Bulletin Archive - September 2008

30/09/2008 Selamat Hari Raya - Speak Truth To Power
29/09/2008 DAP’s stand on cross-overs
28/09/2008 Option 6 for Abdullah – Be a courageous reformist PM in his last six months in at least 10 areas which will be a lasting legacy for future Malaysians
28/09/2008 Ousting of Abdullah as PM by next March - let MCA, Gerakan, MIC, SUPP, Sabah/Sarawak BN parties take a stand
28/09/2008 Over 60% of grassroot in Gerakan, MCA, MIC and over 80% of Sabah/Sarawak parties want to quit BN
27/09/2008 Latest transition plans in UMNO will not solve impasse in the country
27/09/2008 Molotov cocktail hurled into Teresa Kok's family residence
27/09/2008 Penang will scuttle the free Wireless@Penang project if the WHO can be proven wrong that there are no health risks
27/09/2008 2 more options, increasing to 5, open to Abdullah to mull over his political future
27/09/2008 Abdullah's premiership de facto ended yesterday (26.9.08)
26/09/2008 Abdullah’s mid-2010 transition plan scuttled - can he salvage his premiership when the writing on his end is on the wall?
26/09/2008 Investigate the 2006 radioactive leak in Klang, protect public health & environment
26/09/2008 Which silly guy chop the trees?
25/09/2008 The increase of Inflation rate to a 27-year high
25/09/2008 Terrible price being paid by Malaysians for Abdullah's failure to establish IPCMC
24/09/2008 Release RPK & stop attack on alternative views
24/09/2008 All eyes on MCA Ministers in Cabinet today - censure Hamid for RPK ISA detention and harassment of Wee Meng Chee?
24/09/2008 Abdullah ultimate failure in battle against corruption - Malaysia’s worst ranking in 14 years of TI CPI (No. 47)
23/09/2008 Federal Government should speed up the installation of 48 CCTVs in Penang to help the police to prevent crime
23/09/2008 Abdullah fights for his political life – will Najib “sink or swim” with him?
22/09/2008 What’s Tunku doing in DAP?
22/09/2008 Will 4 MCA Ministers resign en masse if Anwar arrested under ISA?
22/09/2008 Is the "MCA operative in Puchong" an MCA member?
21/09/2008 Forum Announcement: Abolish ISA
21/09/2008 “No repeal or review of ISA” – will all MCA, Gerakan, Umno and BN Ministers/leaders “blindly accept” Hamid’s decision?
20/09/2008 Akta Hubungan Kaum tidak akan memperbaiki hubungan antara kaum jikalau layanan adil tidak diberi kepada semua rakyat
20/09/2008 Abdullah should convene 929 Emergency Parliament unless his days as PM are numbered after Umno's "918"
19/09/2008 Welcome Teresa Kok's Release, but ISA must go
19/09/2008 My ISA detention is without any legal or moral basis. It is a clear abuse of detention without trial
19/09/2008 Race Relations Act - will it enable Barack Obama phenomenon in Malaysia?
18/09/2008 Teresa's ISA detention - top MCA leadership should apologise and make amends
18/09/2008 “Free MP Teresa Kok Perak State Assembly Caucus” to be formed tomorrow
18/09/2008 Abdullah should give public assurance that Anwar will not be detained under ISA
17/09/2008 Online Petition - reject the draconian DNA Identification Bill 2008
17/09/2008 Memohon maaf di atas pembatalan banyak program
16/09/2008 Use of ISA by Malaysian Government violation of Malay Constitution, ASEAN Charter, and International Law
16/09/2008 Time to repeal ISA law once and for all...
