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Bulletin Archive - September 2011

29/09/2011 IGP's order to arrest gamblers in cybercafes with immediate effect are most welcomed and it shows the vast power police has in curbing illegal gamblings
28/09/2011 Najib should not claim credit for the private-initiated "Community Chest" education fund while he continues to marginalise vernacular and mission schools
24/09/2011 DAP supports Palestinian statehood
23/09/2011 Call on the government to show its sincerity by tendering a public apology and making compensation to the ISA victims for the sufferings inflicted on them and their family
23/09/2011 Unless Harvard 2 Tamil school is prevented from closure, we risks a position of loosing 58 Tamil schools nation wide and in the process lose over 500 Tamil teaching and related jobs
22/09/2011 Clear proofs that non citizens have been registered as voters
22/09/2011 Wee Ka Siong's false accusations against me prove MCA cannot wake up from narrow, race-based politics
22/09/2011 Pendakwaan Mat Sabu membuktikan reformasi politik Najib adalah janji kosong
22/09/2011 Charging Mat Sabu is one step forward, two steps back for Najib's humbug political reforms
22/09/2011 Malicious/selective prosecution of Mat Sabu should dampen euphoria in certain quarters sparked by Najib's latest gambit to brand himself as reformer par excellence to make Malaysia "best democracy in the world"
21/09/2011 Is it a crime to have a different point of view from Barisan Nasional / UMNO?
21/09/2011 Najib must retract his "crushed bodies, lives lost" speech and declare that he will accept the general election verdict of the people, including for a change of government in Sri Perdana, Putrajaya
20/09/2011 Zamry responsible for Belum forest clearing and approval of 68,503 acres of land
19/09/2011 Removal of ISA announcement by Najib
19/09/2011 Muhyiddin should not harp on Manoharan's statement on national flag as Manoharan has already retracted it and apologised for it
19/09/2011 Human rights and transparency in Malaysia
19/09/2011 Najib should present a full blueprint of how he proposes to make Malaysia the "best democracy in the world" when Parliament reconvenes on October 3
18/09/2011 Tangan-tangan hitam di Hutan Belum
18/09/2011 Stop the charade of claiming to want to be the "best democracy in the world" - what Najib should do is to immediately end Malaysia's ranking as a "flawed democracy"
17/09/2011 The DAP of Malaysia extends its warmest congratulations to the Social Democratic Party of Denmark for their hard earned electoral victory
17/09/2011 Will repeal of ISA and slew of other legislative changes be completed before next general elections or will they be "work-in-progress" trotted out as BN election "goodies" ?
16/09/2011 Too soon to celebrate Najib's half-measure political reforms
16/09/2011 Let us ensure that not a single state nor citizen is left behind!
15/09/2011 Parliament should legislate laws to ensure clearly the rights and obligations of those who convert to Islam
15/09/2011 Guarantee free speech, introduce Freedom of Information Act & abolish media ownership by political parties as part of greater democracy
15/09/2011 Malaysian mobile telecommunications companies should be investigated for collusion and price fixing under the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998
15/09/2011 6 bulan yang akan datang akan menentukan sama ada eksperimen politik yang telah mewujudkan sebuah kerajaan berjiwa rakyat akan semakin menyerlah atau melesap di Pulau Pinang
15/09/2011 The next 6 months will determine whether the boldest political experiment of establishing a people-centric government will prevail or perish from Penang?
15/09/2011 Penubuhan Pasukan Peronda Sukarela (PPS) ke arah negeri yang paling selamat di Malaysia
14/09/2011 Delete Race and Religion columns on government forms
14/09/2011 Pakatan Rakyat members should refrain from making adverse public statements pertaining to seat negotiation
13/09/2011 Telecommunication companies should be warned, if not punished for the blatant attempt at collusion and price fixing in breach of the Competition Act 2010
10/09/2011 Prepaid telephone card additional 6% service tax unfair and blood sucking
10/09/2011 Powering Penang growth by adapting to China-AFTA
08/09/2011 PDRM digesa mengambil tindakan keras atas ugutan nyawa terhadap keluarga Mat Sabu
08/09/2011 Kerajaan harus mengkaji sejarah berpandukan fakta, bukannya bermotifkan politik
08/09/2011 Soalan dan Jawapan Parlimen mengenai sistem amaran tsunami di Pulau Pinang
07/09/2011 SPAD has conceded that land underground can be acquired under the National Land Code without affecting existing landowners
07/09/2011 Janganlah Khairy Jamaluddin menuduh Mat Sabu penakut sedangkan dia sendiri menolak untuk berbahas isu yang sama enam tahun yang lalu
07/09/2011 The first step towards quality higher education is to remove all restrictions on freedom of expression casted on our universities
07/09/2011 Malaysia should focus on the production of second generation biodiesel using waste oil instead of palm oil
06/09/2011 PM perlu jelas sebab beliau bercuti di Perth pada 31 Ogos
06/09/2011 Welcoming Address by Chief Minister of Penang, Mr Lim Guan Eng at the CEO Speaks on "ASEAN-China FTA"
05/09/2011 PRU13: Melahirkan kematangan politik sistem 2 parti
05/09/2011 Petronas project better than Royalty?
04/09/2011 Mekanisme untuk membetulkan dasar lama
04/09/2011 On Sinchew Daily's report of misallocation of constituency development funds
04/09/2011 BN Pg & Teng Hock Nan's 3 lies will not stop PR to expose BN's refusal to come clean on the RM40 million scandals
03/09/2011 Pemberian bantuan kebajikan harus dipercepatkan
03/09/2011 Jurukamera Malaysia terkorban di Somalia: DAP hulur takziah
03/09/2011 Don't get mixed up with 54 and 48 years
01/09/2011 Ratify the Refugee Convention immediately
01/09/2011 Quo Vadis Malaysia

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