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Bulletin Archive - December 2011

31/12/2011 Teaching of Maths and Science in English
31/12/2011 Mari kita memeluk masa depan Pulau Pinang yang lebih bersih, hijau dan selamat dan yang membawa rezeki kepada mereka yang bekerja secara kuat, jujur dan bijak
31/12/2011 Let us embrace a future of a cleaner, greener & safer Penang that rewards those who works hard, works honestly and works smart
30/12/2011 Pakatan Rakyat MPs are ever ready to meet with Defence Minister
30/12/2011 2012 NY message - Year to make Malaysians proud of being a Malaysian and motivate Malaysians to achieve greatness
28/12/2011 Firefly cutbacks mean fewer Sabahans and Sarawakians will be home for Christmas 2012
28/12/2011 MAS flight oversea routes cancellation affected many
24/12/2011 All members of governments, MPs, members of State Legislative Assemblies and their spouses should declare their assets to uphold the principle of accountability to the people
24/12/2011 Celebrating hope in Penang by establishing a people-centric government based on integrity, good governance and letting the people realise their full potential
23/12/2011 Stop the intimidation, institute real reforms now!
23/12/2011 BN patut melanjutkan umur persaraan pekerja sektor swasta selaras dengan sektor awam
23/12/2011 BN should extend the retirement age of private sector workers similar to that of the public sector
22/12/2011 Rakyat Perak tidak mudah lupa
22/12/2011 MACC should interrogate Shahrizat about the corruption scandals affecting all UMNO leaders
21/12/2011 Many voter names missing from electoral roll
21/12/2011 Kecekapan dan keberkesanan Pejabat Daerah perlu ditingkatkan
20/12/2011 Najib's Peaceful Assembly Bill affront to democracy and in the wrong side of history?
19/12/2011 Pimpinan MIC takut PERKASA
19/12/2011 Will 1Malaysia TV be the solution or the cause of the "information vacuum" plaguing government credibility?
18/12/2011 The Defence Minister must explain the 50% increase in the cost of 6 naval patrol vessels from RM6 billion to RM9 billion
18/12/2011 The government should tender a public apology over the Interlok controversy
18/12/2011 PERKASA menghina kaum India
17/12/2011 Police action a slap in the face for Najib
17/12/2011 Interlok dibuang, satu kejayaan rakyat
16/12/2011 Ministry of Human Resource's proposed bill to raise the retirement age in the private sector to 60 years will reduce job opportunities for Malaysia's young population
16/12/2011 Rakyat Malaysia kehilangan "satu dekad yang telah hancur dek korupsi"
16/12/2011 Malaysians mourn the "Lost Decade of Corruption"
16/12/2011 "First-Come-First Serve" yang merupakan asas untuk memohon Feed-in Tariff (FIT) sepatutnya digantikan dengan "Fit For All"
16/12/2011 A "First-Come-First Serve" basis for applying for Feed-in-Tariff should be replaced by "Fit For All" basis
16/12/2011 BN-controlled media have degenerated further to become "blackout papers"
15/12/2011 Perak miskin atau aman jaya?
15/12/2011 Public spat between Karpal and Ramasamy resolved - DAP leadership to move forward as one united team to face the challenges of 13GE
15/12/2011 MOSTI should redirect its efforts to liberalise the Government and GLC procurement of information technology products and services
15/12/2011 As UMNO President and Prime Minister, will Najib apologise for Utusan Malaysia's racist and defamatory attack on Lim Guan Eng and rein in Utusan's extremist and anti-1Malaysia rampage of lies and falsehoods?
14/12/2011 MCA should state conditions attached to any of its public service from the start
13/12/2011 Rot in system: Teachers suffer, cronies benefit
13/12/2011 PM, MACC, Attorney-General and IGP must respond to the public demands for the arrest and criminal prosecution of Sarawak Chief Minister and 13 family members
12/12/2011 The draft CPB 2011 will have far reaching consequences on not only the computing industry, but may also be abused to stifle the freedom of speech
12/12/2011 Housing Development (Control and Licensing) Act 1966 - Amendment not applicable to Sabah
11/12/2011 The presence of blogger Papagomo on board KD Tun Razak Scorpene submarine proved that Defence Minister Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi is an incorrigible liar
11/12/2011 Dwi-kejayaan terbesar DAP dalam tempoh 45 tahun
11/12/2011 DAP's greatest twin successes in the last 45 years
10/12/2011 Human Rights Day
10/12/2011 Menyelam dalam kapal selam kelas Scorpene KD Tun Razak 21 bulan selepas cabaran dikeluarkan oleh Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi tidak dapat menyembunyikan hakikat
10/12/2011 Diving with the Scorpene Submarine KD Tun Abdul Razak 21 months after challenge was issued by Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi does not dispute the fact
10/12/2011 Not too late for Najib to heed the opposition of Malaysians and UN human rights experts to Peaceful Assembly Bill
09/12/2011 6 langkah-langkah integriti untuk menghentikan politik wang dan menyelesaikan kebimbangan Transparency International
09/12/2011 6 integrity measures to end money politics and address Transparency International's concerns
09/12/2011 "Big results" delivered by anti-corruption NKRA in past 32 months are all negative
08/12/2011 Peaceful Assembly Bill contradicts Najib's lofty aspirations
08/12/2011 Najib & Zambry supported by MCA & Gerakan guilty of making a joke of the State of Perak
08/12/2011 MACC should have "NO Fear and NO favour"!