16/09/2008 Repel the ISA at Wednesday's Cabinet Meeting
16/09/2008 Free MP Teresa Kok Parliamentary Caucus
16/09/2008 Zaid’s resignation “last nail in the coffin” of Abdullah’s repeat of reform pledges after March 8 “political tsunami”
16/09/2008 "916" symbolised the yearnings of Sabahans for a new Malaysia where they enjoy full citizenship status and benefits as Malaysians
16/09/2008 No national-level celebration of Malaysia Day 2008 – PM and Cabinet apology warranted
16/09/2008 Zaid Ibrahim to attend - "Free MP Teresa Kok" parliamentary caucus inaugural meeting tomorrow
15/09/2008 ‘Free Teresa, Abolish ISA’ Campaign
15/09/2008 "Free Teresa Kok from detention under ISA" candlelight vigil in Penang on 16th Sept
14/09/2008 JIM kecam penahanan ahli politik, wartawan dan penulis bloh di bawah Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri (ISA)
14/09/2008 Chong Eng appointed as DAP Support, Sympathy & Solidarity(SSS) for free Teresa
14/09/2008 Habeas Corpus application for Teresa Kok tomorrow; international-level Campaign will be launched
14/09/2008 Meeting with Speaker Pandikar Amin tomorrow on MP Teresa Kok's ISA detention on totally baseless grounds
14/09/2008 Tan Hoon Cheng makes ISA history – Syed Hamid acquires ISA infamy
13/09/2008 A Malaysian’s Malaysia
13/09/2008 Release YB Teresa Kok NOW
13/09/2008 Free ALL ISA detaniees NOW
13/09/2008 DAP NS kutuk salah guna ISA oleh BN
13/09/2008 Abdullah - release Teresa, RPK, Tan and withdraw from precipice of new Malaysian dark age
12/09/2008 DAP demands Raja Petra be unconditionally released from ISA detention
12/09/2008 ISA for RPK and show-cause to 3 newspapers while 3-yr Umno suspension for Ahmad Ismail - Abdullah justice and rule of law?
12/09/2008 Whether 916, 1016, 1116 or in an early 13th general election, time has come for new federal government
11/09/2008 Teresa Kok: "Saya akan ambil tindakan terhadap Utusan Malaysia & Zaini Hassan"
11/09/2008 Reinventing Penang State Administration
11/09/2008 Clarification – Guang Ming report of 49 BN MPs on Taiwan junket are given RM500,000 each and that I knew of the “mysterious sponsor” incorrect and misleading
11/09/2008 Ahmad's 3-year Umno suspension - "water off a duck's back"
10/09/2008 Menteri Besar Negeri Sembilan tidak faham Perlembagaan Negeri 
10/09/2008 Military has no place in civilian rule or crisis 
10/09/2008 UMNO Selangor memutar-belitkan Isu Azan di Puchong
10/09/2008 Abdullah - cut short 54 BN MPs' "blur blur" agriculture tour of Taiwan and prove no fear of 916
10/09/2008 Racist Ahmad Ismail provocation - will 13 Penang Umno division leaders be disciplined too?
09/09/2008 UMNO’s age old tactics of using – race and religious fear - will lead to its own demise
09/09/2008 The 916 obsession - 54 BN MPs have Anwar to thank for the last-minute free junket to Taiwan
09/09/2008 Ahmad Ismail revolt – when will Abdullah stop his flip-flops and demonstrate that he is Prime Minister for all Malaysians
08/09/2008 “The birds have flown” – BN MPs forced to flee from Malaysia because of “916”
06/09/2008 BN forced to seclude its MPs in 12-day “overseas retreat” as it is not sure of the allegiance of 30 to 40 per cent of its MPs come “916”
06/09/2008 Revolt by Ahmad Ismail and 13 Penang UMNO divisions latest and probably most critical challenge to Abdullah’s power-transition plan
05/09/2008 Dr M and Keng Yaik should accept responsibility for the mess in UMNO/ BN and country
05/09/2008 Call on Abdullah to disband BTN - Trojan Horse to subvert Bangsa Malaysia
04/09/2008 The success of choosing only the best is the pathway to be a top university
04/09/2008 DAP CEC minor reshuffle and new appointments
04/09/2008 Any Najib apology for the rank racism of BTN indoctrination courses?
03/09/2008 Apology for mistake that Najib’s “apology” blacked out by Utusan Malaysia and Berita Harian
03/09/2008 5 reasons why Najib's apology on behalf of Ahmad inappropriate, inadequate and unacceptable
02/09/2008 Budget 2009: Dramatic increase in operational expenditure exposes questions on the government's efficiency and effectiveness
02/09/2008 Open Letter to PM & Ministers - Lessons of two “political tsunamis” in six months
01/09/2008 Abdullah fails test as the Prime Minister of all Malaysians
01/09/2008 Is giving RM 36 per year in tax benefits helpful in fighting inflation and reducing the rakyat’s financial burden?