Bulletin Archive - November 2008

30/11/2008 A new RM 50b expansionary economic plan to fight the recession and prepare for a more prosperous future
30/11/2008 Teng Hock Nan mesti jelaskan projek MPSP yang dibuat tanpa tender terbuka kepada ADSB
28/11/2008 Nazri misled the House
28/11/2008 Tajudin's gutter, racist and sexist language in Parliament
27/11/2008 Everyone, including royalty must be equal before the law
27/11/2008 Details of MPSP's RM 223.7m losses in reserve funds over 9 years of significant development expenditures revealed to the public
26/11/2008 Selangor State Government's aid to Tamil schools is a victory for the people
26/11/2008 DAPSY National Congress 2008
26/11/2008 PAS Selangor needs a crash course on coalition politics
25/11/2008 Select Committees should be formed immediately
25/11/2008 BN leaders, Utusan Malaysia and some publications refused to publish the vandalisation of the BM/Arabic road sign in Lebuh Acheh
25/11/2008 Irene's triumph after 13-year ordeal - two measures to give full meaning
24/11/2008 Stop the attack on civil society & press; institute IPCMC now
24/11/2008 DAP welcomes the acquittal of Irene Fernandez, calls for a review of laws
24/11/2008 MPPP instructed to lodge police reports over the vandalisation of the Bahasa Malaysia/Arabic road signs in Lebuh Acheh
24/11/2008 Oil Palm industry crisis - urgent remedial measures needed
24/11/2008 RM50 million Pempena scandals - another 3 questions for Azalina
23/11/2008 RM50 Pempena scandals - 3 questions Azalina should answer as non-functioning Pempena CEO has clamped up
22/11/2008 Budget Alternatif Negeri Sembilan 2009
22/11/2008 Chew Mei Fun should send me her job application with her cv and I will employ her at a salary befitting her real qualifications
21/11/2008 Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi perlu telus dalam perlantikan Naib Canselor UM
21/11/2008 DAP forms standing committee for election preparation
21/11/2008 Snap election end 2009/early2010 with RAHMAN prophecy?
21/11/2008 PAC should investigate into RM50 million Pempena scandals and 2 Ministers/3 Pempena Chairmen during the period
20/11/2008 SPAD unlikely to improve public transport in its current format
20/11/2008 Najib should further reduce the price of petrol
20/11/2008 Khaled - End gender discrimination against women academicians or face RM10 salary cut
20/11/2008 Will former Pampena Chairman Chor Chee Heong step forward to explain the RM50 million Pempena scandals?
19/11/2008 Peoples' power reigns in the decision to declassify highway concessions
19/11/2008 Is RTM halving airtime for Mandarin news?
19/11/2008 Federal Govt must approve a RM 200m interest-free loan and RM 5m grant to preserve and promote George Town
19/11/2008 Urge the Federal Government to adopt anti–recessionary measures by implementing a RM 48b fiscal stimulus plan
19/11/2008 Challenge to Hamid Albar to a public debate whether the crime situation in Malaysia is getting better or worse
19/11/2008 Insinuation of PR 'secret agreement' on Malay special rights - baseless, mischievous and unworthy of a professional journalist
18/11/2008 "7 days for Zaki to step down"
18/11/2008 Maybank may have to make a higher loan provisions of up to RM 5b from the over-priced purchase of MCB and BII
18/11/2008 Idris v Rafiah - what is more important is relentless drop in standards of Malaysian universities
18/11/2008 Summary Report of PwhC's Pampena Companies
18/11/2008 Pempena Police report - "looting of people's money using tourism as a front'
17/11/2008 No PAC report on Eurocopter and no PAC investigation into HSBB and BII scandals after more than a month
17/11/2008 Najib should not leave the country with a RM7 billion "black hole" in 2009 Budget
17/11/2008 Why PM and DPM out of the country at same time this week - breaking 30-yr standing rule?
