Bulletin Archive - October 2008

31/10/2008 Chor Chee Heung - another deputy minister who did not know what he was answering in Parliament?
31/10/2008 PAC Chairman Azmi - out to whitewash Eurocopter deal or get to bottom of new defence scandal
30/10/2008 PAS Youth is misguided over NEP's 30% bumiputera equity for publicly listed companies
29/10/2008 Merit not race and religion the basis of PKNS GM Appointment
29/10/2008 Multi-lingual road signs in Penang do not infringe Article 152 of the Federal Constitution
28/10/2008 CM to promote Penang in South Korea
28/10/2008 PAC Chairman Azmi should withdraw from PAC Eurocopter Inquiry because of "close proximity"
28/10/2008 No Umno/MCA/Gerakan/MIC MP to emulate Billy Abit Joo?
27/10/2008 End of La Salle Brothers' era regrettable
27/10/2008 On or off, PAC inquiry into RM2.3b 12 EC725 helicopter deal must go on
27/10/2008 Deepavali greetings & 3 Makkal Sakti wishes
26/10/2008 Address Indian marginalization; persecuting Hindraf is not the solution
25/10/2008 Deepavali 2008: Indians should resolve to be united in the face of continued marginalization
25/10/2008 Why did govt give only RM 36 tax cuts per year to working Malaysian but is willing to put RM 5b of EPF to bailout listed companies?
25/10/2008 Happy Deepavali
24/10/2008 Zulkifli Nordin's status as MP is untenable
24/10/2008 KTAK should issue STOP order on water disconnections during Diwali
24/10/2008 RM5 billion EPF funds to ValueCap - nation-wide protest
24/10/2008 Parliament - don't vote single ringgit for RM2.3 billion Eurocopters without PAC/parliamentary approval
23/10/2008 Parliament speech by Liew Chin Tong on 2009 Budget debate
23/10/2008 Horrifying work conditions at Klang GH, urgent changes required
23/10/2008 It is irresponsible for the BN government to opt for nuclear energy
22/10/2008 Zaki as CJ - dangerous precedent for the judiciary
22/10/2008 Money politics in UMNO - an offence under Anti Corruption Act
22/10/2008 Will CJ Zaki vindicate all doubters or prove them wrong by bold leadership of judicial reforms?
22/10/2008 The RM2.3 billion 12 Cougar EC725 helicopter deal should be suspended until the outcome of PAC scrutiny
21/10/2008 Directing EPF to fund RM5 billion ValueCap investment - an abuse of Government's authority
21/10/2008 Hamid should do his homework as Home Minister by reading/digesting 2005 Royal Police Commission Report
21/10/2008 Liong Tiong Lai - time to get back to his Health Ministry duties after MCA elections
20/10/2008 Utusan Malaysia mempromosikan keganasan
20/10/2008 Cabinet “approval” for PAC to scrutinise Eurocopter deal - mockery of Malaysia's parliamentary system
20/10/2008 Will Abdullah again be humiliated at Umno Supreme Council meeting tonight?
20/10/2008 Challenge to MCA/Gerakan MPs - support parliamentary debate on ISA review
19/10/2008 Motion to revive local government election
19/10/2008 Can Abdullah’s last five months as PM survive the return of Mahathirism?
19/10/2008 Why is DAP blamed for Ka Ting’s “Umno is bully in Barisan Nasional” speech in MCA yesterday?
18/10/2008 Who Are - Utusan Malaysia, Chamil Wariya and Ibrahim Ghaffar - Working For?
18/10/2008 Najib must look into three scandals to gain people’s confidence
17/10/2008 Parliamentary scrutiny of defence procurement as first step of reform
17/10/2008 Rulers' Conference special statement - testimony of nation-building in crisis
17/10/2008 Zaki's CJ appointment - last nail in coffin of Abdullah's judicial reform?
17/10/2008 Can Abdullah survive as PM till March? Is M orchestrating his earlier exit?
