Bulletin Archive - April 2009

30/04/2009 Usurper Zambry plotting 2nd unethical, undemocratic, illegal power grab to remove Perak Speaker Sivakumar
29/04/2009 Najib dare not even mention the word “meritocracy” – quintessence of reform - , what meaningful civil service revamp could he achieve?
29/04/2009 Publication of PwC report on RM8 bil PKFZ scandal - why for 6 mths OTK dare not discuss with Najib?
28/04/2009 PM Najib using a peashooter to reform and boost the economy to stave off a recession
28/04/2009 Cabinet must send out clear signal tomorrow that it stands by its “common religion” decision on baby Prasana Diksa case - not a decision to be defied with impunity
28/04/2009 RM8 bil PKFZ scandal? - Cabinet tomorrow should overrule OTK's "passing-the-buck" game and direct immediate release of PwC Report
27/04/2009 DAP fully support the abolishing of the current AP system
26/04/2009 Whereabouts of year-old baby girl Prasana Diksa shapes up to be first major test of Najib’s “Performance Now” motto
26/04/2009 Zambry's May 7 Perak Assembly meeting - call it off as it is against Najib's public position
25/04/2009 Hishammuddin must settle "Allah" controversy
25/04/2009 Port Klang Free Port scandal – from RM2.3 billion under Liong Sik, RM4.6 billion under Kong Choy and now to RM8 billion under Tee Keat?
24/04/2009 US Senate 'Trafficking of Burmese Migrants' report holds Malaysia and ASEAN responsible and demands immediate action
24/04/2009 Lugar Report on complicity of Malaysian officials in human trafficking of Burmese refugees for prostitution/forced labour - Najib must act now
24/04/2009 Najib should answer – Is RPK to be detained under new ISA order and to be charged for treason?
23/04/2009 Parliamentary Roundtable on Indira Ghandi and forced conversion of her 3 children - if Tsu Koon cannot deliver "Performance Now"
23/04/2009 Election Commission - explain strange/extraordinary behaviour, reinforcing public suspicions about its independence, professionalism and integrity
22/04/2009 MP Gobind’s one-year suspension without pay/privileges - will Federal Court be guilty of selective justice?
22/04/2009 Najib's liberalisation of ownership for selected sectors is welcomed but much more needs to be done
22/04/2009 EC - what moral right has it to propose law changes to deal with "unnecessary by-elections"?
22/04/2009 Tainted Cabinet - no Minister who dare to raise RCI in Cabinet for Najib to "clear" his name?
21/04/2009 Memorandum by DAPSY for SPR on suggestions for improvement of electoral system
21/04/2009 Dr. Syed Husin Ali's comment - ill advised
21/04/2009 Why there should be by-elections for Jelapang, Behrang and Changkat Jering (Perak) and Kulai (Parliament)
21/04/2009 Rais Yatim – be Minister for Broadband instead of Minister for Propaganda and Blogs
20/04/2009 EC - prove it is not mouthpiece/tool of BN
19/04/2009 BN not contesting Penanti by-election unconvincing unless Najib prepared to end all “political games” and call Perak state-wide elections
18/04/2009 It’s the economy, stupid!
18/04/2009 Did Najib direct or approve ban on private TV station reporting of Altantuya C4 murder case?
17/04/2009 Kenyataan Khir Toyo bersifat nakal
17/04/2009 Usurper Perak MB convening Assembly on 7th May – Federal Court decision against Perak Speaker defective, null and void
17/04/2009 Mahathir playing for very high states - attacks "several unsavoury characters" in Najib Cabinet
16/04/2009 FOI bill, OSA and Council minutes of meetings – let’s study Scandinavian standards
16/04/2009 The DAP’s socialist streak
16/04/2009 BN biggest "ethnic prison" - why Najib Cabinet failed 1st KPI over Utusan's communal/inflammatory "Bangkitlah Melayu" headline
16/04/2009 Congrats OTK - the gall to accuse others “politically bankrupt” when MCA could garner at most 5 or 6% of the Chinese votes in Bukit Gantang by-election
15/04/2009 Global crisis is slowly becoming a human crisis in Asia and the Developing World
15/04/2009 “1Malaysia” means “Arise Malaysians” or “Arise Malays”, “Arise Chinese”, “Arise Indians,”Arise Kadazans”, “Arise Ibans”?
15/04/2009 How many Ministers in Najib Cabinet are like Muhyiddin and Tee Keat who cannot pass UPSR as they do not know the meaning of “membalas budi”?
