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Bulletin Archive - March 2010

31/03/2010 Muhyiddin should resign as Deputy Prime Minister if he is not prepared to set the lead and declare that in accordance with the 1Malaysia goal, he is Malaysian first and Malay second
30/03/2010 Teng Hock Nan bertalam dua muka lagi!
30/03/2010 Najib’s NEM has not been able to come out of the long shadow cast by the Perkasa inaugural congress which was attended by several Umno Deputy Ministers
27/03/2010 Mahathir has come full circle – from an ultra back again to an ultra repudiating Bangsa Malaysia and Vision 2020 which he enunciated in 1991
25/03/2010 Is Musa currying favour with the Prime Minister hoping to override Hishammuddin and get another year’s extension as IGP?
25/03/2010 Gamuda's RM10.8 billion offer to acquire all water assets and maintain current prices proves beyond doubt that the existing contracts provides enormous profits to Syabas and its shareholders
25/03/2010 Challenge to Hishammuddin to have opinion poll on Home Ministry website whether the prominent media photo of him and IGP as best of pals are genuine or just “for show”
25/03/2010 Farce and fiasco of 24-hr resignation of Titi Tinggi Assemblyman exposes total breakdown of authority of MCA leadership
25/03/2010 Meeting of Sabahans in the Klang Valley at PJ Civics Centre on April 18 at 2 pm
24/03/2010 Low-Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) dan Landasan Kapal Terbang Kedua(2nd Runway) diperlukan
24/03/2010 With 10 days to his full-year as PM, Najib has lengthened his list of “dubious firsts” – this time, interfering with Perlis Speaker’s duties to act on the resignation of MCA Titi Tinggi Assemblyman
24/03/2010 Najib should give Liow Tiong Lai an ultimatum to resolve the Sabah health crisis where hospitals in Kota Kinabalu have been compared to Vietnam refugee camps or he should sack Liow and appoint new Health Minister
23/03/2010 Once Perlis Speaker has confirmed receipt of Titi Tinggi Assemblyman Yip Sun Onn’s resignation, it cannot be retracted or it could be challenged in a court of law
22/03/2010 Imbangi gender dalam semua bidang
21/03/2010 Syabas diminta supaya mengutamakan hak asasi manusia dan bukan keuntungan
21/03/2010 Prove press freedom by taking action against Utusan Malaysia
20/03/2010 Parliament must bring a finality and certainty to the issues of conversions and custody of children
20/03/2010 Sabah State Assembly next month should pass special resolution to support RCI on 50 years of Sabah and Sarawak in Malaysia
19/03/2010 Wee Ka Siong wrong to say that Ngeh Koo Ham not in favour of Local Govt Elections
19/03/2010 Business as usual for Damansara Utama Service Centre
18/03/2010 Malaysia should heed the gentle warning of Japanese ambassador
18/03/2010 Berapa ramai Ahli Jemaah Menteri, termasuk Timbalan Perdana Menteri, yang mempunyai DNA 1Malaysia dan berupaya lulus tiga ujian mudah 1Malaysia?
18/03/2010 How many Cabinet Ministers, including the DPM, have the 1Malaysia DNA as to be able to pass three simple 1Malaysia tests?
17/03/2010 CPO DCP Ayub misplaced priority on transsexual sex trade
17/03/2010 Withdraw China Press show-cause letter and stop intimidating the media
17/03/2010 The Prime Minister must keep his “performance now” promise to take concrete actions against the “big fishes” of the PKFZ scandal and decide on its future
15/03/2010 Falsehood about Chinese candidates proposed as State Secretary
14/03/2010 GST forum in PJ – More information despite Federal Government putting off GST for second reading in upcoming Parliament session
14/03/2010 Latest U-Turn on the Goods & Services Tax (GST) Bill takes the public's confidence in the Government's management of the economy to a new low
14/03/2010 Open debate on New Economic Model (NEM)
13/03/2010 Why is Hishammuddin breathing down the neck of the media threatening “all hell to break loose” when all that is needed is a correction for any incorrect report about resignation of Musa Hassan as IGP?