15/11/2008 RM7 billion "black hole" in 2009 Budget - Najib has got lousy advisers
15/11/2008 Melamine contamination in the new “kangkong” menu of the new MCA leadership
15/11/2008 Malaysian universities losing out to Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines
14/11/2008 Nazri should apologise to the Dewan
14/11/2008 Parliamentary Caucus on the Intergrity and Independence of the Judiciary - First meeting next week
14/11/2008 Cranky Mahathir
14/11/2008 Bajet Negeri Pulau Pinang 2009
14/11/2008 Kedah 50% bumiputra housing controversy being resolved
14/11/2008 Hamid - when are you going to assume personal responsibility for rampant crime?
14/11/2008 Bastard in the House" (2) - "Spoilt brats" running BNBBC
13/11/2008 Masyarakat madani memerlukan sistem demokrasi yang sihat dengan peranan Ketua Pembangkang yang diperakui
13/11/2008 Azalina - honour your promise and table in Parliament PriceWaterhouse report on Pempena scandals
12/11/2008 Kenyataan Ketua Polis Negara dan Selangor terhadap saya dan Tony Pua adalah tidak berasas
12/11/2008 DNA Identification Bill - motion to refer it to Select Committee on Dec. 8
12/11/2008 Eurocopter answers PAC must give in its report
11/11/2008 EC Chairman’s Appointment – disappointment over no consultation, cautious hope for an impartial EC
11/11/2008 MCAC Bill - "magic formula" to transform Malaysia into a model nation in anti-corruption?
10/11/2008 Police violence against Bersih supporters - worse things to come under PM in waiting Najib?
10/11/2008 Police mayhem
10/11/2008 Urgent motion in Parliament - no to Hamid's appeal to court to re-arrest RPK
09/11/2008 Najib’s RM 7 billion economic stimulus plan is insufficient to avert the recession following the global financial crisis
09/11/2008 Can Zaki prove doubters wrong about his suitability as CJ?
09/11/2008 RPK's rearrest under ISA - Cabinet/Parliament must overrule Hamid
08/11/2008 MCAC - 3 reasons why no confidence in Abdullah's last fling with anti-corruption reform
08/11/2008 Two corrupt recently-retired judges - ACA must start investigations from CJ Zaki
07/11/2008 Syed Hamid Albar should resign for misusing power
07/11/2008 "Bastard" in the House - most severe action must taken against Tajuddin
07/11/2008 Abdullah would fail in judicial reforms if original Article 121(1) not restored
06/11/2008 RM7 billion economic stimulus - Najib wants MPs and nation to live a fiction
05/11/2008 Malaysia should take inspiration from Obama’s victory
04/11/2008 Najib: Leader of UMNO but not the country?
04/11/2008 A rare parliamentary sight not seen for decades – eight UMNO Ministers queuing up in Parliament till 11.30 pm last night to reply
04/11/2008 Azmi's unilateral rush as PAC Chairman to whitewash Eurocoper helicopter deal fiasco
04/11/2008 Are MCMC/Ministry dumb or just subservient to Telekom Malaysia?
03/11/2008 Kesal dengan tindakan piket kakitangan PKNS
03/11/2008 Shahidan Kassim owes Zaid Ibrahim, Malays and all Malaysians an apology
03/11/2008 Silltera: Never ending losses?
03/11/2008 Has Najib misled Malaysians with regards to the purpose RM5 billion "loan" from EPF to ValueCap?
03/11/2008 Three Higher Education Ministers in 4 years while universities continue plunge in international rankings
03/11/2008 Are Nuris "flying coffins"?
02/11/2008 Completing the economic, political and ethical transformation of Penang into an international city - that people have faith in the future
02/11/2008 New politics of "Beyond NEP"
02/11/2008 UMNO Ministers - take 5-month Cabinet leave for party election campaign instead of neglecting Cabinet duties
01/11/2008 Institutionalize accountability, transparency & good governance in PKNS
01/11/2008 Even more imperative Najib submit himself to RCI to clear him of all allegations from murder to corruption
01/11/2008 Eurocopter inquiry - PAC should summon Najib