Bulletin Archive - December 2008

31/12/2008 Tan Sri Rashid’s EC term a unmitigated failure
31/12/2008 Global pressure needed to stop organised murder in Gaza
31/12/2008 Oh Samy! 
31/12/2008 Eight key challenges for 2009 
31/12/2008 Malaysia at new crossroads – whether Malaysians can unite as one people to withstand the worst effects of the global economic tsunami
30/12/2008 Anti-Prophet Mohammad blog - Hamid, Shabery, MCMC should explain why so tardy in taking action
29/12/2008 Ahmad Said the most suitable candidate to be first Chief Commissioner of MACC?
27/12/2008 Hukum Hudud – Jika UMNO tidak bersedia, mengapakah pula mencabar orang lain?
26/12/2008 Will OTK lead MCA to quit BN unless UMNO leaders renounce 7-year unconstitutional "929 Declaration"?
24/12/2008 Christmas Greetings by YB Charles Santiago  
24/12/2008 Legality : Leasehold title to Freehold title in Perak – YB Ngeh Koo Ham  
24/12/2008 DAPSY leadership line-up for 2008-2010  
24/12/2008 Christmas day message by DAP Secretary-General  
24/12/2008 Najib “No freehold” bombshell - who are the “spanner throwers”?  
23/12/2008 RM4.6 billion PKFZ scandal - no need for MCA to campaign in KT if OTK continues to hide the truth  
22/12/2008 Memorandum by YB Loke Siew Fook opposing the privatisation plan of IJN  
22/12/2008 Tee Kiat has taken Malaysians for a ride in his long-awaited “tell all” report to the nation on the RM4.6 billion PKFZ scandal  
22/12/2008 Hukum hudud not Pakatan Rakyat policy  
21/12/2008 DAPSY to congratulate the reopen of Sek Damansara  
20/12/2008 Which earlier – next Sarawak state election or 13th national election?  
20/12/2008 Abdullah's sensible/commendable comments on nation-building - why he did not adopt them in his heyday as PM?  
19/12/2008 Penang Hill train resumes service  
19/12/2008 RM4.6b PKFZ scandal - OTK should answer five questions and not rehash chronology of events  
19/12/2008 100 dead and over 45,000 dengue cases this year - "conspiracy of silence" outrageous  
18/12/2008 I’m not being mischievous, misguided – YB Jimmy Wong  
18/12/2008 MACC/JAC Bills – don’t count chickens before they are hatched  
17/12/2008 JCA Bill cannot be supported - gives notice to vote againt SSB Bill  
17/12/2008 DAPSY condemned the Rawang police by detaining 28 Jerit “ride for change” campaign's participants 
16/12/2008 Malaysia's fiscal stimulus plan: too little, too late 
16/12/2008 Kerajaan diseru menurunkan harga diesel nelayan supaya mogok laut dapat diselesaikan 
16/12/2008 The Federal Govt should emulate the Hong Kong govt to set up GEO to improve slopes safety  
16/12/2008 Why afraid of a Special Parliamentary Commitee on MACC?  
16/12/2008 MACC Bill - will it propel Malaysia to be among world's 10 or 20 least corrupt nations in five years' time?  
15/12/2008 Protect workers rights by cancelling RM 5b injection of EPF funds into Valuecap 
15/12/2008 Will MACC Bill end up as a lame-duck law?  
14/12/2008 MACC and JAC Bills – postpone second reading from 4-6 weeks to allow fuller study/greater consensus by concerned stakeholders 
13/12/2008 DAP's RM 50 billion economic stimulus plan instead of BN’s puny RM 7 billion plan
13/12/2008 5 amendments to MACC Bill to strengthen MACC’s independence from Executive and reinforce Parliamentary oversight
12/12/2008 YB Jimmy Wong - I will step down as ADUN
12/12/2008 What is the stand of MCA Youth on UUCA?
12/12/2008 PM not the guardian of independence of the Judiciary
12/12/2008 MACC - principles of indepencence and parliamentary accountability too watered down
11/12/2008 Parliament Speech on OUKU Debate (Bukit Bendera)
11/12/2008 Peruntukan pembangunan Persekutuan tidak sepadan dengan cukai yang dibayar oleh rakyat
11/12/2008 MACC and JAC Bills – both fall far short of expectations and promise of anti-corruption and judicial reforms
10/12/2008 Dignity and justice for all of us
10/12/2008 Ka Chuan - don’t be a second Samy Vellu
09/12/2008 The Federal Government must handle the relief efforts in the Bukit Antarabangsa tragedy professionally and fairly
09/12/2008 How Asia can have a sustainable future?
09/12/2008 Road carnage - disappeared from Abdullah's radar screen in his last 100 days as PM
08/12/2008 Ministerial reaction to Bukit Antarabangsa disaster - too much resignation, too little outrage
08/12/2008 Najib, 3 UMNO DP and 8 UMNO VP candidates - declare stand whether support Abdullah “reform” legislation
07/12/2008 Selamat Hari Raya Haji Aidil Adha
07/12/2008 Hari Raya Haji pada tahun ini terpaksa kita sambut dengan penuh rasa sedih dan pilu
07/12/2008 Bukit Antarabangsa landslide disaster – criminal negligence after Highland Towers tragedy 15 years ago
06/12/2008 Federal Govt or any other party to earn RM 16m a day by manipulating petrol prices
06/12/2008 Najib, 3 UMNO DP and 8 UMNO VP candidates - declare stand whether support Abdullah "reform" legislation
06/12/2008 UMNO top leadership opposing Abdullah's reform bills for anti-corruption and judiciary?
05/12/2008 The new economic vision for Penang and Malaysia
05/12/2008 Mukriz cannot quote Razak as authority and protection as he had violated Razak’s “sensitive” issues
04/12/2008 Deputy Finance Minister's head under the sand
04/12/2008 Motion under SO.66(9) on RM10-cut for Home Minister & IGP
04/12/2008 IGP more a lobbyist for police mega projects than a police leader to keep crime low
03/12/2008 Question to Information Ministry (Bukit Bendera)
03/12/2008 PM should reduce the price of petrol by 48 cents to RM 1.52 per litre
03/12/2008 End NEP in universities - 1st step to restore world-class university system
03/12/2008 IGP's statistical sleight-of-hand to explain away worsening crime index
03/12/2008 No to "ketuanan rakyat Malaysia" - BN abandoning Bangsa Malaysia?
02/12/2008 Prosedure penukaran status hakmilik tanah lot kediaman dan perniagaan kepada hakmilik selama-lamanya
02/12/2008 DAPSY National Executive Committee candidates
02/12/2008 Promote not attack vernacular education to secure UMNO Youth votes
02/12/2008 Najib & Musa play with words while crime and fear are increasing
02/12/2008 Mukhriz has committed the offence of sedition in proposing closure of Chinese/Tamil primary schools
02/12/2008 ISA release of Hindraf 5 - test whether Najib will be PM for all Malaysians
01/12/2008 Muhyiddin's ultimatum to Zaid - rise of exclusive, intolerant and petty-mindedness in Umno leadership
01/12/2008 Still no PAC report on Eurocopter inquiry - will Azmi emulate Indian Home Minister and resign?