Bulletin Archive - August 2007

31/08/2007 50th Merdeka anniversary - "Feel good" euphoria absent; instead a stifling "feel worse" sentiment among Malaysians
30/08/2007 Malaysians must be invisible no more and demand our Merdeka rights to freedom, justice and democracy
30/08/2007 Turkey is a good example of a country with a predominantly Muslim population being a secular state
30/08/2007 Datuk Abdul Hamid Mohamad and Datuk Alauddin Mohd Sheriff deserve the appointments
30/08/2007 Call upon President of the Court of Appeal to provide facts and figures relating to delayed outstanding judgments
30/08/2007 Middle-East investment in IDR - test of consistency
30/08/2007 RM4.6 bil PKFZ bailout scandal - nobody accountable for two weeks when Kong Choy on medical leave?
30/08/2007 CJM debacle - one up for Conference of Rulers and one down for Pak Lah
30/08/2007 Farce of patritoism by handful of BN MPs - black chapter for Parliament and blot for 50th Merdeka anniversary
29/08/2007 DAP calls for establishment of National Reconciliation Commission with powers
29/08/2007 MCA policy statement on "social contract" blacked out by MCA newspaper The Star
29/08/2007 FC judge withy 35 outstanding judgments - why PM only now aware although reported for over a month?
28/08/2007 Higher Education Strategic Plan Beyond 2020 - what for if no "political will" for meritocracy and colour-blind policies
28/08/2007 50th Anniversary of Merdeka - grants amnesty to certain categories of prisoners
27/08/2007 RM4.6 billion PKFZ scandal - Liong Sik telling the truth or a pack of lies?
27/08/2007 S.O. 18 motion – extraordinary dropping of the 37 charges against Zakaria Md Deros
27/08/2007 RM 2 million constituency development fund enjoyed by BN ADUNs in Selangor
26/08/2007 Tun Razak should have recoiled in horror at RM4.6 b Port Klang Free Zone scandal and bailout
26/08/2007 50 Years of Merdeka: Past and Future – A Reflection
25/08/2007 37 charges against Zakaria dropped - another grave blow to public confidence less than a week to 50th Merdeka celebrations
25/08/2007 RM4.6b PKFZ scandal - Kong Choy should seriously consider resignation
25/08/2007 Why PKFZ costs RM4.632 billion (or even more)?
24/08/2007 Kong Choy should own up - how many of the 4 unlawful "letters sof support" for RM4.6 billion PKFZ bonds were signed by him
24/08/2007 Liow Tiong Lai's Malay speech was only words of praises
23/08/2007 Federal Ct judge with 33 outstanding judgments - will CJ Fairuz now pick up the gauntlet?
23/08/2007 Abolish common law system - unbecoming of Fairuz as CJ as well as highly irresponsible to divert attention
23/08/2007 Urgent Monday motion - no RM4.6 bil PKFZ bailout without full parliamentary accountability and prior sanction
22/08/2007 RM4.6 billion PKFZ scandal - don't let it stink to high heavens and mar 50th Merdeka anniversary
21/08/2007 Quantum leap into abyss of media control and censorship - Will Pak Lah end up as "Predator of Press Freedom"?
21/08/2007 Hanif's "40% senior cops corrupt" allegation - Cabinet should apologise for disregarding it and make amends tomorrow
21/08/2007 Negarakuku - Cabinet tomorrow last chance to ensure 50th Merdeka not celebrated under dark cloud of worst generational polarisation
20/08/2007 Abdullah Badawi will only convince Malaysians that he is fair to all Malaysians by ending the NEP
20/08/2007 Negarakuku rap -- end the persecution mania and listen attentively to the legitimate grievances sung by Wee
19/08/2007 Guaranteeing future prosperity by transforming Malaysia through unification as one Bangsa Malaysia
19/08/2007 MCA and UMNO – From “brothers” in Alliance to “master and slave” in Barisan Nasional in five decades?
18/08/2007 Liow Tiong Lai’s hard-hitting speech in Mandarin is another sandiwara
18/08/2007 M. Manogaran joins DAP
18/08/2007 The refurbished DAP headquarters demonstrates our commitment towards freedom, good governance and democracy
18/08/2007 We are proud to be part of the DAP team of Malaysian First
17/08/2007 A legal panel comprising of DAP and NGO lawyers from all races to defend Wee Meng Chee
17/08/2007 Inept/irresponsible mishandling of Meng Chee Negaraku rap confirms Mahathir's indictment of "half-past-six Cabinet"
17/08/2007 Why no attention and action has been directed at the judges responsible for the delay in handing down grounds of judgment?
16/08/2007 Something is very wrong that Proton can lose money where others can find profits
16/08/2007 No point taking action only at bus companies when no action is taken against RTD, CVLB and Puspakom
16/08/2007 Bukit Gantang carnage - Kong Choy pointing finger of blame at everybody except himself
15/08/2007 DAP e-Campaign to complement urban outreach activities
15/08/2007 Jeff Ooi appointed as DAP General Election e-Campaign National Director
15/08/2007 Wee Meng Chee - will Umno Ministers/leaders now apologise to Malaysians offended by their extremist reactions?
