Statements & Speeches - April 2002

1/5/2002 Participation rate of work force and Workers' Day
1/5/2002 May Day police brutality - test case for Abu Talib and new  Suhakam
1/5/2002 Hamid Albar - illegally withholding/censoring Suhakam report
30/4/2002 Petronas & transparency
30/4/2002 May Day 2002 - focus on RM187 billion EPF funds
30/4/2002 Suhakam Commissioners "gagged" and human rights violated?
29/4/2002 Say no to PJ Local Plan
29/4/2002 Abu Talib - adhere to Suhakam's "4-11" decision on ISA
28/4/2002 Gothenberg school massacre
28/4/2002 Suhakam now more secretive and less accountable?
27/4/2002 Hamid Albar hijacked Suhakam annual report?
27/4/2002 Abu Talib - spell out human rights/Suhakam vision"
26/4/2002 Suhakam - fill seven vacancies with NGO nominees
26/4/2002 Musa Hitam infringes Suhakam Act
25/4/2002 Abu Talib as the new Suhakam chairman
25/4/2002 Abu Talib - ISA solitary confinement like in hotel
25/4/2002 Re-appoint Anuar and Mehrun to Suhakam
24/4/2002 Kerk to begin follow up cancer treatment next week
24/4/2002 Blackout of criticism of Abu Talib's appointment - human right violation
23/4/2002 Arms buy & Sukhoi Su-30 MKM Russian jet fighters
23/4/2002 5 Urgent Tasks for Abu Talib
23/4/2002 Abu Talib's appointment - bad omen for Suhakam?
23/4/2002 More on MAS scandal
22/4/2002 Public whipping/ stoning to death - retrogressive as it pushes society back towards a feudal mentality
22/4/2002 RCI into RM187 billion EPF investments
22/4/2002 Election Commission - ways to register for political donations and monitor campaign spending
21/4/2002 Phantom votes on electoral roll - 6-mth clean-up operation
21/4/2002 ISA hunger strike - BN's new contempt for human rights
20/4/2002 Terengganu State Government Should Reconsider Separate Pools Ruling
20/4/2002 ISA hunger strike - Chor's Madam Nhu "barbecue" comment
19/4/2002 ISA hunger strike - second urgent fax to Abdullah
18/4/2002 ISA hunger strike - urgent fax to Abdullah
17/4/2002 ISA hunger strike - seeking support from IUSY 
16/4/2002 ISA hunger strike - Cabinet "mute, blind and deaf" 
15/4/2002 KLIA Express Should Be More Innovative in Pricing Strategies  
15/4/2002 Incest and rape cases - obtain inputs from relevent individuals & organisations
14/4/2002 ISA hunger strike - Call on Mahathir to intervene before overseas trip
13/4/2002 ISA hunger strike - DAP wants Abdullah's no "kangaroo court" assurance
13/4/2002 ISA hunger strike - allow all detainees rights to consult lawyers of their choice
12/4/2002 ISA hunger strike - allow Private doctors to provide medical assistance 
12/4/2002 ISA hunger strike - common thread in affidavits
11/4/2002 Peace and security in Asia and the Pacific (The SI Asia-Pacific Committee met on 11-12 April in Manila, Philippines)
11/4/2002 Post-911 Malaysian politics under the Mahathir regime (The SI Asia-Pacific Committee met on 11-12 April in Manila, Philippines)
10/4/2002 "Aku Janji" - blank cheque for authorities to act against students' interests (Letter of Understanding)
10/4/2002 ISA hunger strike - punishments inhumane/illegal
9/4/2002 Support & Solidarity - ISA anniversary hunger strike
9/4/2002 Do not reward councillors for non-performance
6/4/2002 Toll increases on Kesas Highway: Works Minister should explain to Parliament
5/4/2002 Unanswered parliamentary question: Motion moved to review Speaker's decision
4/4/2002 Ensure that the Inland Revenue Board is fair and just
4/4/2002 Police killings - great discrepancy in Chor's figures
2/4/2002 Ketari by-election result - far-reaching political implications
2/4/2002 Ketari by-election: DAP to find out reasons behind decreases in registered voters
2/4/2002 Ways to integrate students
1/4/2002 Limit expenditure of candidates during elections as enshrined in law
1/4/2002 Israeli aggression against Palestinians must stop immediately
1/4/2002 Ketari by-election: Post-mortem to be conducted