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Bulletin Archive - August 2010

31/08/2010 Hishamuddin's sinks to new low of hypocrisy by calling that Teo Nie Ching "dirty"
31/08/2010 Marilah menjadikan Pulau Pinang sebagai sinar harapan untuk merdeka, demokrasi, integriti, moraliti awam dan kerajaan rakyat selain juga sebagai simbol perpaduan kebangsaan yang tinggal bersama dalan suasana penuh harmoni dan saling hormat-menghormati
31/08/2010 Let Penang be a beacon of hope for Merdeka, democracy, integrity, public morality and a people's government as well as a symbol of national unity who live together in harmony and mutual respect
31/08/2010 Why police investigating Wee Meng Chee for sedition when nothing seditious in his latest rap against Kulai principal for making racist slurs against students?
30/08/2010 Tuduhan Tan Sri Rozali bahawa Kerajaan Negeri Selangor meminggirkan Dewan Perniagaan Melayu Malaysia Selangor adalah palsu dan langsung tidak berasas
30/08/2010 Tan Sri Rozali's claim that Selangor Malay Chamber of Commerce is being sidelined by Selangor is completely false and baseless
30/08/2010 Perutusan Hari Kemerdekaan Ke 53 oleh Setiausaha Agung Parti Tindakan Demokratik (DAP) Lim Guan Eng
30/08/2010 Quo Vadis Malaysia 18 months after Najib's 1Malaysia slogan?
29/08/2010 General Election sooner than later?
29/08/2010 Toll free Merdeka Day
29/08/2010 Fully support Teo's apology to Selangor Sultan over Surau Al Huda controversy
28/08/2010 Kenyataan media oleh Teo Nie Ching atas isu Surau Al-Huda
28/08/2010 Amaran Mais kepada Teo Nie Ching
28/08/2010 National Day on August 31 is deadline for Najib to prove he is serious about "zero tolerance" for racism in the country, particularly by public servants
27/08/2010 Najib should walk the talk of a zero-tolerance policy for racism and religious incitement starting with Utusan Malaysia with zero-tolerance for delay in taking action
26/08/2010 DAP CEC resolution
26/08/2010 Tiba masanya Malaysia meninggalkan politik perkauman sempit menjelang 53 tahun kemerdekaan
26/08/2010 When will Najib and his Ministers wake up and realize that the twin crisis of human talents and investments confronting the country are more than a matter of economics?
25/08/2010 Selangor mencapai pelaburan perindustrian dan jumlah projek perindustrian yang tertinggi (166 projek) di Malaysia bagi Januari - Jun 2010
25/08/2010 Has Mahathir crossed the Rubicon to declare war on Najib, 1Malaysia and NEM?
24/08/2010 Last Cabinet meeting before National Day on August 31 must demonstrate it has the "political will and leadership to break the logjam of resistance by vested interest groups" to kickstart and stay the course of NEM transformation process
23/08/2010 DAP mengutuk dengan sekeras-kerasnya kejadian yang berlaku ke atas sebuah surau di Taman Pulai Impian Seremban yang disimbah cat merah
23/08/2010 There is a sickness in the country which is total mockery and negation of Najib's 1Malaysia policy
22/08/2010 Usul-usul PR atas isu "Guan Eng gantikan Agong"
22/08/2010 Utusan Malaysia should withdraw and apologise for cheating Malaysians with their false reports on a big civil war in Malaysia bigger than the 1969 May 13 racial riots
22/08/2010 DAP stand on Malaysia as a secular state constant and consistent - hudud laws and Islamic state are not Pakatan Rakyat policies
21/08/2010 Tan Sri Muhyiddin has set a ridiculous precedent of setting up a high-level taskforce to investigate allegations of racist remarks by a school principal and he will now have no choice but to set up a committee to investigate every such remarks
21/08/2010 Forget about Talent Corporation and the other grandiloquent transformation initiatives of NEM and Tenth Malaysia Plan if Najib cannot stop extremist forces exploiting race and religion from rearing their ugly heads
20/08/2010 Utusan Malaysia's front-page headline is the most irresponsible act in history of Malaysian journalism
19/08/2010 Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin is again proving to fail "1Malaysia" with inept handling of the racist remarks by the principal of SMK Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra
19/08/2010 DAP supports Anwar's call for proof of allegation of the existence of an alternate constitution to replace the current one to erase special rights of the Malays and the position of Islam as the official religion
18/08/2010 DAP leaders must be careful not to fall into BN's trap of using the UMNO-MCA "Sandiwara" quarrel as an excuse to apply the ISA powers of detention without trial as happened during Operasi Lallang in 1987
17/08/2010 Perakians are mourning. Do not force us to celebrate. If forced to fly the flag, can we fly half mast?
17/08/2010 If Najib's 1Malaysia is to have real meaning, Siti Inshah should not only be removed from the education service, there should be no place in civil service for other Siti Inshahs
16/08/2010 MCA, UMNO or even Perkasa would have no need to quarrel over the NEP and the 30% Bumi corporate equity requirement if a Royal Commission of Inquiry is set up to determine how RM52 billion of shares meant for Malay/Bumis were hijacked by the few BN leaders
16/08/2010 Speech by Chief Minister of Penang, Lim Guan Eng at the 2nd PSC Meeting - Agilent Technologies Bayan Lepas Free Trade Zone
16/08/2010 Malaysia's eight-year consecutive omission from World's Top 500 Universities Ranking 2010
15/08/2010 Local Indian community makes it clear that under no circumstances shall the 2 hectares of DIA land be acquired by the Federal Government
15/08/2010 Is the New Economic Model (NEM) a myth or a reality - is it still at "trial balloon" stage?
