murder trial judge be sanctioned?
17/06/2007 Wipe out JB's notoriety as capital of crime of Malaysia - 1st step to ensure success of IDR
17/06/2007 310 km oil pipeline - why PM approved without EIA?
16/06/2007 EC actively conniving, aiding and abetting BN dirty election tactics?
16/06/2007 Lina Joy case and cancelled "Building Bridges" Conference to feature on 1st day of Parliament
15/06/2007 Proton is a sunset company
15/06/2007 RPK allegations of top police corruption - urgent parliamentary debate next Tuesday
15/06/2007 Abdullah's Vision 2057 - do the imaginable before talking about unimaginable
14/06/2007 IGP should publicly apologise for failing to stop rampant crime in Johor
14/06/2007 Human trafficking - Shahrizat should explain her Ministry’s failures in 6 critical areas
14/06/2007 Urgent motion in Parliament - top-cop corruption allegations
14/06/2007 Malaysia in US govt list of human trafficking offenders - Hamid should give full details in Ministerial statement to Parliament
13/06/2007 Lack of consistency in JPA overseas scholarship policy
13/06/2007 Criminal activities in Johor - IGP stop misleading public
13/06/2007 Memorandum to PM - lawatan makan angin Ketua Menteri Melaka
13/06/2007 Procrastinations over Johari/Zulkipli allegations - AG treating NIP as a joke
12/06/2007 Shame and dishonour the culmination of 22 yrs as Works Minister - will Samy resign?
12/06/2007 Transfer out Samy Vellu to be Minister Without Portfolio
12/06/2007 New govt delivery system drowned by KL floods or buried by debris of public building mishaps?
12/06/2007 PSC on International Affairs to support Rais' candidature as Commonwealth SG
12/06/2007 Maximus Ongkili's inability to separate ethnicity and religion
11/06/2007 Non-Muslim non-Malays a fourth-class citizen?
11/06/2007 White Paper - corruption allegations on Johari Baharum and Zulkipli Mat Noor
11/06/2007 Who behind the making of doctored photographs?
11/06/2007 Police report on the questionable RM1.81 billion PKA/Westports land deal and RM1.3 billion contract
10/06/2007 50th Merdeka - end annual "racial polarisation" caused by "fraudulent meritocracy" of varsity student intake
10/06/2007 King's two important calls ignored by public service for 3 months
10/06/2007 Media blackout/self-censorship under Abdullah getting as bad or worse than under Mahathir
08/06/2007 PM should convene 50th Merdeka Anniversary Religious Leaders Summit on National Unity
08/06/2007 Azmi more interested in passing laws but not to implement
07/06/2007 Whether democracy and justice gives us the right to believe or not, there must be human compassion and a fair resolution for sufferings
07/06/2007 Bring rational inter-religious dialogues into the open instead of allowing religious polarisation to fester underground
07/06/2007 AG should be consistent and review all cases where the DPP socialises with judges
07/06/2007 Congratulation to PM's remarriage
07/06/2007 Why is Gani Patail not leading the prosecution in Altantunya Shaariibuu murder trial?
07/06/2007 Abdullah's wedding - blessings and prayers from all Malaysians
06/06/2007 Register before June 30 2007 to be qualified to vote in any general elections called this year
06/06/2007 "Moonlighting" by civil servants - PM advocates "close one eye"?
06/06/2007 Altantunya trial - Malaysia's justice system the casualty with AG's continued silence
05/06/2007 Altantunya Shariibuu murder trial starts with black-eye for system of justice
05/06/2007 Flabbergasted by PM's speech - no signs of any new public delivery system
05/06/2007 Bahasa Malaysia - by itself will not promote togetherness, unity and integration among Malaysians
05/06/2007 Sack the old prosecution team or resign himself if Abdul Gani cannot fully explain
04/06/2007 Restoration of Bahasa Malaysia welcomed - but why the sheepish, surreptitious, selective announcement?
04/06/2007 New govt delivery system - make sure it is not "3rd-world Infrastructure, 4th-rate Mentality, 9th-rate Maintenance"
04/06/2007 Proton will only perish with persistent interference and economically-detrimental nationalistic demands
02/06/2007 DC Expels Khong Chee Seng
02/06/2007 RM 24 billion oil pipeline project - EIA report has not even been submitted
02/06/2007 Accounting scandals in Southern Bank and Transmile indicates 3 structural failures in regulatory oversight
02/06/2007 RM530 million Transmile accounting fraud - how Liong Sik is to assume responsibility as Chairman?
02/06/2007 Miracle of revolution of public service delivery system in 12 days' time on June 14?
01/06/2007 Fight for the people’s interests or UMNO?
01/06/2007 PM visits KL & Kepong & helps with local plan for KL
01/06/2007 Questionable Westports RM1 billion land deal - Part 2
01/06/2007 Using indelible ink towards a clean, free, fair and impartial elections
01/06/2007 Lina Joy Federal Court decision "worst PR disaster for Malaysia" - 400 reports in world media in past 48 hrs
01/06/2007 Lawatan PM - Masalah dan Permintaan Penduduk Kuala Lumpur