14/04/2009 Now Muhyiddin owes a second apology and Ong Tee Kiat too should apologise
14/04/2009 UMNO should instead be grateful to the Chinese community for prolonging their political survival in the 1999 general election
14/04/2009 Dialog Hari Bumi Sedunia 2009 "Beg plastik: Memudahkan atau memudaratkan?"
14/04/2009 Season greetings to those who celebrate Vaisakhi, Varusha Pirappu and Vishu
14/04/2009 Open Letter to Najib and his Ministers – eight priority issues for the first meeting of the Najib Cabinet tomorrow
13/04/2009 1Malaysia - first blow from Muhyiddin's divisive interview
12/04/2009 People queuing up to register as voters
12/04/2009 Tsu Koon – Super Minister or Superfluous Minister in Najib Cabinet?
11/04/2009 DAPSY Orientation Camp - Instill a sense of understanding among members on the party’s ideology and struggle
11/04/2009 Easter Message - The spirit of Easter should also be reflected in “1Malaysia. People First. Performance Now”
11/04/2009 Wow factors of Najib Cabinet? Backdoor Cabinet, Parti Belakang
10/04/2009 Federal Court decision merely affirms the current position of the EC that the 3 are still Perak ADUNs
10/04/2009 A reform centered cabinet?
10/04/2009 Najib's first task is to get rid of the corrupt in his Cabinet whether Minister or Deputy Minister
10/04/2009 Najib Cabinet – dominated by old faces, old ideas and old approach rejected by Malaysians in the March 8 political tsunami and two Bukit by-elections
09/04/2009 Surprise at the appointment of Ministers and Deputy Ministers who were defeated and rejected by the people in last general election
09/04/2009 Najib Cabinet not "lean", may be "mean" - announcement overshadowed by ghost of Altantuya
09/04/2009 Death for Azilah/Sirul - intensify demand for RCI into allegations of Najib's involvement in Altantuya C4 murder case
08/04/2009 Pakatan wins 2 bukits – A Rejection of Najib’s Leadership and Perak Coup
08/04/2009 By-election results signifies the continuing irrelevance of race-based politics and demonstrates the lack of confidence in our new PM
08/04/2009 Mohammad Fairus resignation as Penang Deputy Chief Minister I takes effect immediately on 8th April 2009
08/04/2009 6 reform measures that new PM must adopt to make “1 Malaysia” work
08/04/2009 Second political tsunami - double 'no confidence' vote on Najib and Zambry
07/04/2009 Abolish the ISA and repeal restrictions attached to the release of detainees
07/04/2009 Najib Cabinet - can it pass the test of being clean and the slogan of "1Malaysia. People First. Performance Now."?
06/04/2009 Mahathir's coronation as eminence grise in Najib premiership
06/04/2009 Ganabatirau/Kengadharan still "unfree" after ISA release
05/04/2009 EC, do not practice double standard
05/04/2009 PM’s not king, please give up taxpayers-funded palace
05/04/2009 Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang akan mengumumkan laporan siasatan ke atas pembayaran royalti dikurang laporkan kepada orang awam
05/04/2009 Disgraceful 45-hr police "cat-and-mouse game" on Ganabatirau and Kengadharan's ISA release
04/04/2009 M. Manoharan harus dilepaskan bersama-sama dengan tahanan ISA yang lain
04/04/2009 Malaysians see through Najib’s tokenism
04/04/2009 Najib fails "Performance Now" test within 24 hours - 13 ISA detainees still not free despite "immediate release" last night
04/04/2009 Suspend ISA detention-without-trial powers for 2 years pending "comprehensive review"
03/04/2009 DAPSY urges Najib to free all ISA detainees and repeal the ISA along with other draconian laws that allow for detention without trial
03/04/2009 Satu jawatankuasa khas perlu ditubuhkan untuk meyiasat dan membersihkan segala tuduhan ke atas Najib
03/04/2009 Will the new Prime Minister and UMNO reject “Ketuanan Melayu”, and adopt “One Malaysia”?
03/04/2009 Muhyiddin breaks the very same permit conditions by raising racial and religious issues
03/04/2009 Najib should release all ISA detainees and abolish the ISA as part of his first 100 days reform
03/04/2009 Najib's first test as PM on his "One Malaysian" concept - halt Umno's irresponsible/destructive by-election campaign labelling majority of PK voters as anti-Sultan
02/04/2009 One Malaysia remains one expensive, shambolic publicity stunt
02/04/2009 Tunku Abdul Aziz dicalonkan sebagai Ahli Dewan Negara
01/04/2009 Confirmed - no Najib 100-day honeymoon as new PM after "Altantuya ban"
01/04/2009 Najib's swearing-in as PM on Friday - royal prerogative disregarded when royal consent not yet given for Abdullah's resignation?