16/10/2008 Hindraf 'illegal' - wrong move
16/10/2008 Maybank acquisition of BII and purchase of 12 Eurocopter's Cougar helicopters deprived needed funds to wipe out poverty
16/10/2008 DAP condemns the Hindraf ban as politically motivated in an act of vengeance against Hindraf
16/10/2008 RCI to clear Najib of swirling allegations - why silence from DPM?
15/10/2008 Cerpen “Politik Baru YB J” mendedahkan lebaran hitam kewartawanan dan kesasteraan tanahair
15/10/2008 Tabung Azan – gimmick terbaru UMNO Cheras untuk terus memainkan isu agama
15/10/2008 DAPSY condemns any form of political terrorism and demands police investigate on both Utusan Malaysia and Chamil Wariya
15/10/2008 The new government will not choose to exercise its powers to convert reclaimed land to freehold
15/10/2008 Hindraf ban - retrogressive/vindictive hampering nation-building healing process
14/10/2008 Salahlaku Ketua Polis Negara
14/10/2008 The RM2.3 billion Eurocopter fiasco - suspend Letter of Intent
14/10/2008 The RM 2.4 billion Telecom HSBB (High Speed Broadband) subsidy
14/10/2008 World financial meltdown - our strong and weak economic fundamentals
13/10/2008 Let justice be done, though the heavens fall
12/10/2008 Revised 2009 Budget tomorrow - Najib's first test as Finance Minister
12/10/2008 Gerakan has not risen above its infantile subservience to Umno
11/10/2008 Kedah MB should be a Leader of All Malaysians
11/10/2008 Nuclear non-proliferation, climate change and freedom of expression focus of the 119th IPU Assembly
11/10/2008 Maybank could have given out cheap loans of RM 8.25b to public than waste it on BII
11/10/2008 World crude oil below US$78 a barrel - Najib should "burn midnight oil" to present lowered pricing for petrol on Monday
11/10/2008 Sean Connery, Catherine Zeta, Chow Yun-Fat, Ang Lee and Aaron Kwok also to be honoured for filming in Malaysia?
10/10/2008 Global recession and lower oil prices will wreak havoc to the Government's 2009 Budget
10/10/2008 Letter to Najib on Maybank's immediate RM 4b losses
10/10/2008 Black Friday – Najib should present revised 2009 Budget in Parliament on Monday
10/10/2008 Police should stop harassing Hindraft/RPK supporters over PM's Hari Raya Open House
10/10/2008 Abdullah forewarned - avoid valedictory judicial scandal with new Chief Justice Zaki Azmi
09/10/2008 What reform? Lame duck PM and tainted DPM
09/10/2008 Malaysia out of THES Top 200 Universities for second consecutive year - another fall of domino
09/10/2008 Abdullah - can he redeem his premiership by instituting three fundamental reforms?
08/10/2008 Stop whining about Hindraf; abolish ISA
08/10/2008 D-Day for Abdullah – honourable or dishonourable exit?
07/10/2008 Complete breakdown in law and order in Malaysia?
07/10/2008 Najib should direct Maybank cut losses by forfeiting RM 483 million deposit than risk losing RM 8.25 billion on BII
07/10/2008 Abdullah last acts as PM - reach out to Hindraf supporters and stop excoriating Hindraf
05/10/2008 Penang to widen consultations with the public/NGOs on the free Wireless@Penang
05/10/2008 Najib defence of RM 8.25 billion BII scandal as a purely commercial decision - BN has still not learnt lessons from March 8 political tsunami
05/10/2008 Release Hindraf 5, RPK and all ISA detainees by Deepavali - or leave Barisan Nasional
05/10/2008 5 to contest UMNO Deputy President post - Abdullah no more in political radar of Umno leaders
04/10/2008 Why Eurocopter's Cougar has been selected to replace Nuri
03/10/2008 Abdullah - "to be or not to be"
02/10/2008 Prime Minister for all Malaysians" - Abdullah’s greatest failure
01/10/2008 Introduce reforms in the spirit of Eidulfitri 1429 Hijrah
01/10/2008 Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri