Bulletin Archive - September 2007

30/09/2007 Renovation works to treat termite problem in Sri Temenggong police flats costs RM 40 million?
30/09/2007 Burma bloody crackdown - ASEAN high-level delegation to find out actual death toll
29/09/2007 AIPMC proposal - DAP is the first political party in Malaysia fully endorse
29/09/2007 No Malaysian Chinese as Federal Court judge - first time in 50 years
29/09/2007 Lingam Tape - Abdullah should chair next Cabinet meeting to disband 3-man panel and set up RCI
29/09/2007 Burma carnage - call on ASEAN Parliaments to meet in emergency session within 3 days
28/09/2007 BPR report on abuses of power and irregularities into the purchase of 6 OPV
28/09/2007 How did Nazri (Protocol No. 16) become Minister for Ahmad Fairuz, when CJ is No. 11 on protocol list?
28/09/2007 Burma crackdown - Abdullah must speak up in UN to mobilise international opinion against another 1988 massacre
28/09/2007 Shahrir's unexpected snag on ECM Libra Avenue investigations is a guffaw
28/09/2007 Call on Tsu Koon to direct the Council to conduct PGCC hearing
27/09/2007 Malaysia should support suspension of Myanmar from ASEAN/UN if there is another 1988 bloodbath in Burma
27/09/2007 Lingam Tape - "Unbecoming, irregular, improper" characterise latest developments
27/09/2007 BERSIH lauds Rashid, presses for further reforms
26/09/2007 Massive pig culling exercise - Koh Nai Kwong and Seah Kwi Tong must explain why they dare not use political means
26/09/2007 De-politicize campus student elections - UPM VC should publicly apologize for porno lie
26/09/2007 Saffron revolution in Burma - Malaysia and ASEAN must do more to avoid bloodbath
26/09/2007 Lingam Tape - Haidar, Shanker and Lam Thye should decline or withdraw from "Independent Panel"
25/09/2007 Lingam Tape - 3-man panel into authenticity unsatisfactory, unacceptable and fall far short of what should be done
25/09/2007 The Bar Council is no way influenced by the opposition
25/09/2007 Join in and support the March For Justice
25/09/2007 Cry for judiciary - from Minister for "tables and chairs" to Minister for Chief Justice
25/09/2007 ASEAN govts must warn Myanmar military - another bloodbath ala-1988 completely unacceptable
24/09/2007 Burma Uprising - Abdullah should articulate ASEAN aspiratirations for Burma in UN speech on Thursday
24/09/2007 Turks do not want Turkey to be another Malaysia turning into an Islamic state
24/09/2007 Lingam Tape - credibility of Fairuz's denial through Nazri zero like earlier case on abolition of common law
24/09/2007 Judges do not, and cannot speak through the Executive
24/09/2007 DAP says NO to Congestion Pricing – “a toll by another name” - in KL
23/09/2007 Challenge Zam to public debate on police performance
23/09/2007 50th Merdeka - arrest and reverse retrogression if Malaysia is not to lose out in global stakes
23/09/2007 Zam is a disgrace to Malaysia - handicapped by his chauvinistic mindset from becoming a full Malaysian
23/09/2007 Lingam Tape - MCA Ministers can undero lobotomy or behave like traditional three monkeys, do not mean public must follow
22/09/2007 Nurin's brutal death - let Cabinet observe minute-silence and renew forgotten commitment to keep crime low
22/09/2007 E-government to e-scam - Kong Choy should publicly justify e-Kesihatan
22/09/2007 Lingam Tape - why PM's one-sided threat if not authentic but nothing about action to be taken if true?
21/09/2007 Malaysians should not let PM forget the exposes of misuse or mismanagement of public funds outlined in AG's report
21/09/2007 Najib should not try to cover up the VK Lingam video clip scandal
21/09/2007 Ali Rustam the biggest winner and pig farmers the biggest loser
21/09/2007 AG's Report - Pak Lah should appear before PAC to set example for all Ministers
21/09/2007 AG's comments on Lingam Tape outrageous - is he for judicial independence, integrity, accountability?
20/09/2007 Chan Kong Choy must punish RTD and Transport Ministry officials over the confusion of e-Kesihatan
20/09/2007 Lingam tape - letter to PM to suspend Ahmad Fairuz as Chief Justice and to establish judicial tribunal
20/09/2007 Azmi should clarify his statement on Monkey ban issue
19/09/2007 IPPs benefited more than TNB in buying cheap gas from Petronas at subsidized rates
19/09/2007 Suspend RM450-RM500 million e-Kesihatan middlemen rent-seeking scandal
19/09/2007 Campus election - Mustapha should announce "hands-off" policy and scrap secret mission of VCs/DVCs
19/09/2007 UPM VC stirs more questions than answers!
