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Documentary “Kleptocrats” about the 1MDB scandal making world premier in New York while the Supreme Kleptocrat in Malaysia continues in his bubble to deny existence of 1MDB scandal

Former UMNO Minister and UMNO Wanita leader, Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz has asked a most important and pertinent question about education in Malaysia at the…


Hope that the US-China trade war will end at the G20 Leaders’ Summit in Argentina at the end of November

All over world, events are developing at unprecedented speed and it is important that Malaysians, if they are to succeed in the building of a…


The revelation by the MACC implies quite clearly that the MACC was of the view that there was a case against Musa Aman back then

The revelation by the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) that it had completed investigations into graft allegations against Musa Aman and had handed over the…


DAP and Pakatan Harapan in full support of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), but make it an all-win formula and it might even contest the “Clash of Civilisation” theory and lead to One Universal Civilisation for mankind

The Third Academic Forum on China’s Belt and Road Initiative (RBI) today cannot be more timely, held six months after the historic peaceful and democratic…


Speech by SA for Padungan, Wong King Wei at DUN Sarawak

On Budget Estimated Revenue increased from 6.9b 2018 to 10.5b in 2019. The major source of income resulting the increment is sales tax on petroleum…


Penangguhan Konvensyen Biasa DAP Negeri Pahang untuk memberi laluan kepada Pendengaran Awam Lynas

Saya menyeru agar semua rakyat Pahang yang prihatin akan isu Lynas menghadiri pendengaran awam pada 9 pagi Ahad ini (11/11). Bagi menggalakkan ahli parti menghadiri…


DAP harus sokong ICERD

Setahu kita, pengisytiharan “Deklarasi Setapak” yang dirumuskan oleh pelopor DAP pada tahun 1967, adalah satu bukti kepercayaan parti DAP bahawa prinsip kesaksamaan antara kaum mesti…

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