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Kelantan Deputy MB Nik Amar Abdullah should be careful when asking DAP to leave PR

Kelantan Deputy MB Nik Amar Abdullah should be careful when asking DAP to leave PR.

Something seems to be wrong with him. Whilst we in DAP ask PAS President Abdul Hadi Awang to attend meetings to strengthen PR, this man accuses us of trying to push PAS out of PR. He doesn’t seem to understand simple things.

If there are no useful meetings, the existence of PR itself would be illusory.
This is not a small issue. It is a very serious matter. It goes to the heart of PR itself.

Hadi has openly said he will choose when to attend PR meetings or not. He has chosen to again behave as if he is the all supreme in PR who will decide when and what, if at all, anything will be done.

This kind of attitude is a show of total and utter disrespect not only to the component parties of PR but more so to the many Malaysians who expect that leaders in PR will put their hearts and minds together to build an alternative party which is capable of leading this country in place of BN.

But instead of reassuring people, we find a repeat of what we saw of Hadi during the Selangor MB crisis.

We in DAP have said many times that if PR is to work, if it is to succeed, there must be serious efforts put into it by all component parties concerned.

We are not pinning things down to Hadi personally but from what we see in the past, it is clear that PAS is governed by one man and he is Hadi. He is able to overrule anyone or any body in the party.

So, there is nothing wrong in asking for him to be present at meetings if decisions must be made over the future of PR.

There is just no point in having meetings if the main person doesn’t bother attending and all discussions are on a “we will consult our leader basis” and nothing is firmed up in the end.