Bulletin Archive - June 2003


30/6/2003 Strategy for a world-class police & balck sheep
30/6/2003 Combat against corruption: Make the ACA directly responsible to the Parliament
30/6/2003 Merit system for admission to public universities needs to be tempered with “needs”
30/6/2003 SOS Damansara enters 909 days with a show of solidarity from all over the country
30/6/2003 Harsher punishment alone for aggravated rape offences not enough
30/6/2003 Election Commission - don't shirk primary responsibility on voter registration
30/6/2003 "Police the police" in every district to ensure professional and effective war on crime
29/6/2003 TI's Integrity Award for three Tuns a painful event with no Minister in past 22 years
30/6/2003 Ebara is in the news again, casting more doubts than building confidence
29/6/2003 Special & stricter training for policemen to attain world-class professionalism
28/6/2003 Commission on Public Security/Citizen Safety - Canny Ong must not die in vain
28/6/2003 Ong Ka Ting provides proof of worst political marginalization of MCA/MCA President
27/6/2003 Friendly towards private colleges & strict supervision
27/6/2003 Save Broga from becoming another Medlarstreet
27/6/2003 Control of commercial project development - special Bill in parliament
27/6/2003 UTAR should adopt open tenders for its entire works as funds were collected from the public
27/6/2003 Parliament - antiquated and out-of-sync with Malaysians
27/6/2003 Crisis of confidence in citizen security - IGP should act
27/6/2003 Cabinet importance of MCA President on par with UMNO Supreme Council member
26/6/2003 Syed Hamid should make special trip to Burma to demand ASSK's release
26/6/2003 Malaysian Women MPs joint statement on the recent increase of incidences of crime
26/6/2003 Ka Ting's heresy that Housing/Local Government respectable post for MCA president
26/6/2003 Mahathir proven right - NST Bill "copy and paste" job from 50-year colonial law
26/6/2003 When is the coming general election?
25/6/2003 MCA MP Yap Pian Hon again fails to safeguard the interest of his voters in Sg Chuah affected by the SILK project
25/6/2003 Penang Convent (Light Street) Girls' School doa selamat issue - a lesson on "929 Declaration"
25/6/2003 National Service trainees - "guinea pigs" for the Thoughts of Mahathir?
25/6/2003 Teach maths/science in English - make public full reports on Std. One pupils' performance
24/6/2003 Second reading of National Service Bill should be postponed for six months
24/6/2003 National Service - Even school-children can rebut Education Minister on difference between Malaysia and Singapore
24/6/2003 Most light-weight Cabinet post for MCA President in BN/Alliance in 46 years since Merdeka
24/6/2003 Parliament - why silence on the crisis of confidence on public safety highlighted by Canny Ong case?
23/6/2003 Indah Water Konsortium Bhd’s claim against consumers in test case
23/6/2003 Save Malaysia from becoming an Islamic State
23/6/2003 Has Mahathir fashioned final strait-jacket for Abdullah as fifth PM?
21/6/2003 National Service - referendum by 7 million people affected between 16 - 35 years
21/6/2003 Parliament cannot give blank cheque to dragoon 7 million people for RM 35 billion "national service" programme
20/6/2003 No to Incinerator for Broga/ Beranang/ Semenyih/ Kajang and the rest of Malaysia
20/6/2003 NS Training Bill "half-baked" - Mahathir admits nature of National Service not finalised
20/6/2003 The Dilemma of Sekinchan / Sabak Bernam Padi Farmers
19/6/2003 Disappointed with Mahathir over his remark on incinerators
19/6/2003 Suu Kyi - DAPSY calls for her unconditional release
19/6/2003 Parliament - set the pace in ASEAN for "constructive intervention" in Burma
19/6/2003 Runkunegara - largely forgotten or observed more in the breach in past 33 years
18/6/2003 National Service Training Bill - major failure of 22-yr Mahathir premiership - should go back to drawing board
18/6/2003 Final 12 days to register as a voter to protect our basic fundamental rights in the next general election
18/6/2003 The BN Government has allowed its racial discriminatory policies to cloud all that is good for the nation.
18/6/2003 Car parks security - implement preventive measures
17/6/2003 The people&'s paper or the party's paper?