15/08/2007 Memorandum of Perak DAP for the improvement of integrity in Malaysia
15/08/2007 RM4.6 billion bailout scandal for PKFZ violates NIP
14/08/2007 MCA and Gerakan fights not for the people or principles but for UMNO
14/08/2007 RM4.6b PKFZ scandal: Why Pak Lah breaking another pledge - no mega bailouts?
14/08/2007 ACA - why not even one out of 1,400 senior police officers who could be nabbed for corruption in past three years?
14/08/2007 DOE should direct Project Proponent at Tanjung Bin, Johor to submit DEIA
13/08/2007 All Chinese support of MCA - institutionalizes discrimination and unfair treatment of non-Malays
13/08/2007 Chan Kong Choy and RM4.6b Port Klang Free Zone scandal - explain, Royal Commission of Inquiry or resign as Transport Minister
13/08/2007 Demonisation of Wee Meng Chee dampening national mood for 50th Merdeka anniversary
13/08/2007 Hanif's "pagar makan padi" indictment - 50th Merdeka anniversary only meaningful if IPCMC announced before August 31
12/08/2007 Malaysia omitted fifth year in succession - Shanghai Jiao Tong U's World Top 500 Universities Ranking 2007
12/08/2007 Constitutional crisis (2) - assurance that CJM nominee not the Federal Court judge with over 30 outstanding judgements
12/08/2007 Negarakuku - revoke Wee Meng Chee’s passport?
11/08/2007 PM"s "No more logging licences" does not sound categorical and absolute - more like a "No...but"
11/08/2007 7-month Constitutional crisis over Chief Judge Malaya - CJ must bear responsibility for root-cause
11/08/2007 Eye on Malaysia becomes black eye on Malaysia
10/08/2007 Nation-wide campaign to reaffirm Merdeka social contract on secular basis of nation-building
10/08/2007 Declaration to Parliamentary Roundtable 10th August 2007 to reaffirm that Malaysia is a secular state
09/08/2007 Mengukuhkan prinsip integriti di seluruh peringkat kerajaan, termasuk memulihkan pilihanraya kerajaan tempatan
09/08/2007 Secular/Islamic state contention - just word play or argument over labels?
08/08/2007 Police spend more time imprisoning those without ICs or take action against young men for allegedly insulting the government instead of catching robbers and rapists
07/08/2007 Penalise both TNB and IPPs for power cuts by compensating affected consumers
07/08/2007 Malaysians should support MTUC picket seeking a minimum monthly wage of RM 900 and COLA of RM 300
07/08/2007 Merdeka statement - Cabinet should deplore the Zainuddin-led attack
06/08/2007 Proton should explain how BMW can acquire Husqvarna Motorcycles from MV Agusta
06/08/2007 PM should invite Raja Nazrin as personal adviser
06/08/2007 Changing Malaysia from "Islamic to theocratic state" will be much easier compared to the quantum jump from "secular to Islamic state"
06/08/2007 National Integrity Plan an abysmal failure - public hearings in JB, Malacca, Ipoh, Alor Setar
05/08/2007 There is no doubt that Malaysia is a secular state
05/08/2007 8 strategi utama menjayakan matlamat rasuah sifar di Malaysia
05/08/2007 Penang government should form a stakeholder company to allow Penangnites to share in the profits of NCER projects
05/08/2007 Cabinet must be made collectively responsible for the crime situation wih seekly crime report which must be made public
04/08/2007 KJ is wrong and irresponsible to say that the next general election decides the future of Malays
04/08/2007 Why spend US$ 900 million to buy 18 Sukhoi fighter jets but not approve RM 1,200 minimum monthly return for private sector workers?
04/08/2007 Ong Ka Ting should practice what he preaches
04/08/2007 50th Merdeka anniversary - even water has become a national security problem
04/08/2007 RM4.6 billion Port Klang Free Zone scandal - heads must roll or Abdullah's integrity campaign in tatters
03/08/2007 CJ should explain why he assumed the duties and functions of CJ (Malaya)
03/08/2007 Is Tsu Koon, new leader of Gerakan, "conscience of BN", prepared to back Bernard Dompok?
03/08/2007 2nd series of public hearings of PSCI - Malaysians can pass judgment on "All-Clean Verdicts"
02/08/2007 Malaysia not Islamic state - Bernard commended, which BN Minister next who dare to speak the truth?
02/08/2007 Wanted - White Paper on "All-Clean Verdict" for Musa, Zulkipli and Johari
01/08/2007 Open Invitation to Malaysians - August 10 Parliamentary Roundtable to reaffirm 50-year nation-building principle that Malaysia a secular state with Islam as official religion