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Bulletin Archive - June 2010

30/06/2010 7 elements of change towards retaining Penang's premier position as the most livable and vibrant city in Malaysia
27/06/2010 Would new Transport Minister Kang Cho Ha support Port Klang Authority in withholding the next payment of RM772 million to Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd the turnkey contractor for the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ)?
26/06/2010 Kuasa Rakyat mengubah keputusan kerajaan dalam isu pemberian lesen perjudian sukan
25/06/2010 Challenge Rais Yatim to immediately allow non-BM films to enjoy 20% tax rebate
24/06/2010 2nd 'Scorpene' Submarine to arrive
24/06/2010 Statistik Jabatan Perdana Menteri bukti Perak miskin dibawah BN, sudah tiba masanya untuk berubah!
24/06/2010 Don't cover up RM5.4 million false claim scandal in the contruction of the RM65 million Swettenhem Pier Redevelopment Project
23/06/2010 UPSR and PMR exam should stay
21/06/2010 Tenth Malaysia Plan: Long live NEP - RIP NEM
19/06/2010 DAP wishes Aung San Suu Kyi a solemn Happy Birthday
19/06/2010 Opposition to the proposed RM9.40 toll rate for both the Penang first and second bridge
18/06/2010 Kos Jambatan Kedua - Jawapan Parlimen Perdana Menteri tidak benar
18/06/2010 Safety of places of religious worship in Penang secure and under control
16/06/2010 Ucapan oleh Ahli Parlimen Kota Kinabalu, Dr. Hiew King Cheu atas Rancangan Malaysia Ke-10
16/06/2010 Speech by MP for Kota Kinabalu, Dr. Hiew King Cheu on 10th Malaysia Plan
16/06/2010 Keputusan Kerajaan untuk memansuhkan biasiswa JPA secara beperingkat-peringkat bercanggah dengan falsafah dan semangat yang digariskan dalam Rancangan Malaysia ke-10
15/06/2010 Potential irregularities in FELDA needs urgent investigation by MACC
14/06/2010 Ucapan atas Rancangan Malaysia Kesepuluh oleh Ahli Parlimen Sibu, Wong Ho Leng
14/06/2010 Speech on the 10MP by MP for Sibu, Wong Ho Leng
14/06/2010 Projek Istana Negara Baru RM811 juta dijalankan tanpa tender terbuka
12/06/2010 Government must address the problem of oversupply of doctors in 5 years
10/06/2010 DAP calls on the Government to consult all stakeholders before implementing the proposed new scheme by Bank Negara Malaysia to cover third party bodily injury and death
09/06/2010 No to Parliament's relocation; yes to better facilities
09/06/2010 Make all awards of Government scholarships transparent and fair
08/06/2010 Peter Chin, where is Najib's 'comprehensive study' on nuclear policy? Explain why targets on renewable energy not met
07/06/2010 Malaysia sebagai "middle power" dan masalah pokok Palestin
06/06/2010 Cut ties with APCO to show seriousness over attacks on Pro-Palestinian activists
05/06/2010 Call on government to increase JPA overseas scholarships to 2000
05/06/2010 Sustainable forest governance should be adopted, wildlife corridor and people's livelihoods should be preserved or restored in the forest conversion for the well-being and sustainable future for our children
05/06/2010 A "Cleaner, Greener Penang" through Education (Pendidikan), Enforcement (Penguatkuasaan) and Appreciation (Penghargaan) to make Penang the most environmentally sound and livable city in Malaysia
03/06/2010 6 new deputy ministers, 3 new senators and not one of them female! Najib's cabinet reshuffle shows utter contempt for women representation in government
03/06/2010 Penang's focus on Penang's human resources to propel Penang forward as an international city, high-income & knowledge economy with a GDP of RM45 billion and per capita income of RM50,000 by 2020
03/06/2010 With two out five civil servants deemed corrupt by CUEPACS, the MACC is a big flop as it did not even arrest 0.1 per cent of the corrupt civil servants last year as its recorded some 0.06 per cent of such arrests
03/06/2010 Two parliamentary questions on Najib's three strategic initiatives to transform Malaysia but which have run aground because of strong internal opposition mostly from Umno and its outsourced organizations like Perkasa
02/06/2010 Najib's most difficult question in the forthcoming five-week parliamentary meeting - how many Cabinet Ministers are Malaysian first, race second in keeping with 1Malaysia policy?
02/06/2010 Najib Cabinet2 not only the most unrepresentative in nation's history, but also very backward and inward-looking which does not inspire confidence that 1Malaysia and NEM are more than slogans
01/06/2010 Cabinet must reject the proposal by Asas Serba outright to prove Najib's promise to "not tolerate rent-seeking and patronage"
01/06/2010 The Federal Government should come clear of all its financial scandals before even talking about reducing subsidies
01/06/2010 Israeli attack on Freedom Flotilla condemned

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