17/6/2003 Criminal sanctions against those not in favor of National Service is harsh and undemocratic
17/6/2003 Parliament spends RM42 million to be posh 5-star "1st world Infrastructure, 3rd World Mentality"
17/6/2003 National Service - criminalising youths foments national disunity rather than foster national unity
17/6/2003 IWK illegally collects sewerage charges
16/6/2003 Parliament proceedings and press freedom
16/6/2003 Call on the Federal Government to Restore Local Government Election
16/6/2003 Memorandum to the Ministry of Housing and Local Government: Restore Local Government Election
16/6/2003 MPAJ fallout - Khir should not try to save his own skin
16/6/2003 National Service - end plethora of confused and muddled thinking
15/6/2003 "National Service" a misnomer - rename Bill and refer it to Parliamentary Select Committee
15/6/2003 Parliament should adjourn as it will be completely overshadowed by UMNO General Assembly
14/6/2003 ASEAN Ministerial Meeting - place ASSK, Anwar Ibrahim and Acheh on agenda
14/6/2003 Ipoh City Park bye law approved by MCA & Gerakan
14/6/2003 DAPSY's comments on the proposed National Service
14/6/2003 PAS Islamic State blueprint highlights three critical choices before Malaysians
13/6/2003 Strong ASEAN stand on Burma to reflect human rights stand and not because of US pressure
13/6/2003 Private Education Department and Education Ministry need to be pro-active to the complaints of foreign students
12/6/2003 Review Smart Tunnel & PM
12/6/2003 Postpone the National Service Training Bill for a six-month national debate and consultation
12/6/2003 Parliament should censure Chua Jui Meng - dengue deadlier than SARS in Malaysia
12/6/2003 Money alone cannot create a world-class university in Malaysia
12/6/2003 18 days to register as voters to be able to vote in general election if held by end-November
11/6/2003 More bad news for Ebara Corporation
11/6/2003 Parliament - initiate national debate on judicial accountability/transparency and don't wait for another judicial crisis
11/6/2003 Ominous larger implications of Abdul Kudus MPAJ affair
10/6/2003 Razali's Burma visit an unmitigated failure although world relieved he met ASSK
10/6/2003 Young Voters Registration: Youth Organisation must act
10/6/2003 Review Selayang Municipality, Ampang and all
10/6/2003 General election: Opposition parties should ensure straight fights against Barisan Nasional
10/6/2003 First-time voters will play crucial role in next general election
10/6/2003 Weight cheating allegations - MAS must provide honest explanation
10/6/2003 Ethics Law to prevent post-employment conflict-of-interest by public office-holders
9/6/2003 Public urged to speak out against abuse of powers by authorities - Perak DAP forms a 15-lawyers panel to render assistance
9/6/2003 Did Ipoh Datuk Bandar lie when he said that Ipoh parking meters imported from Australia were above board?
9/6/2003 Dengue epidemic - Revoke cabinet ban on info as most effective way to prevent recurrence
8/6/2003 Cabinet directive - stop house-to-house police raid of pirated/porn VCDs
8/6/2003 Razali denied access to ASSK - cut short Burma trip as strong UN protest
8/6/2003 Reduce wanton waste & use savings for highways
7/6/2003 A section of Peeping Toms and moral snoopers in all municipalities in future?
7/6/2003 May 30 Mandalay ambush/violence - more than 100 dead and not just four?
7/6/2003 Call upon the Menteri Besar of Perak to direct all Local Councils in Perak to repeal the Park Bye-laws
6/6/2003 ASSK's injuries - so serious she could not be visited like AI's "black eye" episode?
6/6/2003 Ipoh "morally unclean" until new Mayor's ban on public "hand-holding"?
6/6/2003 The Election Commission must step up its voters registration exercise
5/6/2003 We call on the Malaysian Government to review all laws against terrorism and subversion and to promulgate a just law to replace the Internal Security Act (ISA)
5/6/2003 Dzaiddin's new job - grave conflict-of-interest issues
5/6/2003 Burma "Constructive engagement policy" in tatters - Last salvage attempt by Mahathir
5/6/2003 The over zealous acts of the City Hall of Ipoh authority resulted in the suspension of the Parks (Ipoh Municipal Council) By-Laws by the Menteri Besar of Perak?
4/6/2003 Incinerators designed and built by Ebara Corporation to cease operation after found contaminating Hikiji River in Fujisawa, Kanagawa for the past seven years
4/6/2003 Facing the real world: Government must be prepared to implement fair and genuine meritocracy system
4/6/2003 Dismantle "quota mentality" - start with the political quotas in Cabinet first
4/6/2003 ASSK's detention puts ASEAN human rights in dock of international opinion
4/6/2003 Homes search for porn VCDs - start with ministers, asst ministers, parsecs and MPs
4/6/2003 Raids on pornographic VCDs should be focussed on producers, distributors and buyers but not residential premises
3/6/2003 ASSK's detention - summon Myanmar Ambassador to convey demand for immediate release
3/6/2003 Servant-master relationship between Parliament and Executive not healthy for Malaysia
2/6/2003 Absolutely no excuse for the NS State government to touch Lee Sam Road Cemetry, Seremban for road expansion
2/6/2003 Release of reformasi activists: DAP calls for a full parliamentary debate for the repeal of the ISA
2/6/2003 Aung San Suu Kyi's detention - Suspend Myanmar from ASEAN Ministerial Meeting June 16-17
2/6/2003 ISA release - Mahathir saved from eye of international storm at G8 Summit
2/6/2003 National Service Training Bill - postpone it, scrap 2004 launch and allow six-month public discussion
1/6/2003 ISA detentions - Malaysia will become pariah in the world on human rights
1/6/2003 KL model markets for hawkers
1/6/2003 Limiting term for top office-bearer should be adopted by all political parties in Malaysia