08/12/2011 The Prime Minister has the cheek to inflame racial sentiments among the Malays by accusing the opposition of wanting to trim the civil service
08/12/2011 Jemputan Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi tidak dapat menyembunyikan hakikat dan juga tidak menjawab soalan-soalan tentang kos pembelian dan kontrak perkhidmatan
08/12/2011 Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi's invite neither hides the fact nor answer questions about the costly purchase and service contract
08/12/2011 Malaysia not only risk losing out on TI CPI to China in four years' time, but also being left behind by more OIC and African countries in future
07/12/2011 Royal Commission of Inquiry on illegal immigrant a must
07/12/2011 Zaid is spot-on - UMNO General Assembly speeches portend dangerous trends in the nation's politics as they make nonsense of Najib's 1Malaysia call, New Economic Model and proposal for a "Global Movement of Moderates"
07/12/2011 From present TI CPI trend, China will overtake Malaysia as less corrupt country in four years' time by 2015, leaving Malaysia around the 80th ranking with a dismal low score below 4
06/12/2011 The Defence Minister's contempt for Parliamentary oversight over Malaysia's defence expenditure proves the complete lack of interest in transparency and accountability
06/12/2011 Cabar Najib menunjukkan bukti bagi amaran ganasnya kepada orang bukan Melayu yang tidak bersalah supaya tidak membangkitkan kemarahan orang Melayu, dan sekiranya gagal baik beliau keluarkan sahaja sijil kematian untuk 1Malaysia
06/12/2011 Challenge Najib to prove with facts his hostile warning tot innocent non-Malays not to antagonise the Malays, failing which he might as well issue the death certificate for 1Malaysia
06/12/2011 TI CPI 2011 on Malaysia's worst-ever 60th ranking and lowest-ever 4.3 score in 17 years cannot continue to be "the elephant in the room" and Malaysians expect appropriate response from Cabinet meeting tomorrow
04/12/2011 The confirmation by the Health Minister of the E.Coli bacteria in 1Malaysia fresh milk proved our concerns over the food safety of 1Malaysia products
04/12/2011 Kerajaan Persekutuan BN mengamalkan "double-standards" dengan menolak CPI TI sebagai subjektif tetapi menerima GCI sebagai objektif
04/12/2011 The BN Federal Government practicing double-standards by dismissing the unfavourable TI CPI as subjective but the favourable GCI is objective
04/12/2011 Bersihkan Malaysia demi menghalang BN menang balik Pulau Pinang
04/12/2011 Challenge to Muhyiddin - substantiate his UMNO General Assembly speech that DAP wants to set up a Republic or apologise for the lie
04/12/2011 Najib's Transformation Programme in fighting corruption a major wash-out when TI CPI 2011 shows Malaysia in 2 1/2 years under the new Prime Minister is more corrupt than 5 years under Abdullah and 22 years under Mahathir
04/12/2011 Who lied - Najib/Muhyiddin or Chua Soi Lek? Or all three?
03/12/2011 Khalid Abu Bakar should be issued with a gag order and stop trying to clear the "cows and condos" issue of any wrongdoing or else he might as well resign and join politics
02/12/2011 BN's skewed priorities: temporary teachers suffer
02/12/2011 Prestasi terburuk Malaysia dalam Laporan Indeks Persepsi Rasuah 2011 menggariskan kegagalan PM dalam GTP
02/12/2011 Malaysia's worst score in the 2011 Transparency International Corruption Perception Index underscores the failure of PM's GTP
01/12/2011 Ridiculous reply from Ministry
01/12/2011 Serangan UMNO ke atas sasaran mudah merupakan tindakan terdesak untuk mengalih perhatian umum daripada kegagalan UMNO untuk menangani masalah sebenar
01/12/2011 UMNO's attack on soft targets is a desperate attempt to distract attention from its failure to address the hard targets

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