Bulletin Archive - July 2004

30/7/2004 7 Dead in Sarawak helicopter crash - DAP deepest condolences
29/7/2004 DAP to bring up the Chang Ming Tian Fund Scandal and several other cases to the CPO of Selangor for actions
26/7/2004 Repeal ISA - mother of all undemocratic laws and practices
26/7/2004 A rasional public debate
26/7/2004 DPM, details of re-negotiation with privatized companies
23/7/2004 There must be an effective task force to review and strengthen security in cities such as Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya
22/7/2004 Unreasonable police restrictions on LKS-Nazri ISA Public Debate
21/7/2004 "The Great Malaysian Debate: ISA - Yes or No" will be held as scheduled on Monday 26th July
19/7/2004 Matriculation with CGPA 3.7 and 3.8 rounded off with 4.0 CGPA
18/7/2004 Worsening crime - major obstacle to economic development
17/7/2004 Batang Kali Massacre - why MCA change of heart?
17/7/2004 PM, Ministers, Par Secs giving wrong/inaccurate facts in Parliament
17/7/2004 Peter Dason - rare breed of Malaysian political leader
16/7/2004 Peter Dason - original band of "Malaysian Malaysia" advocates
15/7/2004 1948 Batang Kali Massacre - the 56-year injustice of the horrific five minutes
14/7/2004 Batang Kali Massacre - 24 innocent lives
13/7/2004 Orang Asli millionaires living in poverty
13/7/2004 Why Berjaya-KUB awarded Northern Selangor Landfill without open tender?
12/7/2004 Anwar's worsening health
10/7/2004 Pak Lah - intervene to allow "ISA - Yes or No" public debate on Monday
9/7/2004 Non-existent STPM forgery syndicate furore - UMNO Youth blames MCA Youth
8/7/2004 STPM forgery syndicate - Ong Tee Kiat can do his worst to sue me
8/7/2004 Simplify police report procedure - not more than 15 minutes in police station
8/7/2004 The Government is urged to review its decision on “Passion of The Christ”
7/7/2004 ASSK's release - no light at the end of the tunnel
7/7/2004 Remove Fu Ah Kiow as Deputy Higher Education Minister
6/7/2004 End charade of non-existent forged STPM syndicate caused by MCA Youth
6/7/2004 Rosli Award - call on Cabinet to decide tomorrow
4/7/2004 Smart School project - major and dismal failure
3/7/2004 Jakarta AMM a "big flop" - "black day" for ASEAN
3/7/2004 DAP to raise "128 top scorers" issue in Parliament on Tuesday
3/7/2004 Re-opening of SRJK (C) Damansara - DAP continue to champion although DAP MPs "stabbed in back"
2/7/2004 Launching of the Great Malaysian Debate on ISA
2/7/2004 Parliament motion to pay tribute to Rosli and establish Rosli Award
2/7/2004 First World Reform Parliament - action needed
1/7/2004 Rosli Award - Parliament should pay tribute on Monday