13/03/2010 The 200 top SPM students should all be given full pre-university and university scholarships to usher in a new era of meritocracy
13/03/2010 Four MCA Ministers and seven deputy ministers should take collective official leave for next fortnight to concentrate on their party tussle in the run-up to the fresh MCA party elections on March 28
12/03/2010 Surat kepada Perdana Menteri - Cadangan mengadakan Pilihanraya Kerajaan Tempatan di Negeri Pulau Pinang
12/03/2010 Top 10 students and Top 10 schools in SPM 2009 a slap-in-the face to Muhyiddin’s list of High Performance Schools
11/03/2010 It’s time to release Malaysian Maverick book
11/03/2010 Najib has forgotten his first promise as PM that “The era where the government knows best is over”
11/03/2010 Is Hishammuddin involving police in greater political harassment of PR leaders when he should be asking the police to single-mindedly fight crime to make Malaysia a safe country?
10/03/2010 Return the third vote to the people and sovereignty to local councils
10/03/2010 Challenge the government to hold a national referendum on restoration of local government elections
09/03/2010 Najib will have no time for affairs of state as Prime Minister if he spends 10 hours a day on Facebook
09/03/2010 The indomitable spirit of several thousands who stood under heavy rain to hear Pakatan Rakyat leaders in Semboyan Halilintar ke Putrajaya ceramah perdana potent sign that the goal of Putrajaya is within reach
09/03/2010 Has Najib’s New Economic Model been hijacked by Neo-NEP Umnoputras like Perkasa forcing another delay in its announcement?
08/03/2010 Perutusan Hari Wanita Antarabangsa 2010 (Chong Eng)
08/03/2010 International Women's Day Message 2010 (Lim Guan Eng)
08/03/2010 Target of Pakatan Rakyat in Sarawak in the forthcoming state general elections to form the next State Government or BN two-thirds majority in Sarawak State Assembly
08/03/2010 Ong Tee Keat and RM12.5 billion scandal - leave with a bang and not in a whimper
08/03/2010 Najib losing battle for 1Malaysia when a rational and level-headed Umno leader like Second Finance Minister Husni could make a racist remark when he is under influence of Penang UMNO
07/03/2010 Cabinet on Wednesday should give “green light” for legislative action to allow state governments like Penang to restore local government elections
06/03/2010 MCA dignity and humiliation plumbing new historic lows
05/03/2010 First time in 56-year MCA history – fresh party leadership elections decided by external remote control
05/03/2010 Abdul Gani’s decision not to press charges against Al-Islam reporters without extracting public apology indefensible and dangerous precedent inimical to 1Malaysia concept
04/03/2010 Surat kepada Pengerusi SPR - Pilihanraya Kerajaaan Tempatan untuk pemilihan Ahli-ahli Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang (MPPP) dan Majlis Perbandaran Seberang Prai (MPSP)
04/03/2010 Najib cannot find real comfort in PKR’s agonizing self-cleansing process when his 1Malaysia concept and Barisan Nasional are in such tatters
03/03/2010 Tuaran Hospital has no sick bays and wards – no beds
03/03/2010 5% oil royalty - why have the sons of the second and third Prime Ministers turned their backs on their father’s joint legacy to the states?
02/03/2010 DAP MPs declare support for Anwar as Parliamentary Opposition Leader and PM designate for PR
02/03/2010 36,000 Malaysians jobless?
02/03/2010 Instill democratic principles in school, not take away rights to vote
02/03/2010 School children need to get information about human sexuality to protect themselves from sexual violation and to nurture respect and responsibility in man-woman relationship
02/03/2010 Anwar Ibrahim will continue as Parliamentary Opposition Leader even if PKR MPs number less than DAP’s 28 MPs
01/03/2010 Increase allowances and allocation for reps instead of AP for ADUNs

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