14/08/2010 New voters will be a significant factor in the Pakatan Rakyat's battle to capture both Perak and Federal power in the next general election
13/08/2010 Is Federal Government afraid of "Mahasiswa" when it continues to disallow university students active in political parties?
13/08/2010 No way for JKKKP to implement projects without consent from local councils
13/08/2010 Challenge bullet-sender to appear openly and debate the issue
13/08/2010 Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang meminta Karpal Singh & Co mempertimbangkan tindakan saman ke atas Utusan Malaysia kerana menyiarkan berita fitnah Ketua Menteri mengharamkan Bazar Ramadan di Komtar
13/08/2010 DAP leaders to highlight three principal policy initiatives beneficial to the Rakyat
13/08/2010 Have a referendum among Malaysians or among the 2,000 top police officers from ASP upwards and an overwhelming majority will definitely vote for a new IGP
12/08/2010 DAP Disciplinary Committee's stand on the issue of support letters by Selangor Exco Ronnie Liu
12/08/2010 Tony Pua's death threat an act of cowardice and moral depravation
12/08/2010 Death threat against Tony Pua a dangerous escalation of political polemics of race to violent threats against Pakatan Rakyat leaders
12/08/2010 Najib should give his personal attention to stamp out the unhealthy and disturbing trend towards very ugly, intolerant and vicious politicking illustrated by M16 bullet threat to Tony Pua
11/08/2010 Hasil perbincangan PDC dengan peniaga-peniaga yang terlibat dengan lot perniagaan Bazaar Ramadan KOMTAR
11/08/2010 Dato' Zainal Rahim bin Seman will review the new security procedures at KOMTAR 2nd floor VIP car park and whether it can ce relaxed without compromising safety and security
11/08/2010 DAPSY mengutuk keputusan Kabinet untuk terus melarang pelajar universiti daripada menyertai parti politik
11/08/2010 Was Teoh Beng Hock "forced to commit suicide" when he plunged to his death from 14th floor of MACC headquarters in Shah Alam on July 16 last year?
10/08/2010 Perutusan Ramadhan Al-Mubarak oleh Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang, Lim Guan Eng
10/08/2010 Has Hishammuddin changed his mind about having a new IGP when Musa Hassan's twice-extended contract expires next month?
07/08/2010 Umno leaders have little or zero understanding of the Federal Constitution
07/08/2010 Teks ucapan Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang, Lim Guan Eng sempena Persidangan Integriti Kebangsaan 2010
07/08/2010 Welcoming address by Chief Minister of Penang, Lim Guan Eng at International Integrity Conference 2010
07/08/2010 Biggest flaw in Soi Lek's new-fangled theory that Malaysia trapped for a decade as middle-income nation because of "non-progressive" competition between UMNO and PAS is whether he would back down from it when pressured by UMNO
06/08/2010 Perak State Assembly destroyed by BN
06/08/2010 No practice of issuing business support letters for government procurement or contracts in Penang because of open tender system
05/08/2010 Lindungi anak-anak kita, laksanakan pendidikan pencegahan rogol serta-merta
05/08/2010 Protect our young children, teach rape prevention lessons now!
05/08/2010 Umno and Umno Youth proven to be incapable of change, ending all hopes of a successful implementation of the "New Economic Model"
05/08/2010 Who decided on the Cabinet gag order yesterday on any public discussion of "Allah" controversy?
04/08/2010 Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin is instrumental the failure of "1Malaysia" to unite Malaysians
04/08/2010 Zambry and Abdul Rahman control Perak State Assembly
03/08/2010 Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha must be held ministerially accountable for decreeing payments to be made to PKFZ bondholders
03/08/2010 Will the four MCA Ministers ignore Muhyiddin's most improper and unwarranted "stern warning" and raise at Cabinet tomorrow the issue of Home Ministry withdrawing its appeal against the High Court judgment on the Allah controversy?
03/08/2010 Najib should explain why after 16 months of his 1Malaysia slogan, Malaysians are even more divided with even the former Prime Minister Tun Mahathir declaring that he is confused and does not know the meaning of 1Malaysia?
02/08/2010 The Prime Minister should drop all pretense of implementing a "market-friendly and merit-based affirmative action programme" under the 10th Malaysia Plan
02/08/2010 Penang's international open tender of Bayan Mutiara's 60 acres of land and 40 acres of reclaimed land will allow the implementation of social programs consistent with a people-centric government
02/08/2010 Cabinet should make a decision to withdraw the appeal against Lau Bee Lan judgment on the Allah controversy now that Hishammuddin has admitted that former Home Minister Hamid Albar should not have banned the word "Allah" from being used by Catholic Church
02/08/2010 Mass arrests of 36 people for candlelight vigils protesting 50th ISA anniversary clear signal that Najib and Hishammuddin are not prepared to repeal draconian laws to show greater respect and commitment to human rights of Malaysians

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