Bulletin Archive - January 2004

31/1/2004 Legal suit against Manivaas Trading for unpaid wages and monies owed to its former employees amounting to about RM2 million
31/1/2004 Judge "First 100 days" with Wang An Shih's incorruptible government - "good system and good people"
31/1/2004 Hutton "Whitewash" Report - salutary lesson for Police Royal Commission
31/1/2004 Anwar allegations against three top judges - Cabinet should establish judicial tribunal
30/1/2004 Emulate Canada - develop bird flu pandemic preparedness plan
30/1/2004 Screening & quarantine by customs & bird flu
29/1/2004 CDC, comprehensive strategy agianst bird flu
29/1/2004 Arrest of Palong SA - Shame on Negeri Sembilan State Government
29/1/2004 Will Ministers amd MBs be arrested for corruption reports lodged against them?
29/1/2004 LKS contesting in Batu Gajah - utterly preposterous
28/1/2004 Zhu Rongji's 100 coffins - 99 for the corrupt and one for himself
27/1/2004 DAP Perak to MB: Stop abuse of powers and unlawful discrimination of fund allocation
27/1/2004 Will Pak Lah be Hai Rui - a tragic failure of an incorruptible Ming dynasty official?
27/1/2004 Second Royal Commission on "Education Revolution"
27/1/2004 International mother language day: DAP to launch a series of programmes starting February 15
27/1/2004 Bird flu - Government shld adopt a more open attitude and to provide up-to-date information
26/1/2004 Nurul Huda - separate public inquiry of police, TNB, security companies, govt. clinic, etc
26/1/2004 "1st world infrastructure, 3rd world mentality" strikes KLIA every Chinese New Year
25/1/2004 Three issues for Pak Lah before end of his First Hundred Days as PM
25/1/2004 Two DPMs from Penang - one in prison, the other now PM
24/1/2004 Police "Harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi" outrages
20/1/2004 Springtime for democracy and good governance - will it come?
20/1/2004 Let the people of Malaysia and the world have peace and happiness
20/1/2004 Malaysia must adopt a new mindset to face challenges of the future by creating global Malaysians who will think global, learn global and act global
19/1/2004 Meritocracy system:  Education Ministerís comments have strengthened the doubt about the objective of the unfair system
19/1/2004 Najib wants "blank cheque" in next election - more not less corruption
19/1/2004 Horrific Nurul Huda crime - top agenda of Police Royal Commission
18/1/2004 10-year-old Nurul Huda's gang-rape and murder - a grim reminder
17/1/2004 Police royal commission - Abdullah should consult Opposition and civil society
16/1/2004 Abdullah - let Anwar go to Munich for medical treatment
15/1/2004 Najib has no confidence in national education system - sends children to private international school
13/1/2004 28,200 more pupils but Chinese primary schools reduced by four - Najib's record as Education Minister
13/1/2004 Cabinet - recognise and observe 5th International Mother Language Day on 21st February
13/1/2004 "Think out of the box" - suspend construction of RM1.1 billion "crooked half-bridge"
12/1/2004 Niche in China & DPM's promise
12/1/2004 DAP is not a member of the PAS Transparency Council
12/1/2004 MCA against corruption - New Year Resolution or Chinese New Year Joke
10/1/2004 Abdullah's war against corruption - too many promises, too little action
10/1/2004 White Paper on RM30 billion Bank Negara forex losses - Mohamed Nor's first task
9/1/2004 MCA and Chinese Guilds and Associations Interactive Forum: A forum short of true representation, sincerity and achievement
9/1/2004 Public service drafting National Integrity Plan - a complete farce!
8/1/2004 Cabinet reshuffle, improve anti-corruption and other sectors
8/1/2004 Abdullah continues as Home and Finance Minister - no confidence in others?
8/1/2004 Stop building the crooked half-bridge to start a new chapter with Singapore
7/1/2004 Najib as DPM - eradicate corruption
7/1/2004 Najib's long-delayed appointment - general election around the corner
6/1/2004 Vision School - Is Musa doing a "Mahathir" on the Suqiu controversy?
5/1/2004 Second Royal Commission - quality education at all levels
5/1/2004 Restriction on dress code retrogressive
5/1/2004 National service - to inculcate "love of nation" or "love of Barisan Nasional"?
5/1/2004 Fast-track monthly voter registration update and even after dissolution of Parliament
4/1/2004 Adnan Yaakob's police report - height of ridicule
4/1/2004 Police Royal Commission - Whistleblowers Protection Guarantee and immunity from OSA prosecution
3/1/2004 Police should not 'hijack" terms of reference of Royal Commission
2/1/2004 MCA and Aik Hua Holding fiasco
2/1/2004 Religious freedom in Malaysia?
2/1/2004 Review media, open policy & PM's New Year message
2/1/2004 RM200m tuition voucher - temporary remedy or "parallel" education system?
1/1/2004 Police Royal Commission - don't whittle down its powers and scope