18/09/2007 Operasi pemusnahan khinzir - kerajaan negeri Melaka mesti akur kepada arahan Kabinet dan TPM
18/09/2007 State Excos of MCA and Gerakan must resign from Ali Rustam government
18/09/2007 UPM more famous as Mat Rempit University than Research University
18/09/2007 IPPs - “distortions” to the economy
17/09/2007 DAP had never proclaimed optimisim in wresting control of Penang at next GE
17/09/2007 Uphold integrity/fight corruption - Abdullah risks of being compared unfavourably with Mahathir
17/09/2007 Cabinet Wednesday should direct all Ministers with ministries implicated in AG's 2006 Report to appear before PAC
16/09/2007 RM25 billion PGCC - PM’s eagerness
16/09/2007 Ong Ka Ting should intervene with a 6-point solution to prevent the destruction of Paya Mengkuang pig farms by 21.9.2007
16/09/2007 Hishammuddin should set example for all Ministers and volunteer to appear before PAC
15/09/2007 Auditor-General's Reports - ACA DG admits past impotence but will it be different this time?
15/09/2007 4-star accountability index - ministers resign and SGs removed for failed rating of one star of less than 50% rating
14/09/2007 NEP, high oil prices and declining oil reserves will damage future economic growth and prosperity
14/09/2007 Letter to PM - urgent response to issues raised in budget debate in Parliament like RM4.6b PKFZ bailout, RM8.1b dev. est. discrepancy , e-Kesihatan rip-off
13/09/2007 Call upon the Government to seriously consider invoking the provisions of 379 of the Criminal Procedure Code
13/09/2007 Government should provide equal opportunities and treasure talented Malaysians like Datuk Michelle Yeoh
13/09/2007 Challenge to ACA - disclose how many persons had been arrested/prosecuted for corruption from previous Auditor-General reports
13/09/2007 Selangor cans of worms – AG exposed State Government’s malpractices
12/09/2007 DAP proposes “Malaysia First Bonus” of RM 1,200 a year to Malaysians
12/09/2007 Memo to Defence Ministry on RM 6.75 billion Patrol Vessel scandal
12/09/2007 PM should immediately respond to urgent issues raised in 2008 budget debate like PKFZ scandal and e-kesihatan and not wait until early Nov
11/09/2007 AG and PAC should be given powers to punish errant government officers
11/09/2007 UMNO using Kuala Terengganu riot as an excuse to ban public meetings in open areas
11/09/2007 Suspension of JPJ’s 15-year e-Kesihatan monopoly concession to ensure that it is not the latest example of parasitic rent-seeking
11/09/2007 Stop the Dog Catching Competition immediately
10/09/2007 Orang Asli - - not how much is allocated but how much actually reaches them in real terms in concrete benefits
10/09/2007 Economic Prospects – Dangerous Times ahead
10/09/2007 Proposed DAP 2008 Malaysian Budget focuses on the twin challenges of globalisation and the country’s high dependence on oil and gas resources
10/09/2007 PKFZ bailout scandal - Public Inquiry ala-Ahmad Nordin BMF inquiry
10/09/2007 Batu Burok riot - immediate independent public inquiry warranted
10/09/2007 Perak DAP launches its GE Fund with a target of RM500,000-00 and its chairman donating the first RM50,000-00
10/09/2007 AG’s 2006 Report - Najib should show leadership by example
08/09/2007 Ong Ka Ting must explain how much fund under 2008 budget is earmarked for new villages?
08/09/2007 2008 budget - mix of confused priorities and mismatch of objectives with targets
08/09/2007 Any non-Malay Vice-Chancellors to 17 public universities in Malaysia?
08/09/2007 MCA blames Malacca State Secretary as "Little Napoleon" - another sandiwara?
08/09/2007 Government should down size the civil service
08/09/2007 RM4.6 b PKFZ bailout scandal - most improper for Nazri to tell PAC Chairman Shahrir to "shut up"
07/09/2007 AG's draft IPCMC bill - make it public for feedback and consultation
07/09/2007 Pig-rearing crisis in Malacca - utterly meaningless advice by Fong Chan Onn
06/09/2007 More than 1,000 convicted prisoners serving sentence in prisons throughout the country cannot have their appeals heard
06/09/2007 If former IGP’s homes are not safe, how can the homes of ordinary citizens be safe?
06/09/2007 Rayuan mengekalkan penternakan Khinzir yang sihat, bersih dan akur kepada kawalan alam sekitar
06/09/2007 RM4.6 billion PKFZ bailout scandal - let Abdullah justify it in the 2008 Budget tomorrow
06/09/2007 Revoke arbitrary/high-handed directive to cull or remove 6,000 pigs a day from Malacca for 17 days till Sept 21
05/09/2007 NEP smells of apartheid
03/09/2007 MCA expressing disagreement with Abdullah only appears in Chinese press
02/09/2007 Against 8Ds - Dictatorship, Divisive, Dependency, Dishonesty, Double-standards, Discrimination, meDiocrity and Disillusionment
02/09/2007 Baby Yok Shan tragedy - 50th Merdeka reminder of plunge in public service standards/accountability
01/09/2007 Merdeka Golden Jubilee - National anniversary or Barisan Nasional anniversary?