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Bulletin Archive - October 2010

31/10/2010 UMNO dan Utusan bohong lagi
28/10/2010 Kabinet UMNO dalam Kabinet Malaysia
27/10/2010 With absolutely nothing to show after more than 15 months after announcing the KPI for the Corruption NKRA, its time for Najib to exercise his promise to wield his whip
27/10/2010 Bajet 2011 bukan hasil Model Ekonomi Baru (New Economic Model ĘC NEM) tetapi mengandungi segala petanda dasar-dasar ala-Mahathir lama yang terbukti usang
27/10/2010 2011 Budget not a child of New Economic Model but bears all the marks of old discredited Mahathirish policies
26/10/2010 The Prime Minister fails to grasp the concept of "open tenders" and contradicts himself with exceptions without basis
26/10/2010 Dato' Seri Zambry Bin Abdul Kadir, BN Menteri Besar for Perak confirms that Dato' Mah Hang Soon is not authorized to represent BN Perak Government to debate with Dato' Ngeh Koo Ham. It also confirms the fact that Dato' Mah has no say in the BN Perak State Government
25/10/2010 Pakatan Rakyat Pulau Pinang bela nasib Melayu
25/10/2010 The RM 30 Billion hole that wasn't
25/10/2010 The Deputy Prime Minister's call to make History a compulsory subject for a SPM pass reek of attempts at revisionism and indoctrination of our young Malaysian students
23/10/2010 Dato' Ngeh Koo Ham accepts the challenge by Dato' Mah Hang Soon to debate on the policies of Pakatan Rakyat and the BN Perak Government
21/10/2010 Do not neglect women and other unfortunate groups in economic transformation
21/10/2010 Jangan membelakangi wanita dan golongan kurang mampu dalam transformasi ekonomi
21/10/2010 Challenge MCA Selangor to show evidence
21/10/2010 Perbahasan atas Bajet 2011 oleh Dr. Hiew King Cheu, Ahli Parlimen Kota Kinabalu
21/10/2010 Debate speech on Budget 2011 by Dr. Hiew King Cheu, MP for Kota Kinabalu
21/10/2010 A RM30 billion hole that wasn't - Finance Minister and the Treasury should be censured
21/10/2010 Menara Warisan Merdeka 100-tingkat dijangka melebihi RM10 bilion berdasarkan kenaikan kos perbelanjaan Istana Negara baru daripada RM400 juta ke RM935 juta
21/10/2010 Prime Minister's assurances of press freedom remains futile unless backed by action with the enactment of a Freedom Of Information Act (FOI) and abolition of repressive laws like the Sedition Act, Printing Presses & Publications Act (PPPA) and Internal Security Act (ISA)
20/10/2010 Sabahan not heading enough top post in Sabah federal Departments and agencies
20/10/2010 Failure of Talent Corporation to entice top Cambridge University law student Tan Zhongshan back to Malaysia a consequence of failed economic policies that stresses 100-storey Warisan Merdeka over human capital formation
19/10/2010 The Prime Minister has shown great fiscal irresponsibility by announcing a 5 year moratorium on toll increases to please voters without revealing that it will cost the Government a further RM5 billion in toll compensation
19/10/2010 BN Perak Menteri Besar, Dato' Zambry and BN must not divert people's attention from their involvement in transferring voters from one constituency to another
19/10/2010 Compensating PLUS RM5 billion for the next 5 years for freezing toll rates will only increase both Federal Government debt and debt service charges to unhealthy levels
19/10/2010 Top law student at Cambridge University is Malaysian and latest example of costly brain-drain which Najib's 2011 Budget has done nothing to resolve for country to become high-achieving and internationally competitive
18/10/2010 Budget 2011: Sabah & Sarawak are once again marginalised despite their contributions and their needs
18/10/2010 Penubuhan pertama di Malaysia Kumpulan Perjawatan Profesyenal Sains dan Teknologi akan meningkatkan effisiensi, produktiviti dan integriti projek-projek kerajaan negeri
18/10/2010 The Budget for 2011: Eulogy for the New Economic Model & a relaunch of the Mahathir Economic Model
17/10/2010 The Prime Minister shows his true colours when chastising the civil service for not demonstrating blind loyalty to Umno
17/10/2010 Najib's 2011 Budget is not a child of New Economic Model but bears all the marks of old discredited policies
16/10/2010 Najib's ad hoc 100-storey tower proposal a short term ego boost at expense of KL's long term viability
15/10/2010 Budget 2010: Government failed to keep a lid on sky-rocketing operating expenditure
14/10/2010 Ex-top cop Mat Zain's Open Letter is testimony that criminal justice system had further deteriorated after 2005 Dzaiddin Police Royal Commission report
14/10/2010 Every day for past 10 years, more than 3 persons missing who cannot be located or 40% of missing persons reported to police since 2000 as compared to statistics of over 99% of missing persons located by Australian Police
13/10/2010 Pemandu needs to do much better to convince Malaysians that GLCs will be able to stump up RM454 billion for ETP projects
13/10/2010 Staff shortage problem at bankruptcy/insolvency offices should be addressed
12/10/2010 Full review of Industrial Relations Act 1967 is required to make it more labour friendly and a better protector of the legitimate rights of the lower income workers
12/10/2010 Has the Prime Minister really learnt the lesson on privatisation? Will the proposed 4 new highways expected to be announced in the Budget 2011 by awarded directly without tenders?
12/10/2010 Why after more than half a year, not a single Cabinet Minister dare to rebut the communal extremists and state that the New Economic Model is not against Article 153 of Constitution?
11/10/2010 Pertanyaan yang ditolak kerana "rahsia"
11/10/2010 Racist slurs by two school principals - impotence/irrelevance of MCA/Gerakan/MIC Ministers highlighted
11/10/2010 Usul tergempar di Parlimen atas guru besar yang bersikap racis
10/10/2010 Agreement has been reached with M Kulasegaran to settle all differences through internal discussion. Our differences not because to seek position, glory or benefit but differences in opinion which occur in any organisation
10/10/2010 Perak DAP joint press statement by Ngeh Koo Ham and M Kula Segaran
10/10/2010 Question related Sosilawati mass murders placed fourth in tomorrow's question time in Parliament
09/10/2010 The Prime Minister should stop the teasing with the claim of a RM425million profit for 1MDB Fund
08/10/2010 Deeply regret that media will give coverage to a poison pen letter which was obviously false and a piece of rubbish
08/10/2010 Notice for urgent parliamentary debate on Monday on 57-day government inaction on racial slurs by two headmasters against students in school
07/10/2010 I did not apologise 4 or 5 times over the Perak crisis
07/10/2010 I believe that with total sincerity from all , a unity formula which will unite all DAP Perak leaders, branches and members can be soon worked out
07/10/2010 DAPSY Perak shall never allow nor tolerate dirty tactics employed by certain quarters in manipulating the opportunity to tarnish the image of DAP and the same shall not and should never be condoned by any of the DAPSY members
07/10/2010 Total investment for Penang now ranked #3 in Malaysia's with RM2.25 billion An increase of RM717 million or nearly 50% in a month compared to 2010 first half of RM1.5 billion
07/10/2010 Call on Najib to make a Prime Ministerial statement in Parliament on Monday on how he proposes to give local content to his international call at UNGA and ASEM 8 for a global movement of moderates against extremists
06/10/2010 Demonstration in front of DAP Perak Headquarters PR members and the public must be wary of dirty tactics employed by BN
06/10/2010 The "New Economic Model" and "Economic Transformation Programme" will fail if Government assets and projects continue to be awarded without open competitive tenders
06/10/2010 All Perak DAP leaders, branches, members and supporters should rally behind Ngeh and Kula on unity ticket to restore the Pakatan Rakyat government in Perak and help PR to take over Putrajaya in next general elections
05/10/2010 Perak DAP shall continue to be the beacon of hope for a better Malaysia
05/10/2010 Higher Education Minister is being extremely economical with the truth on claiming that students are "not completely barred from politics"
05/10/2010 Will the eighth Cabinet meeting tomorrow still end up empty-handed with no disciplinary action against the two principals who made racial/religious slurs against students in schools despite the first incident occurring 55 days ago?
05/10/2010 Will Muhyiddin return to Treasury his salaries and allowances as Federal Minister for past 15 years so as not to be associated with forbidden money?
04/10/2010 Opening remarks by YAB Tuan Lim Guan Eng, Chief Minister of Penang at the Free Industrial Zone Penang Companies Association (Frepenca) Mid Year AGM
04/10/2010 New IGP must seriously grapple with the new Malaysian phenomenon where crime index falls but Malaysians feel even more unsafe!
04/10/2010 Can civil servants and BTN officials make incendiary, racist and insensitive statements going against Najib's 1Malaysia concept and claim as protection that they are personal views made in private functions?
03/10/2010 DAP Perak calls on the public to allow it to resolve its problems internally and continue to support the DAP for what it stands for and for its proven track record
03/10/2010 Semua Wakil Rakyat Umno di seluruh negara mesti mengembalikan gaji mereka kepada kerajaan dengan segera kerana gaji-gaji ini datang dari sumber tidak halal
03/10/2010 All Umno Elected Representatives nationwide should immediately return all their salaries to the Government as they come from non-halal sources
03/10/2010 Malaysians must embrace the future by practicing good governance, balanced development, integrity, shared society and a culture of innovation
02/10/2010 Revival of Adelaide Week in Penang and Penang Week in Adelaide to strengthen city sister ties that is bonded by blood, tested by time and driven by shared values
01/10/2010 Respon kepada Ketua Penerangan Pemuda UMNO Reezal Merican
01/10/2010 Pelepasan jawatan oleh Dato Seri Samy Vellu sebagai Presiden MIC pada bulan Januari 2011 yang akan datang bermakna suatu halangan yang besar telah dihapuskan dan kemungkinan besar pilihanraya gempar akan diadakan pada bulan Mac 2011
01/10/2010 With Dato Samy Vellu's planned exit in January, a major obstacle has been removed and it is likely that snap polls will be held in March next year

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